Franklin D. Roosevelt (FDR) Drive

FDR Drive North
Franklin D. Roosevelt Drive northbound at the 60th Street on-ramp near the Queensboro Bridge (New York 25). The six-lane freeway hugs the East River and therefore sees some unusual tunnels underneath adjacent high rises. Photo taken 10/03/04
Continuing past the high rise depicted above, FDR Drive travels underneath the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center complex between East 68th and East 71st Streets. Photo taken 10/03/04
FDR Drive northbound reemerges at the East River Walk near 71st Street. The River Walk lines the banks of the waterway alongside the northbound lanes offering a walking path and benches to take in the view. Photos taken 10/03/04
Attached to the 78th Street pedestrian crossing overpass is the 0.75-mile overhead for Exit 14. The upcoming modified diamond interchange joins FDR Drive with 96th Street between the Upper East Side and East Harlem. The over crossing joins the East River Walk with nearby John Jay Park. The Hell Gate Bridge (Interstate 278) and Hell Gate Railroad Bridge draw into view toward the northeast. Photo taken 10/03/04
FDR Drive enters another building under crossing between East 81st Street and Carl Schurz Park. The freeway emerges from the park near the intersection of East 90th Street and East End Avenue. Photos taken 10/03/04
Northbound at the 91st Street pedestrian overpass one quarter mile south of Exit 14 for 96th Street. Signage for Exit 17 and the Harlem River Lift Bridge of the Triborough Bridge system east advises motorists of the connections with Interstate 278. Interstate 278 spans the Hell Gate of the East River between Queens and Wards Island, and the Bronx Kills River between Randalls Island and the Bronx. Photos taken 10/03/04
Exit 14 departs FDR Drive northbound for East 96th Street. 96th Street travels seven blocks west from the freeway to Central Park at 5th Avenue & 97th Street. The FDR Drive frontage street ties into 96th Street between York Avenue and East 102nd Street at a traffic light alongside FDR Drive southbound. Photo taken 10/03/04
A look to the east from the Exit 14 off-ramp to East 96th Street reveals the Interstate 278 Hell Gate Bridge across the East River. The Triborough Bridge joins FDR Drive with the Bruckner and Major Deegan Expressways in Bronx and Grand Central Parkway and Brooklyn-Queens Expressways in Queens. Photo taken 10/03/04
FDR Drive South
One-mile overhead for Exit 13 to East 71st Street affixed to the 91st Street pedestrian over crossing on FDR Drive southbound. The entrance to the Carl Schurz Park tunnel exists a short distance ahead. Photo taken 10/03/04
FDR Drive southbound underneath Carl Schurz Park and a nearby high rise between East 84th Street and East 81st Street. FDR Drive is devoid of shoulders through each of its tunneled segments. Photo taken 10/03/04
Southbound at the 78th Street pedestrian overpass on FDR Drive. An on-ramp joins the freeway from the adjacent frontage street at East 79th Street. A small guide sign directs motorists toward Exit 13 for Marymount Manhattan College. Photo taken 10/03/04
FDR Drive southbound near the ramp departure of Exit 13 at East 73rd Street. East 71st Street departs the FDR Drive frontage street at New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center. The southbound only off-ramp serves the Upper East Side community of Manhattan. Photo taken 10/03/04
The Queensboro Bridge (New York 25) takes center stage along the horizon of FDR Drive southbound at the Exit 13 off-ramp. Traffic emanating from the Upper East Side joins the freeway southbound ahead from the FDR Drive frontage street & East 71st Street intersection itself. Photo taken 10/03/04
Entering the under crossing beneath New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center at 71st Street. The aforementioned on-ramp joins the freeway from the right. Also posted here are overheads for Exit 12 and 11. Exit 12 serves the eastbound beginning of New York 25 as it travels across the Queensboro Bridge into Queens. East 63rd Street stems west from the off-ramp to 1st Avenue and Central Park. Photo taken 10/03/04
New York 25 guide sign posted after FDR Drive reemerges from the medical center tunnel near 68th Street. The Queensboro Bridge provides one of four free East River crossings between Manhattan and Brooklyn-Queens to the east. New York 25 travels the span between FDR Drive and Queens Boulevard en route to Long Island City and Sunnyside. Photo taken 10/03/04
The Queensboro Bridge as seen from FDR Drive southbound. Opened March 30, 1909 at a cost of $20 million, the Queensboro Bridge carries ten lanes of traffic on two decks. The bridge consists of two cantilever spans joined by a 630 foot span over Blackwell's Island. The bridge totals 7,449 feet in total length.1 Photo taken 10/03/04
Nearing the ramp departure of Exit 12 to East 63rd Street and New York 25 east. FDR Drive passes under another high rise briefly before the Queensboro Bridge. Traffic bound for the span should utilize 63rd Street west to 2nd Avenue southbound to the bridge entrance at East 59th Street. Photos taken 10/03/04
FDR Drive passes underneath the cantilever span of the Queensboro Bridge and the parallel Roosevelt Island tramway. The next exits of the freeway southbound are Exit 11 for East 53rd Street and Exit 10 for East 49th Street. A small guide sign directs travelers to Exit 11 for The Museum of Modern Art. Photos taken 10/03/04
Another under crossing awaits southbound motorists between East 58th Street and the East 53rd Street off-ramp. Photo taken 10/03/04
Southbound at Exit 11 for East 53rd Street at Sutton Place. East 53rd Street serves the Midtown Manhattan area for FDR Drive southbound motorists. Photo taken 10/03/04
A short distance south of Exit 11 is the East 49th Street off-ramp at Exit 10. Posted alongside the Exit 10 overhead is the first guide sign for the Queens-Midtown Tunnel (Interstate 495) and East 34th Street (Exit 8). Photo taken 10/03/04
The departure of FDR Drive southbound for East 49th Street entails a sharp right-hand turn onto the westbound only street. East 49th Street intersects 1st Avenue adjacent to the United Nations Plaza. A small sign indicates that authorized vehicles only are allowed to continue straight from the Exit 10 ramp to the United Nations Building itself. Photo taken 10/03/04
An on-ramp joins FDR Drive northbound from East 48th Street overhead as the southbound carriageway nears the United Nations Building tunnel between 48th and 42nd Streets. The 18-acre United Nations Plaza consists of four main buildings: the General Assembly building, the Conference Building, the 39-floor Secretariat building, and the Dag Hammarskjold Library. Photo taken 10/03/04
Interstate 495 (Queens-Midtown Tunnel) passes underneath FDR Drive as it emerges from the United Nations Building tunnel. Exit 8 for the eastbound tunnel into Queens departs the freeway as a slip ramp onto the adjacent FDR Drive southbound frontage street. From Exit 8, traffic is directed south to 37th Street, and west on 37th Street to 2nd Avenue for Interstate 495 east. The FDR Drive frontage street continues south to the East 34th Street Ferry Landing and 34th Street itself otherwise. Photo taken 10/03/04

1 - Queensboro Bridge (NY 25),

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