Nevada 373

Nevada 373 north
Northbound California 127 becomes northbound Nevada 373 as we cross the California-Nevada State Line. Oddly, the 2002 photo shows the standard orange, yellow, and black welcome sign, while the 2008 photos the older blue on white welcome signs. This marks the southern terminus of Nevada 373 in Nye County and the northern terminus of California 127. Photos taken 11/11/08 and 01/19/02.
The first (and only) Nevada 373 north reassurance shield is posted immediately after the California-Nevada state line. from here, Nevada 373 travels north toward the community of Amargosa Valley and the junction with U.S. 95 (at Lathrop Wells). Photo taken 11/11/08.
Nevada 373 approaches U.S. 95 in Amargosa Valley; some maps show this junction as Lathrop Wells, although Amargosa Valley is the more common name for this area. Photo taken 11/11/08.
The Amargosa Rest Area is located at the southeastern corner of the intersection between Nevada 373 and U.S. 95. Turn right for U.S. 95 southeast to Las Vegas or left for U.S. 95 northwest to Beatty, Goldfield, and Tonopah. Photo taken 11/11/08.
This series of photos shows Nevada 373 north at U.S. 95 in Amargosa Valley northeast of Death Valley National Park. This marks the northern terminus of Nevada 373. These shields, including both the U.S. 95 trailblazer and end Nevada 373 shield, were gone by 2008. Photos taken 01/20/02.

Northbound Nevada 373 ends at its junction with U.S. 95 in Amargosa Valley (Lathrop Wells). Photo taken 11/11/08.
Nevada 373 south
After leaving the U.S. 95 junction, southbound Nevada 373 approaches the turnoff to Amargosa Valley community. Photo taken 11/11/08.
For the entire route through the Amargosa Valley, southbound Nevada 373 sees a flat, arid landscape. To the west is the settled area of Amargosa Valley, and further west is Big Dune, a sand recreation area. Photo taken 11/11/08.
Southbound Nevada 373 approaches the turnoff to Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge to the east. Photo taken 11/11/08.
A casino is located along the west side of Nevada 373 as we approach the Nevada-California State Line. Photo taken 11/11/08.
Nevada 373 leaves Nevada and enters California, where it becomes California 127. Note the zero milepost for Nevada 373. Photo taken 01/19/02.

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