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U.S. 14 runs from the East Entrance of Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming east to U.S. 41 (Lake Shore Drive) in Chicago, Illinois. Within South Dakota, U.S. 14 runs in tandem with I-90 through Spearfish, Sturgis, Rapid City and Wall. The route separates from the freeway at Exit 112 for Philip, the capital city of Pierre, Highmore, Miller, Huron, De Smet and Brookings. There is an Alternate U.S. 14 between Spearfish and Sturgis via Spearfish Canyon, Lead and Deadwood. A 5.1 mile Bypass route for U.S. 14 is also posted around Brookings and the campus of South Dakota State University (SDSU).

U.S. 14 was not one of the original 1926 Wyoming U.S. Routes. The highway was designated to end at U.S. 16 in Wall, South Dakota, at that time. The route was extended in 1936 via Rapid City, Spearfish and Sturgis to enter Wyoming. U.S. 16 was rerouted through Custer and Newcastle, while the old U.S. 16 became the new U.S. 14. From 1936 today, U.S. 14 has roughly maintained the same course between Burgess Junction, Wyoming and Wall, South Dakota, with exceptions of old alignments bypassed by construction of Interstate 90 in the 1960s and 1970s. Noteworthy is the old U.S. 14 loop through Rapid City, which is now served by Business Loop I-90.

U.S. 14 East
Traveling east from Medary Avenue (old U.S. 77) in Brookings, U.S. 14 (6th Street) intersects 12th Avenue. The campus of South Dakota State University (SDSU) resides two blocks to the north. 06/17/15
17th Avenue north ties into the east end of Faculty Drive at this signal along U.S. 14 (6th Street) east. 06/17/15
20th Avenue connects U.S. 14 (6th Street) with 8th Street and the main campus of SDSU. 06/17/15
Eastbound U.S. 14 (6th Street) at 22nd Avenue. 22nd Avenue heads north to The Research Park at South Dakota State University and U.S. 14 Bypass (18th Street) and south as a five lane boulevard to suburban areas to Edgebrook Golf Course and 20th Street South. 06/17/15
Big box retail, car dealerships and an array of restaurants line U.S. 14 east from 22nd Avenue to Interstate 29. 06/17/15
U.S. 14 travels east 25 miles from Interstate 29 to merge with U.S. 75 south at Lake Benton, Minnesota. 06/17/15
A diamond interchange joins Interstate 29 with U.S. 14. Brookings represents the last traveler services along I-29 south to Sioux Falls. 06/17/15
A rare state named shield for South Dakota directs motorists to the northbound ramp for Interstate 29 on U.S. 14 east. 06/17/15
Motorists taking Interstate 29 north will reach Fargo, North Dakota in 180 miles. The empty space on the shield assembly here may have hosted a Business Spur I-29 shield. The Brookings business route is signed for U.S. 14 on I-29. 06/17/15
U.S. 14 West
U.S. 14 expands to a four lane divided highway through the diamond interchange with Interstate 29 on the east side of Brookings. 06/17/15
The southbound on-ramp for Interstate 29 departs U.S. 14 west for Sioux Falls, located 49 miles to the south. A shield for Business Spur I-29 may have been posted next to the U.S. 14 marker on this assembly. 06/17/15
U.S. 14 follows 6th Street west across the city as it intersects 25th Avenue in this scene. 06/17/15
22nd Avenue leads north from U.S. 14 (6th Street) to McCrory Gardens and south to the Brookings 3M plant and University Mall shopping center. 06/17/15
The subsequent signal along 6th Street west operates at 20th Avenue. 20th Avenue north to 8th Street west provides a direct route to the campus of South Dakota State University. 06/17/15
The first reassurance marker posted west of Interstate 29 appears along 6th Street ahead of 14th Avenue. 06/17/15
12th Avenue travels north two blocks to SDSU and south through residential areas to 1st Street. 06/17/15
Westbound U.S. 14 (6th Street) at Medary Avenue. Medary Avenue is the old alignment of U.S. 77 north from Brookings. U.S. 77 formerly overlapped with U.S. 14 west for six blocks to Main Avenue south through Downtown. The route is posted as County Road 77 outside the Brookings city limits. 06/17/15

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