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U.S. 1 starts out in southern Virginia as a rural route parallel to Interstate 85 from South Hill to Petersburg. The route primarily serves local traffic through Mecklenburg, Brunswick and Dinwiddie Counties while through traffic uses I-85. A few stretches of the route were widened to four lanes before the freeway was built.

North through Petersburg and Colonial Heights and again at Richmond, U.S. 1 is vastly more urban. The route parallels I-95 from these cities northward to Alexandria, again serving generally local or commuter traffic while the bulk of through travelers stay alongbthe heavily travelled freeway. Beyond Fredericksburg U.S. 1 is a congested suburban arterial route into Northern Virginia.

U.S. 1 Virginia Guides

U.S. 1 scenes
SR 637 (Old Indian Road) east meets U.S. 1 between the Meherrin River and Meredithville. U.S. 1 expands into a four lane highway on this stretch, a remnant from when U.S. 1 was the main route between Raleigh and Richmond. 06/01/12
A cloverleaf interchange joins SR 3 (William Street) with U.S. 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) in the city of Fredericksburg. SR 3 splits with SR 3 Business (William Street) for Blue and Gray Parkway around Downtown Fredericksburg just east of U.S. 1. 08/31/09
SR 606 (Mudd Tavern Road) meets U.S. 1 (Jefferson Davis Highway) at Thornburg west of the diamond interchange (Exit 118) with I-95. SR 606 continues west from Thornburg along Morris Road to Snell. 12/26/06
Curtis Drive east at Fraley Boulevard (U.S. 1) north and Graham Park Road east in Dumfries. U.S. 1 separates through the community on one way streets. 08/31/09

  1. VA 241 to 260, Virginia Highways Project.

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