Interstate 35 North - Austin

Interstate 35 north
Now north of SH 71, the next exit is Oltorf Street. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Oltorf Street departs here, as exit 232A. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Advance signage for exit 232B, Woodland Avenue. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Interstate 35 is a six lane road near Woodland Avenue. This is one of the few US 290 shields on the overlapped section of IH 35. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Woodland Avenue departs here. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Advance signage for exit 233, Riverside Drive. Photo taken 09/27/06.
The right lane exits to Riverside Drive. Many of the advisory signs are placed on overhead gantrys due to lack of space and poor sightlines on IH 35 in Austin. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Riverside Drive exits here, as exit 233. The next exit is exit 234A, Holly Street and Town Lake. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Holly Street, serving Town Lake, exits here as exit 234A (233B). After this exit, IH 35 crosses the Colorado River and enters downtown Austin. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Advance signage for Cesar Chavez Street, 2nd Street and 4th Street. Use this exit to reach downtown Austin and the bars on 4th street. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Exit 234B departs here for Cesar Chavez Street, 2nd Street and 4th Street. Use exit 234C to reach Huston-Tillotson College. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Advance signage for 6th street and 12th Street. Use 6th street to reach the bars and live music venues that Austin is known for. Use exit 235A to reach the Texas State History Museum. Photo taken 09/27/06.
6th and 12th streets exit here. The next exit is exit 235A serving MLK Boulevard and 15th Street. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Exit 235A serves the University of Texas, 15th Street, MLK Boulevard, and the Texas State Capitol. The dome on the state capitol is larger than the one at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Near the Martin Luther King Boulevard exit on the west side of the freeway, traffic backs up on the (barely visible) submerged section of freeway. The overhead ramps are the short double-decked section of Interstate 35. Plans call for a complete revamping of this section of Interstate 35. Photo taken 04/00.
Use exit 236 to reach the LBJ Presidential Library. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Trucks are restricted from the left lane on IH 35 in Austin. In the background, IH 35 splits into the upper and lower levels before reaching Manor Road. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Use the second exit to reach the LBJ Presidential Library. We are on the lower deck, on the original section of IH 35 here. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Manor Road departs here, at exit 235B. Photo taken 09/27/06.
This short double-deck section of IH 35 was double-decked between 1971 and 1975. The lower level remains as built in 1962, with poor geometrics (by today's standards), short exits and extreme congestion. Photo taken 09/27/06.
In this picture of the Manor Road bridge, the original 1962-vintage Interstate 35 passes beneath the short bridge. Above us is the double-decked "express" section. Photo taken 04/00.
Looking northbound from the Manor Road bridge on Interstate 35. Photo taken 04/00.
Exit 236 serves Dean Keeton Street, 32nd and 38 1/2th streets. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Advance signage for exit 237A, Airport Boulevard, Cameron Road and 51st Street. Photo taken 09/27/06.
The double-deck section was added due to lack of available right-of-way. On the west side of the freeway is the University of Texas, and the right side is a cemetary. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Exit 237 departs here for Airport Boulevard, 51st Street and Cameron Road. Airport Boulevard serves the site of former Robert Mueller Airport, now being redeveloped. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Airport Boulevard also has an exit from the upper deck (exit 237A), as the upper deck merges back into the freeway. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Exit 237B serves 51st Street and Cameron Boulevard. This exit is not accessible from the lower level due to short merging space, hence the signs from the lower deck. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Distance sign to US 290 and US 183. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Exit 238A serves RM (UR) 2222. RM (UR) 2222 travels from RM (UR) 620 southeast to Spur 169. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Exit 238B serves US 290 east to Houston. The next exits serve US 183 south and St. John's Avenue, followed by US 183 north. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Exit 239/240A serve St. Johns Ave, Anderson Lane and US 183 south. Photo taken 09/27/06.
Advance signage for US 183 north, Research Boulevard (freeway) and exit 241, Rundberg Lane. Photo taken 09/27/06.
US 183 departs here to serve the northern suburbs of Austin before heading north to Lampasas. Photo taken 09/27/06.

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