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Virginia Route 208 East
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2 photos
Virginia 208, which connects U.S. 250 with Interstate 64 and Louisa in Louisa County, encounters these Interstate 64 state name shields as it travels northeast from Ferncliff to Interstate 64. North of this interchange, Virginia 208 heads north to Louisa, then east to Mineral and then northeast toward Fredericksburg and Interstate 95. Photos taken 06/05/04.
Virginia Route 208 West
Virginia 208 (Courthouse Road) turns west at Snell and travels four miles to Post Oak and 19 miles to U.S. 522. Photo taken 12/26/06.
SSR 656 stems south from Virginia 208 (Courthouse Road) along Towles Mill Road to Dickerson Road in southern Spotsylvania County. Photo taken 12/26/06.
SSR 606 reemerges from Virginia 208 (Courthouse Road) at Post Oak. The state secondary route follows Post Oak Road west to Paytes and Mine Run in eastern Orange County. Photo taken 12/26/06.
Virginia 208 continues along Courthouse Road south from Post Oak toward Lake Anna State Park on the 15-mile drive to U.S. 522. Photo taken 12/26/06.
Heading south from Post Oak along Virginia 208 west. Lake Anna lies 11 miles away. Photo taken 12/26/06.
Lanes Corner Road (SSR 659) loops northward from Virginia 208 (Courthouse Road) to SSR 608 (Post Oak Road) near Margo. Photo taken 12/26/06.
Virginia 208 westbound reassurance shield and mileage assembly posted ten miles north of the merge with U.S. 522 south. Photo taken 12/26/06.
SSR 601 (Lawyers Road) connects Virginia 208 (Courthouse Road) with Lake Anna State Park and Bells Cross Roads. Virginia 208 crosses an arm of Lake Anna (Douglas Creek) ahead of its junction with SSR 655 (Ridge Road) north. SSR 655 connects Courthouse Road with SSR 601 east of the state park. Photo taken 12/26/06.
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
Lake Anna was formed by a dam near Bumpass to the southeast. The North Anna River flows into the lake along the Spotsylvania and Louisa County line. Virginia 208's two-lane New Bridge across the waterway opened in 1972. Photos taken 12/26/06.
SSR 652 (Kentucky Springs Road) leads northwest from SSR 601 and Bumpass to Plum Tree and Centreville, ending at Virginia 208 (New Bridge Road) west of Lake Anna. Photo taken 12/26/06.
Virginia 208 meets U.S. 522 (Zachary Taylor Highway) at Wares Crossroads in northern Louisa County. Heading south, the state route merges with U.S. 522 for six miles between here and Mineral. Photo taken 12/26/06.
Northbound travelers taking U.S. 522 continue 30 miles to U.S. 15 & 29 at Culpeper. Photo taken 12/26/06.
U.S. 522 South Virginia Route 208 West
Southbound U.S. 522 & Virginia 208 westbound shield and mileage sign assembly posted after their merge at Wares Crossroads. Photo taken 12/26/06.
SSR 667 follows Old Tolersville Road east from U.S. 522 & Virginia 208 (Zachary Taylor Highway) to SSR 618 (Fredericks Hall Road) east of Mineral. SSR 618 east links Mineral with Fredericks Hall and Bumpass. Photo taken 12/26/06.
U.S. 522 south & Virginia 208 west follow Louisa Avenue south from the Mineral corporate limits to 1st Street west at SSR 608 east. Photo taken 12/26/06.
SSR 618 continues 1st Street east to Fredericks Hall Road and SSR 667. Photo taken 12/26/06.
1st Street carries U.S. 522 south & Virginia 208 west from Louisa Avenue to Virginia 22 (Piedmont Avenue). Virginia 22 begins and heads west with Virginia 208 five miles to Louisa, the county seat. Photo taken 12/26/06.
Virginia Route 208 scenes
SSR 606 (Morris Road) heads west from Interstate 95 (Exit 118) and Thornburg (U.S. 1) to SR 208 at Snell. Photo taken 12/26/06.
SSR 738 follows Partlow Road south from SR 208 (Courthouse Road) and SSR 606 (Morris Road) to SSR 622 (Fairview Road) at Chewnings Corner and the settlement of Partlow in southern Spotsylvania County. Photo taken 12/26/06.
Virginia Route 208 (Courthouse Road) travels three miles south from Spotsylvania to Snell and a westerly turn to Post Oak. A multi-lane bypass between Post Oak and Spotsylvania, bypassing Snell, is planned. Photo taken 12/26/06.

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