NV 400 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Kyle Hot Springs Road (4.3 miles east of Unionville) to Interstate 80 at Mill City; former Nevada 50 Pershing 16.582 Unionville Road
NV 401 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From the boat ramp at Rye Patch State Recreation Area east to Interstate 80 Exit 129 (Rye Patch Interchange) Pershing 2.233 Rye Patch Road
NV 425 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Interstate 80 Exit 2 (West Verdi Interchange) east via Verdi to Interstate 80 at East Verdi Interchange 5; former Nevada 1. Old U.S. 40 follows this route; Nevada 425 does not connect to the old road east of Mogul, so one must use the Interstate to connect Nevada 425 with Nevada 647. Washoe 3.368 Business Loop I-80, Verdi Boulevard, Third Street, Historic U.S. 40
NV 426 Active
Approved: 10/1/93
From Nevada 430 (U.S. 395 Business / South Virginia Street) east to U.S. 395 freeway. Washoe 0.370 South Meadows Parkway
NV 427 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Interstate 80 Exit 43 (West Wadsworth Interchange) via Wadsworth to Interstate 80 Exit 46 (Wadsworth-Fernley Interchange), then east to U.S. 95 Alternate in Fernley; former Nevada 1 Washoe
Business Loop I-80, Historic U.S. 40, Wadsworth Boulevard
Approved: 7/1/76
Removed by 2008
From U.S. 395 and Interstate 580 at Lakeview Interchange east to end of state construction at south end of Washoe Lake; former Nevada 3B Washoe 0.342 East Lake Boulevard
NV 429 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From U.S. 395 and Interstate 580 at Lakeview Interchange north via Bowers Mansion to Nevada 430 (U.S. 395 Business) near Winters Ranch Washoe 7.856 Bowers Mansion Road, Former U.S. 395
NV 430 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
Modified: 4/29/77 4/27/83

Routing: From U.S. 395 and Interstate 580 at Winters Ranch (near Nevada 429) to U.S. 395/North-South Freeway north of Reno; former Nevada 3.

History: Segment between Patriot Boulevard and Nevada 651/North McCarran Boulevard in Reno is locally maintained; it was state maintained in 2000.

Guide: The reinforced concrete Virginia Street bridge over the Truckee River was erected in 1905, and it survived the 1997 flood in Reno. Further north, in downtown Reno, the famous “Reno Arch” spans Nevada 430. Erected in 1926 to celebrate the completion of the Victory (U.S. 40) and Lincoln (U.S. 50) Highways as part of the “Reno Transcontinental Highway Exposition,” it has been replaced three times (1934, 1963, and 1987). The inscription on the arch is from the “Biggest Little City on the Map” slogan from a 1910 contest held in Reno.

Washoe 15.690 U.S. 395 Business, Virginia Street, Carson-Reno Highway, Old Sierra Valley Road
NV 431 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
Modified: 4/27/83

Routing: From Nevada 28 along the Mount Rose Highway to Nevada 430 (U.S. 395 Business) near Steamboat Springs; former Nevada 27.

Guide: Starting at Nevada 430, Nevada 431 was widened to four lanes with center turn lane on the foothills of Mount Rose at a cost of $8 million in 1993. Commercial and residential development kept pace with this expansion. Two-lane Nevada 431 crosses the Mount Rose summit at elevation 8,911 feet, not much below the 10,778 foot summit of Mount Rose itself. Then it winds southwest toward Lake Tahoe and Incline Village and its terminus.

Washoe 24.413 Mount Rose Highway
NV 443 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Nevada 651/North McCarran Boulevard north to Seventh Street in Sun Valley; former Nevada 33 Washoe 3.197 Clear Acre Lane, Sun Valley Drive
NV 445 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
Modified: 10/26/77; 4/27/83
From Interstate 80 to north urban limits of Reno at Milroy Lane north to Pyramid Lake south of Sutcliffe then north to Warrior Point Park Road; former Nevada 33. After leaving the suburban areas north of Reno, Nevada 445 crosses the Spanish Springs Valley. Suburban expansion flourished in this area through 2010 and beyond. After reaching the west shore of Pyramid Lake, the pavement ends at the Warrior Point Campground. The non-state route continues as a gravel road toward Flanigan and ultimately the California State Line. Washoe 41.708 Pyramid Way, Pyramid Lake Road
NV 446 Active
Approved: 7/1/76; 10/26/77
From Nevada 445 south of Sutcliffe southeast to Nevada 447 to Nixon Washoe 13.156 Sutcliffe / Nixon Road
NV 447 Active
Approved: 7/1/76

Routing: From Nevada 427 at Wadsworth north to Gerlach; former Nevada 34 and 81.

Guide: Nevada 447 is a designated National Scenic Byway. Plans call for a bike path to be constructed along Nevada 447 between Sparks and Pyramid Lake. Travelers along Nevada 447 will encounter several interesting natural phenomena, such as Marble Bluff, the Pyramid in Pyramid Lake, and the Great Stone Mother and Basket. North of Pyramid Lake, Nevada 447 cuts a straight line to Gerlach. Gerlach is interesting because it is the largest settlement in northwestern Nevada, from Reno north to Lakeview, Oregon, and from Susanville east to Winnemucca. Therefore, it provides the only services in this sparsely populated region and is the gateway to the famed Black Rock Desert, home of the annual Burning Man Festival. Nevada 447 ends in Gerlach, but a paved highway continues northwest along old Nevada 81 to Cedarville, California.

Washoe 74.645 Gerlach Road
US 466 DEAD Former U.S. route that was routed concurrently with U.S. 91 from Stateline northeast to Las Vegas and with U.S. 93 southeast to Hoover Dam. U.S. 466 was created in 1934 and eliminated in 1972. By the time it was decommissioned, U.S. 466 did not have its own extant mileage within the states of Nevada or Arizona. Originally the segment southeast of Las Vegas was only U.S. 466; U.S. 93 was extended south to Kingman and eventually to Wickenburg after U.S. 466 came into existence. Clark Mojave Freeway, Boulder Highway
US 466A DEAD Former designation for Nevada 602 (Main Street) in downtown Las Vegas Clark Alternate U.S. 91-466
NV 485 DEAD Former designation for spur from U.S. 50 west to Ruth. White Pine 11.682 Baker Road
NV 487 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Utah 21 at the Nevada-Utah State Line northwest via Baker to U.S. 6-50; former Nevada 73 White Pine 11.472 Baker Road
NV 488 Active
Approved: 7/1/76
From Great Basin National Park (formerly Lehman Caves National Monument) visitors center entrance east to Nevada 487; former Nevada 74 White Pine 5.493 Lehman Caves Road
NV 489 DEAD Spur from U.S. 93 west to Cherry Creek White Pine Cherry Creek Road
NV 490 Active
Approved: 1/17/92
From Nevada Correctional Facility south and east to U.S. 93 south of McGill; former Nevada 35 White Pine 8.931 Ely Prison Road

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