Interstate 99 / U.S. 15

U.S. 15 doubles as Interstate 99 for the short extent north from Lawrenceville, Pennsylvania to Painted Post. The route was upgraded to an Interstate-standard freeway over the course of a ten-year, $235-million project.1 Construction of the high-speed interchange with Interstate 86, and upgrade of the older freeway south through Gang Mills was finished on August 13, 2008. A new section of freeway replaced a two-lane section of U.S. 15 north from Tioga, Pennsylvania to Lindley on October 1, 2008.

This left both a two-lane segment of U.S. 15 north from Watson Creek Road to Presho, and work to upgrade the freeway at Presho. Ground breaking for an $80 million project to complete the limited access stretch took place on September 21, 2009.2 Work ran through October 2013.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on June 27, 2014 that U.S. 15 between the Pennsylvania state line and I-86 at Painted Posted was officially designated as Interstate 99. The change followed a few minor upgrades needed to bring all of U.S. 15 up to Interstate standards.1

Prior to 1974, U.S. 15 extended north from Painted Post to Downtown Rochester, The highway was truncated to end at the Southern Tier Expressway (New York 17), with NY 17 replacing it as the through route west to Avoca, and Interstate 390 north to Rochester. The old alignment paralleling NY 17 and I-390 was designated NY 415, while NY 15 overlapped with both freeways to NY 21 south of Wayland. NY 15 was truncated north from Painted Post to I-390 at NY 21 in 2009. North from there, NY 15 remains in place along the former U.S. highway to Livonia, West Henrietta and Mt. Hope Avenue through south Rochester.

U.S. 15 North
U.S. 15 rejoins its original two-lane alignment from Watson Creek Road in southern Lindley. Continuing north, the US route meets Morgan Creek Road at the Lindley town center. Construction on the final five mile link between the U.S. 15 freeway at Presho and the one south of Watson Creek Road is set to begin in late 2009 or 2010. Photo taken 05/07/05.
Morgan Creek Road follows Morgan Creek west to Town Line and Casson Roads at Tuscarora. Steuben County 120 follows Morgan Creek Road east to Lindley Road and a crossing of the Tioga River. Photo taken 05/07/05.
U.S. 15 hugs the hillside west of the Tioga River through to the intersection with Stowell Road. The highway is designated the Marine Corps League Memorial Highway. Stowell Road meanwhile meanders west to Steuben County 5. Photo taken 05/07/05.
Continuing north from Stowell Creek Road on U.S. 15 at the next reassurance marker. Photo taken 05/07/05.
U.S. 15 bends northwest from its original alignment onto a four-lane freeway near Presho. Old U.S. 15 follows Indian Hill Road (Steuben County 73) northward from Presho to New York 417 (Addison-South Hamilton Road) at Erwin. There is no access to Indian Hill Road from U.S. 15 directly, but the alignment is visible at the one-half mile guide sign for Presho. Photo taken 05/07/05.
Spanning the Glendening Creek on U.S. 15 northbound. The freeway between Presho and Painted Post opened in 1969. Photo taken 05/07/05.
A parclo interchange joins U.S. 15 with Smith Road at the community of Presho. Smith Road carries Steuben County 5 southwest to Clendenning Road and east to old U.S. 15 (Indian Hills Road) nearby. Photo taken 05/07/05.

The next northbound exit joins U.S. 15 with New York 417 (Addison-South Hamilton Road) near the community of Erwin. Photo taken 05/07/05.
U.S. 15 crosses into the town of Erwin and widens with a tree-lined median briefly. Photo taken 05/07/05.
New York 417 travels west with the Canisteo River into the village of Addison, north of Pinnacle State Park. The state route represents the original alignment of New York 17 before it shifted north onto the Southern Tier Expressway. Photo taken 05/07/05.
The diamond interchange with New York 417 lies just north of the Canisteo River. New York 417 continues east parallel to U.S. 15 into Gang Mills. Photo taken 05/07/05.
Turning northeast, U.S. 15 passes by the Erwin town center to Gang Mills. Photo taken 05/07/05.
New York 417 (Addison-South Hamilton Road) meets U.S. 15 again at the Exit 3 diamond interchange at Gang Mills. The state route saw extension northward along old U.S. 15 to New York 415 in Painted Post during 2007. Photo taken 05/07/05.
Road work associated with the U.S. 15 freeway reconstruction between Gang Mills and a new high-speed interchange with Interstate 86 resulted in a new Exit 3 with New York 417 at Gang Mills. This interchange replaces the original trumpet interchange with Robert Dann Drive at old U.S. 15. Photo taken 05/07/05.
A partial interchange brings additional traffic onto U.S. 15 north from New York 417 (Canada road) at Robert Dann Drive south of the directional stack with Interstate 86 & New York 17. Photo taken 05/07/05.
More views of U.S. 15 construction associated with the new interchange with Interstate 86. The interchange between the two was completed in 2008 and replaced a parclo interchange. Originally a circle-interchange joined U.S. 15 with New York 17, but that was too replaced in 1987. Photos taken 05/07/05.
Interstate 86 & New York 17 travel east to Corning and Elmira and west to Hornell and Jamestown. New York 15 used to begin here and follow Interstate 86 west to Interstate 390 north to Wayland. The overlap was created to provide continuing between U.S. 15 and its former routing north from Wayland to Rochester. Signage for the shared aligmnment were to be removed in 2009 as the state route overlap was no longer necessary and decommissioned officially by 2004. Photo taken 05/07/05.
This next series of photos shows the previous configuration of U.S. 15 north at Interstate 86 & New York 17. The freeway originally ended at Hamilton Street in Painted Post, two blocks southwest of New York 415 (Coopers-Bath Road). The connection no longer exists and Hamilton Street now defaults onto Canada Road independent of U.S. 15. Photos taken 05/07/05.
Old U.S. 15 North
Older traffic lights hung above the intersection of Main Street (old U.S. 15) and Pennsylvania 49 (Cowanesque Street) west and Mechanic Street east in Lawrenceville. Photo taken 05/07/05.
Old U.S. 15 exits Pennsylvania north of its intersection with Mill Street west and State Street east. A welcome to New York sign was positioned just past the state line. Photo taken 05/07/05.
A 1941-built truss bridge carried old U.S. 15 across the Cowanesque River just beyond the state line. The Cowanesque River flows east from Cowanesque Lake, a manmade lake, east into the Tioga River nearby. Bliss Road parallels the waterway west to the lake. Photos taken 05/07/05.
What was the first U.S. 15 northbound shield posted in New York state. U.S. 15 shifted to a new freeway alignment west of here in December 2008. Presently the freeway extends northward from Pennsylvania to Watson Creek Road. Photo taken 05/07/05.


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