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This view looks south from Nevada 757 (Muller Lane) in the Carson Valley. The towering Carson Range separates the scenic valley from the Lake Tahoe Basin. 07/19/09

Nevada State Route 757 provides a link between SR 206 and U.S. 395 along Muller Lane in Douglas County. The 3.191 mile route connects with SR 206 near Walleys Hot Springs and south of Genoa, and with U.S. 395 north of Minden.

Nevada State Route 757 East
SR 757 (Muller Lane) begins across agricultural areas east of SR 207. 07/19/09
Muller Lane bee lines east across the Carson Valley, spanning the west channel of the Carson River on the first in a series of 1947-built bridges. 07/19/09
The state route continues east past ranches and farms. While the bulk of Nevada is arid and not suitable for agriculture, many areas such as the Carson Valley have wetlands and nearby lands with soil suitable for farming. 07/19/09
Advancing one mile from the East Fork of the Carson River, SR 757 approaches U.S. 395 on the north side of Minden. U.S. 395 connects Minden with Carson City. 07/19/09
An end shield appears for SR 757 at the Muller Lane intersection with U.S. 395. Muller Lane extends a short distance to suburban development while U.S. 395 angles southeast through the Minden business district to Gardnerville and Topaz Lake. 07/19/09
Nevada State Route 757 West
SR 757 commences westbound along Muller Lane from U.S. 395 and Minden. 07/19/09
Rising west of Carson Valley are the Carson Range mountains. Visible along the drive west on SR 757 is Kingsbury Grade. Doubling as SR 207, Kingsbury Grade climbs toward Daggett Pass and Kingsbury at the Lake Tahoe basin. 07/19/09
The giant letter D on the Carson Range hillside acknowledges Douglas High School, which is located along SR 88 just south of U.S. 395 in Minden. 07/19/09
SR 757 crosses the first in a series of four 1946-built bridges along Muller Lane per the NDOT Structure Index. The span across the East Fork of the Carson River here measures 160 feet in length. 07/19/09
SR 757 passes over the 75.5 foot long bridge over the east channel of the Carson River1 as Muller Lane continues west through fertile ranches and farms. 07/19/09
The SR 757 (Muller Lane) bridge over the Mid Channel of the Carson River is also 75 feet long. 07/19/09
Milepost 1.00 for SR 757 stands west of the mid-channel of the Carson River. 07/19/09
SR 207 (Kingsbury Grade) not only carries traffic from Carson Valley to Lake Tahoe, it also serves an array of vacation rentals and condominiums located on Tahoe Ridge, which overlooks Carson Valley on one side and Heavenly Resort and Lake Tahoe on the other. Some of these buildings can be seen at the top of Carson Range. 07/19/09
SR 757 (Muller Lane) crosses the 1946-bridge over the west channel of the Carson River ahead of the South River Fork Ranch Trailhead. 07/19/09
SR 757 (Muller Lane) approaches SR 206 (Foothill Road) just west of Brockliss Slough. Foothill Road straddles the foothills of Carson Range north to Genoa. Featuring hot pools for soaking and a full service spa, David Walley's Hot Springs and Spa lines the route 0.6 miles to the north. 07/19/09
SR 207 begins three miles south of Muller Lane from SR 206 in Mottsville. The state route winds 11.07 miles west along Kingsbury Grade to U.S. 50 near Stateline. 07/19/09
SR 206 constitutes a 15.43 mile loop west from SR 88 (Woodsford Road) to Sheridan and Mottsville and east from the unincorporated town of Genoa to U.S. 395. 07/19/09

  1. SR 757 Muller Ln over E Chnl Carson Rvr.

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