Sagtikos Parkway north at I-495 - Long Island, NY

Sagtikos Parkway north at the loop ramp (Exit S1W) for Interstate 495 west. Photo taken June 13, 2005.

Interstate 495 follows all of the Long Island Expressway from the Queens Midtown Tunnel east to Riverhead in Suffolk County. I-495 ends at the west portal of the Queens Midtown Tunnel, 71 miles from its start at Old Country Road and NY 25. The tolled crossing of the East River is not factored into the official 66.38-mileage total for the route.

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Long Island Expressway - New York - 1958

The Long Island Expressway was a part of New York Route 25D prior to the establishment of Interstate 495. The expressway was nearly complete across Queens by 1958.

Until 1983, the Interstate 495 designation ended at the Cross Island Parkway in east Queens. Long Island officials sought to have an Interstate so legislation was passed to redesignate the New York 495 portion of the L.I.E. to an extension of I-495.

The Lincoln Tunnel (NY Route 495 / NJ Route 495) was signed as the western extent of Interstate 495 until 1989. It was to connect with the Queens Midtown Tunnel via the Mid-Manhattan Expressway, but that freeway was scrapped in 1971 due to extreme costs both economically and socially. The tolled crossing is generally referred to by name and not number today.

County Route 58 East
CR 58 (Old Country Road) continues 0.4 miles east from end of I-495 to Kroemer Avenue at Gateway Plaza. Kroemer Avenue heads south to NY 25 (W Main Street). 06/13/05
Old Country Road (CR 58) east at Mill Road and the Riverhead town line. Pulaski Street formerly tied into this intersection from the southeast. 06/13/05
Osborn Avenue heads south from Sound Avenue and crosses CR 58 en route to NY 25 near the Suffolk County government complex in Riverhead. 06/13/05

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06/13/05 by AARoads and Justin Cozart

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