Nevada 208


Nevada 208 connects U.S. 395 near Topaz Lake with U.S. 95 Alternate in Yerington. The two-lane highway serves the communities of Wellington and Smith by following the West Branch of the Walker River.

Highway Guide

Nevada 208 east/north
This zero milemarker for Nevada 208 is posted in the median of the state route at the intersection with U.S. 395 north of Topaz Lake. From here, Nevada 208 travels east toward Jack Wright Summit, Smith Valley, and Wellington. Photo taken 09/07/09.
A mileage sign along Nevada 208 east provides the distance to Wellington (11 miles), Smith (17 miles), and Yerington (37 miles). At Yerington, Nevada 208 ends at its junction with U.S. 95 Alternate. Photo taken 09/07/09.
In keeping with typical signing practices in Nevada, the first reassurance shield for SR 208 has a begin banner. Photo taken 09/07/09.
Prior to ascending Jack Wright Summit, eastbound Nevada 208 has this tire chain installation area for use during snowy winter conditions. The next right turn connects to Olympus Drive. Photo taken 09/07/09.
After intersecting Holbrook Bluffs Court and Pearl Road/Quail Run Way, eastbound Nevada 208 turns toward the northeast. Photo taken 09/07/09.
A short distance later, Nevada 208 east passes by Topaz Ranch. Nearby Topaz Lake can be see by looking south from here. Photo taken 09/07/09.
Leaving Topaz Ranch, eastbound Nevada 208 begins its ascent toward Jack Wright Summit in earnest. At the top of this hill is an intersection with American Way. Photos taken 09/07/09.
Eastbound Nevada 208 approaches Jack Wright Summit (elevation 5,483 feet above sea level), then begins the descent into Smith Valley. The Walker River roughly parallels the state route in a valley below the pass. On the way downhill, Nevada 208 leaves Douglas County and enters Lyon County. Photos taken 09/07/09.

At the bottom of the hill, Nevada 208 enters the Smith Valley, an area of Lyon County that had a population of 1,425 as of the 2000 Census. The valley includes Wellington and Smith, and it is agricultural in nature, with irrigated fields and ranches lining both sides of Nevada 208. Photo taken 09/07/09.
The next major intersection along Nevada 208 east is with Nevada 823/Lower Colony Road north, which travels to the unincorporated community of Simpson. From here, Nevada 823 travels southeast toward Wellington. Photo taken 09/07/09.
Nevada 208 crosses over the West Fork of the Walker River. Downstream, the west fork merges with the east fork to form the Walker River. The Walker River flows north from the Smith Valley, then loops east and then south into Walker Lake. Photo taken 09/07/09.
Nevada 208 enters Wellington, an unincorporated community within Smith Valley (elevation 4,808 feet above sea level). Photo taken 09/07/09.
After passing through Wellington, eastbound Nevada 208 approaches Nevada 829/Wellington Cutoff east. At this intersection, Nevada 208 turns northeast, while Nevada 829 travels southeast to join Nevada 338. Photo taken 09/07/09.
Follow Nevada 208 east (left) to Smith and Yerington. Aim straight to Nevada 829 southeast to Nevada 338 south to Bridgeport. Photo taken 09/07/09.
Nevada 208 curves toward the northeast out of Wellington. Photo taken 09/07/09.

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