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U.S. 395 runs from Interstate 15 near Victorville, California, north into Washington. Following the east, or "back" side of the Sierra, U.S. 395 is a fairly well traveled route between the bright lights of Southern California and the relative tranquility of the mountains and valleys. This is also the main route to Reno and Lake Tahoe from Southern California, so recreational vehicles and campers are quite common. U.S. 395 enters Nevada at Topaz Lake as a two lane highway.

Upon entering Nevada just south of Holbrook Junction (SR 208), U.S. 395 is mostly two lanes until it enters the Carson Valley. Traffic increases significantly as it approaches the Gardnerville-Minden area, where MSR 88 ties in from Alpine County, California from the south. U.S. 395 widens to an at-grade expressway from Minden north Indian Hills and the Carson City line.

U.S. 395 bypasses the capital city along the Carson City Freeway (I-580), overlapping with U.S. 50 from South Carson Street to William Street. I-580/U.S. 395 continue north to Lakeview and the Washoe Valley. Through the Reno-Sparks area, I-580/U.S. 395 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Highway) expands to eight or more lanes by Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO) and the Spaghetti Bowl interchange with Interstate 80. I-580 ends there, with U.S. 395 remaining a freeway north to Panther Valley, Lemmon Valley and White Lake. The route reenters California ahead of Hallelujah Junction.

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Like many U.S. routes in Nevada, U.S. 395 was not an original 1926 U.S. highway -- it was designated in 1935.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Highway (originally built as the North-South Freeway) carries Interstate 580 and U.S. 395 through Reno. This freeway, along with the Carson City Freeway and the Pleasant Valley bypass were constructed in phases from 1964 to 2017. See the Interstate 580 page for more detail on the U.S. 395 freeway.

U.S. 395 Auxiliary Routes

Alternate Routes:

  • U.S. 395 Alternate in Washoe County was designated in 2012 along old U.S. 395 and what was briefly signed as SR 429 and SR 430. The route travels 18.4 miles between Washoe Lake and Reno via Washoe City and Mt. Rose Junction.
  • U.S. 395 Alternate was a former route following Sierra Street in Reno. It paralleled Virginia Street (U.S. 395) just to the west through Downtown Reno. U.S. 395 Alternate was decommissioned prior to the construction of the North-South Freeway for U.S. 395 and Interstate 580.

Business Routes:

  • U.S. 395 Business in Carson City was designated with the completion of the northern half of the Carson City Freeway (U.S. 395 / I-580). As of 2012, U.S. 395 Business is signed along Carson Street from Fairview Drive north to Interstate 580 at Exit 43.
  • U.S. 395 Business through Reno follows the pre-freeway alignment of U.S. 395 along Virginia Street. The route was initially approved by AASHTO in 1972 and later exended south over what was SR 661 in 1982. Virginia Street parallels U.S. 395/I-580 as a commercial arterial through south Reno, and northward through Downtown.
U.S. 395 Scenes
The north freeway entrance for U.S. 395 from Golden Valley Road at Exit 73. 06/28/14
Golden Valley Road arcs southwest from Golden Valley in north Reno to meet U.S. 395 at a diamond interchange. 06/28/14
A small guide sign references Reno for the southbound on-ramp to U.S. 395 from Golden Valley Road. This exchange wholly lies within the Reno city limits. 06/28/14
The south freeway entrance for U.S. 395 to Downtown Reno from Golden Valley Road. 06/28/14

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