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U.S. 40 East
2 photos
2 photos
Scenic U.S. 40 branches off Interstate 68 and U.S. 40 in the panhandle of Maryland. These photos show the fall beauty of the hills through which Scenic U.S. 40 traverses. This may be the only instance in the country of a "Scenic" alternate to a U.S. highway. Note the trailblazer sign for Interstate 68 posted in the second picture. Photos taken 10/12/01.
Now several miles east of Scenic U.S. 40, eastbound U.S. 40 passes through the city of Hagerstown and approaches Junction Interstate 70/Exit 32 east of Hagerstown. U.S. 40 is a multi-lane, divided highway at this point. Photo taken 10/12/01.
Eastbound U.S. 40 reaches Interstate 70 west, followed by an exit for Interstate 70 east (this is a cloverleaf interchange). Photo taken 10/12/01.
Eastbound U.S. 40 enters the city of Frederick, and this sign advises of the pending interchange with U.S. 15, U.S. 340, and Interstate 270. Photo taken 10/12/01.
U.S. 15 South U.S. 40 East
This diagrammatic overhead sign shows that U.S. 15-340 will exit southwest en route to Charles Town and Leesburg, while the main lanes extend U.S. 40 east to I-70 and Interstate 270 south. Photo taken 10/12/01.
This interchange marks the northern terminus of U.S. 340, and U.S. 15 exits off of its own freeway at this point, leaving U.S. 40 to carry the freeway solo southeast to the exchange joining I-70 and I-270. Photo taken 10/12/01.

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10/12/01 by AARoads

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