New York 36

New York 36 north
Shield assembly for New York 36 north and New York 63 posted at the Clara Barton Street intersection with Main Street in downtown Dansville. New York 36 and 63 share 0.13 miles of Main Street to the north. Photo taken 05/11/05.
New York 36 travels Dock Street two blocks north from Ossian Street (New York 436). Photo taken 05/09/05.
Dock Street merges onto Franklin Street northwest toward Dansville Municipal Airport and roadside businesses at Interstate 390. Photo taken 05/08/05.
Reassurance marker for New York 36 posted on Franklin Street ahead of the North Dansville town line. Photo taken 05/08/05.
Once outside of Dansville, New York 36 follows Airport Road, bisecting conventional shopping centers found southeast of Interstate 390's Exit 5. Photo taken 07/02/05.
Interstate 390 kisses the southbound side of New York 36 (Airport Road) at Exit 5. McWhorter Road connects the state route with the freeway at a diamond interchange. Photo taken 05/08/05.
All interests to Interstate 390 should turn left onto McWhorter Road for access to the freeway. Interstate 390 joins Dansville with Geneseo and Rochester to the north and Interstate 86 and Corning to the south. Photo taken 05/08/05.

New York 36 leaves the Interstate 390 exit area and meets Cumminsville Road. Cumminsville and Meter Roads lead motorists to the Dansville Campus Center of Geneseo Community College. Photo taken 07/02/05.
Northbound drivers next encounter the former Foster Wheeler plant as New York 36 crosses the Canaseraga Creek. The facility was the largest area employer in its heyday. Photo taken 07/02/05.
New York 36 exits the town of North Dansville for the town of West Sparta. Photos taken 07/02/05.
Nearing the east end of Livingston County 34 (Stoner Hill Road) on New York 36 (Dansville Mt. Morris Road). Photo taken 07/02/05.
Livingston County 34 meanders west from New York 36 to New York 436 outside of Nunda, mainly serving agricultural interests. Photo taken 07/02/05.
Continuing north from Stoner Hill Road, New York 36 remains on a parallel alignment to Interstate 390. Photo taken 07/02/05.
New York 36 splits with Kysonville Byersville Road, a former alignment of the state route, before this northbound reassurance shield. Photo taken 07/02/05.
Kysonville Byersville Road returns to New York 36 south of the next north reassurance shield. Photo taken 07/02/05.
New York 36 next meets New York 258 (Flats Road) east and Livingston County 72 (Presbyterian Road) west. Livingston County 72 represents a former extension of New York 258 west to Tuscarora. The state route was truncated from New York 408 near Brooks Grove to New York 36 in 1995.1 Photo taken 07/02/05.
Northbound at the eastbound beginning of New York 258 (Flats Road). New York 258 totals just 1.85 miles between New York 36 and 63 at Groveland. Livingston County 72 continues the road south and west to Tuscarora and Livingston County 3 (old New York 258). Photo taken 07/02/05.
Leaving the New York 258 and Livingston County 72 confluence, New York 36 follows Sonyea Road north. Photo taken 07/02/05.
Sometimes NYSDOT posts a second reassurance marker for a numbered highway after a junction with another numbered route. Photo taken 07/02/05.
New York 36 meets Interstate 390 for the third and final time south of Sonyea. Photo taken 07/02/05.
A standard diamond interchange facilitates movements between Interstate 390 and New York 36 (Sonyea Road). Interstate 390 continues north to Geneseo and Rochester. Photos taken 07/02/05.
New York 36 passes over Interstate 390 ahead of the southbound ramp to Dansville and Wayland. Photos taken 07/02/05.
Northbound mileage sign and reassurance shield posted after Interstate 390 with the distances to Sonyea, Mt. Morris, and Letchworth State Park. Photos taken 07/02/05.
New York 36 (Washington Street) ends just north of its intersection with New York 531 (Spencerport Expressway) at New York 31 (Brockport Spencerport Road). Photo taken 07/02/05.
An end shield is posted for New York 36. New York 31 (Brockport Spencerport Road) heads west to Northampton Park and Brockport and east to New York 259 at Spencerport. Washington Street continues north into Adams Basin. Photo taken 07/02/05.


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