Nevada 338

Nevada 338 south
After the Nevada 829/Wellington Cutoff intersection, this Nevada 338 south reassurance shield is posted along eastbound after the split from Nevada 208 in Wellington. Ahead, the state route will enter the Humboldt-Toiyabe National Forest between the Wellington Hills to the west and the Pine Grove Hills to the east. Photo taken 09/07/09.
This view looks south into the Dalzell Canyon and toward the Pine Grove Hills. Photo taken 09/07/09.
The trip through Dalzell Canyon and past the Pine Grove Hills along Nevada 338 is a scenic mountain journey. The highway passes through the canyon and sees the towering Sisters that line the border between Nevada and California. Leaving Dalzell Canyon, Nevada 338 will gain elevation toward Sweetwater. Photos taken 09/07/09.
Ascending out of the canyon, this Nevada 338 reassurance shield is posted along southbound. Photo taken 09/07/09.
Southbound Nevada 338 reaches Sweetwater Summit, elevation 6,812 feet above sea level. From here, Nevada 338 travels downhill into Sweetwater and then into California en route to Bridgeport. Photo taken 09/07/09.
Descending from Sweetwater Summit, Nevada 338 proceeds through Sweetwater Ranch before reaching Sweetwater. Photo taken 09/07/09.

Although generally a high-speed highway, Nevada 338 sees some curves and grades on its path down from Sweetwater Summit. We only saw limited traffic along this highway. Photos taken 09/07/09.
Entering Sweetwater, southbound Nevada 338 approaches National Forest Service Road 028, which travels east along a mostly unpaved highway via Lucky Boy Pass to meet Nevada 359 near Hawthorne. The distance from here to Hawthorne is 38 miles. Photo taken 09/07/09.
The settlement of Sweetwater lies ahead on southbound Nevada 338. After making the curve past the ranch, Nevada 338 will end and transition onto California 182 south. Photos taken 09/07/09.
As the pavement changes, Nevada 338 leaves the Silver State of Nevada and becomes California 182 upon entering the Golden State of California. A welcome sign for California is posted around the curve. Photo taken 09/07/09.

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