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Traveling 1.365 miles, Nevada State Route 172 connects I-11/U.S. 93 directly with Hoover Dam. The state route overlays a former portion of U.S. 93 between Exit 2 and a boundary line for the Bureau of Reclamation west of the dam.

SR 172 was commissioned by late 2010 when U.S. 93 was moved over to the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge (Hoover Dam Bypass).

Nevada State Route 172 East
SR 172 east begins at the convergence of I-11/U.S. 93 with the eastern end of U.S. 93 Business (Exit 2). U.S. 93 Business travels westerly to Boulder City as SR 172 turns east toward Hoover Dam. 07/15/18
A 35 mph speed limit is maintained along the entire length of SR 172 as it climbs mountainous terrain. 07/21/17
SR 172 east ends one mile ahead at the base of the security station into the Hoover Dam area. 07/15/18
Eastbound motorists navigate a series of curves as SR 172 begins a decent into Black Canyon. 07/15/18
SR 172 remains 100 feet above I-11/U.S. 93 as the Hoover Dam Bypass curves toward the Mike O' Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge. 07/15/18
Nevada State Route 172 West
State Route 172 begins immediately west of the Hoover Dam security check point. 03/07/19
SR 172 (Hoover Dam Access Road) crosses into Pacific Time ahead of the drive leading to the Lake Mead Lakeview Overlook. 03/07/19
SR 172 west winds upward along a series of S-curves. 03/07/19
State Route 172 concludes ahead at an interchange with Interstate 11/U.S. 93 and U.S. 93 Business. 03/07/19
U.S. 93 Business travels west into Boulder City while I-11/U.S. 93 bypass to the south, rejoining the branch route near Railroad Pass. 03/07/19
Opened fully by August 2018, the Boulder City Bypass leads I-11/U.S. 93 on an arc south of Boulder City, turning northward at Railroad Pass. 03/07/19
While I-11 ends on the Arizona side of the Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge, U.S. 93 continues southeast toward Kingman. To the north, I-11 concludes at a systems interchange with I-215/515 near Henderson. I-515 continues northward into Las Vegas. 03/07/19
SR 172 west concludes as Goldstrike Canyon Road continues south to the Goldstrike Canyon/Arizona Hot Spring Trailhead parking area. 03/07/19

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