Nevada 360

Nevada 360 north
Nevada 360 begins its northbound journey at its junction with U.S. 6. Nevada 360 leads north from the U.S. 6 junction to connect with northbound U.S. 95. From there, U.S. 95 proceeds north toward Walker Lake, Hawthorne, and Yerington (via U.S. 95 Alternate). Photo taken 11/11/08.
This mileage sign along Nevada 360 provides the distance to Mina (31 miles), Luna (41 miles), and Hawthorne (65 miles). Photo taken 11/11/08.
A rural highway, Nevada 360 sees little traffic between U.S. 6 and U.S. 95. Photo taken 11/11/08.
Nevada 360 south
Approaching the junction with U.S. 6/Grand Army of the Republic Highway, this destination sign indicates that U.S. 6 west leads to Bishop and Los Angeles (via U.S. 395 and California 14 south), while U.S. 6 east leads to Tonopah and Las Vegas (via U.S. 95 south). Photo taken 11/11/08.
An end Nevada 360 south shield is posted above a pair of U.S. 6 trailblazer shields near the site of Basalt. Photo taken 11/11/08.
Southbound Nevada 360 meets U.S. 6 at this intersection. Turn left for U.S. 6 east or right for U.S. 6 west. Photo taken 11/11/08.
At the south end of the intersection, a small guide sign advises of destinations along U.S. 6 west and east. Westbound U.S. 6 leads to Montgomery Pass and Bishop, California, as well as a connection with Fish Lake Valley via Nevada 773 and Nevada 264. To the east, U.S. 6 leads to Tonopah and U.S. 95. A dirt road continues south into the site of Basalt. No services are available here. Photo taken 01/20/02.

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