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Rancho California Road winds east from the mountains overlooking Temecula to become a suburban arterial across the city. Heading east into Temecula Wine Country, Rancho California Road eventually narrows to two lanes through an array of vineyards.

Rancho California Road east
Leaving a parclo interchange (Exit 59) with Interstate 15, Rancho California Road expands into a six-lane arterial with auxiliary turning lanes. Photo taken 10/02/11.
Trailblazers guide drivers east on Rancho California Road to Temecula Wine Country. As the road proceeds east, the terrain remains mostly residential but will abruptly change upon leaving the city limits. Photo taken 10/02/11.
Rancho California Road leaves the city limits of Temecula at Butterfield Stage Road. East of here, Rancho California Road enters Temecula Wine Country. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Mileage signs direct motorists along Rancho California Road to the various wineries located along Rancho California Road. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Vineyards, such as this one near Thornton Winery, line both sides of Rancho California Road. Photo taken 10/02/11.
Stone markers line Rancho California Road through Temecula Wine Country. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Lowering into Long Valley along Rancho California Road eat ahead of Calle Contento. Photo taken 07/17/11.
Rancho California Road bends northward and gains elevation onto Buck Mesa. Photo taken 11/11/12.
A roundabout was installed along Rancho California Road at the intersection with Anza Road in 2011-12. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Anza Road provides a through road south to California 79 and north to Buck Road near Skinner Reservoir. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Another mileage sign directs motorists to various wineries located further east along Rancho California Road or along Anza Road. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Looking at the previous four-way stop sign at Rancho California and Anza Roads. Photo taken 07/17/11.
An equestrian trail lines Rancho California Road through wine country. Mt. San Jacinto rises prominently in the distance. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Eastbound Rancho California Road approaches Monte de Oro after the Ponte and Monte de Oro wineries. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Monte de Oro spurs west into the Monte de Oro winery and extends east by the Palumbo winery to De Portola Road. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Rancho California Road east approaches the turnoff to Wilson Creek winery. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Deep into wine country at Glen Oaks Road, Rancho California Road proceeds toward the eastern edge of the Temecula Valley. Photo taken 07/17/11.
More wineries are located to along Glen Oaks Road leading east and ahead via Rancho California Road to Buck Road. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Rancho California Road changes into Buck Road, which continues into the eastern end of Temecula Wine Country. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Buck Road turns north through a mix of ranchland and vineyards toward Benton and Warren Roads. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Buck Road ends at the intersection of East Benton and Warren Roads. Photo taken 11/11/12.
Warren Road stems due north from Buck Road ahead ofSummitville Street and the Doffo and Chapin Family Vineyards. Beyond here, Warren Road continues to Borel Road west to French Valley, where it branches northward into Lake Skinner County Park, location for the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival. Photo taken 11/11/12.

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07/17/11, 10/02/11, 11/11/12 by AARoads

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