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Virginia Route 6 East
The eastbound beginning of Virginia 6 results in the state route initially traveling west from U.S. 250 on a circutious route to Afton and Virginia 151 at Avon. This view shows the first shield and guide sign, positioned just below the eastbound lanes of U.S. 250. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Entering the hamlet of Afton along Virginia 6 (Afton Mountain Road) east. The state route travels south through the community, intersecting SSR 750 (Old Turnpike Road) in town. SSR 750 leads east along Stockton Creek to U.S. 250 near Virginia 151 (Critzers Shop Road). Photo taken 06/05/05.
The hills flatten out a bit, allowing for farm land, along Afton Mountain Road south to Virginia 151 at Avon. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Appproaching the merge with Virginia 151 (Critzers Shop Road north / Patrick Henry Highway south) in Avon. Virginia 6 used to follow the path of Virginia 151 northeast to U.S. 250. The current alignment of Virginia 6 represents the original Virginia 151. The two routes swapped in 1989.1 Photo taken 06/05/05.
Virginia 6 east merges with Virginia 151 south along the Patrick Henry Highway for a 6.22-mile shared alignment to Greenfield. Avon Road (SSR 638) continues Afton Mountain Road southeast to Onan. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Virginia Route 6 East Virginia Route 151 South
Heading south from Avon along Virginia 6 east & 151 (Patrick Henry Highway) south. Big Levels, Little Levels, Humpback Mountain, and Crawford Knob rise along the southwestern horizon. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Just south of Greenfield, Virginia 6 & 151 part ways. Virginia 151 continues along the Patrick Henry Highway southwest to Nellysford, Wintergreen, and Roseland. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Virginia 6 turns southward onto Pike Road for a six-mile trek to U.S. 29 at Woods Mill. The control cities of Lynchburg and Scottsville are reached by continuing along U.S. 29 south and Virginia 6 east respectively. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Virginia 6 east and 151 split. Virginia 151 reaches Piney River in 20 miles, cosigned with Virginia 56 at that point. The state route ends in 26 miles at U.S. 29 outside Amherst. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Virginia Route 6 East
Leaving Virginia 151, Virginia 6 (Pike Road) sees a reassurance shield and mileage sign. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Heading south through the scenic Rockfish Valley, Virginia 6 travels between McLean Mountain to the west and Pilot and Hills Mountains to the east. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Virginia 6 (Pike Road) crosses the Rockfish River for the second time on the approach to U.S. 29. Not pictured here is the intersection with Virginia 6Y (Tidbit Trail). Virginia 6Y stems east from Pike Road to U.S. 29, providing a more direct movement from U.S. 29 south & Virginia 6 west to Pike Road north. Photo taken 06/05/05.
Virginia 6 east & U.S. 29 north share 4.24 miles of pavement eastward from Woods Mill to Rock Spring Mountain. U.S. 29 represents the main corridor between Danville, Lynchburg, and Charlottsville. Photo taken 06/05/05.
U.S. 29 North Virginia Route 6 East
U.S. 29 & Virginia 6 travel 4.24 miles east from Woods Mill to a point east of Rock Spring Mountain. Virginia 6 continues to Scottsville while U.S. 29 resumes a northward course to Charlottesville. Photo taken 05/30/05.
SSR 619 (Twin Poplars Loop) ventures north from U.S. 29 & Virginia 6 (Thomas Nelson Highway) to Twin Poplars and Hills Mountain. Photo taken 05/30/05.
U.S. 29 north & Virginia 6 widen to accommodate a tree-lined median after the intersection with SSR 617 (Rockfish River Road). Diggs Mountain lies to the north. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Nearing the split of Virginia 6 (Irish Road) east from U.S. 29 (Thomas Nelson Highway) north. SSR 616 (Hickory Creek Road) ventures north to Archer Mountain just ahead of the partition. Photo taken 05/30/05.
Virginia 6 follows Irish Road east to Faber and across Shiloth and Butler Mountains into Albemarle County on the 18-mile drive to Scottsville (Virginia 20). Photo taken 05/30/05.
Virginia 6 continues east from U.S. 29 (Thomas Nelson Highway) and Scottsville ultimately to Richmond. The state route totals 100.52 miles. Photo taken 05/30/05.
U.S. 522 South Virginia Route 6 East
Virginia 396 (Dickinson Road) arcs northeast between U.S. 522 & Virginia 6 (River Road West) to SSR 608 (Fairground Road). The state route mainly serves the Western Campus of J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College. Photo taken 12/26/06.
Southbound U.S. 522 & east Virginia 6 east at Virginia 396 (Dickinson Road) north. The state route totals just 0.85 miles. Photo taken 12/26/06.
Scott Road (SSR 631) spurs west from U.S. 522 & Virginia 6 (River Road West) in Goochland. Photo taken 12/26/06.
SSR 1201 follows Courthouse Circle east from U.S. 522 & Virginia 6 (River Road West) within Goochland. Photo taken 12/26/06.
South of Goochland at Maidens, U.S. 522 and Virginia 6 part ways at SSR 634 (Maidens Road) north. U.S. 522 follows Maidens Road southwest to the Michaux Bridge; Virginia 6 straddles the James River valley eastward to Crozier and Richmond. SSR 634 leads northeast to SSR 632 (Fairground Road) and U.S. 250. Photo taken 12/26/06.
Descending to the signalized intersection with Maidens Road on River Road West. Virginia 6 meets Crozier in five miles; U.S. 522 continues southwest nine miles to U.S. 60 outside Powhatan. Photo taken 12/26/06.
Virginia Route 6 East
Virginia 6 (Patterson Avenue) leaves its three-quarter cloverleaf interchange with Virginia 288 and intersects SSR 647 (Pagebrooke Drive). Pagebrooke Drive leads south to River Road (Virginia SSR 650). Photo taken 12/21/08.
Patterson Avenue continues under a sign bridge for Virginia 288 and leaves Pagebrooke Drive. A eastbound shield for Virginia 6 resides after SSR 647. Photo taken 12/21/08.
Virginia 6 spans Tuckahoe Creek, the county line between Goochland and Henrico Counties. Photo taken 12/21/08.

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