Interstate 74 West (Peoria to Quad Cities)

Interstate 74 west
Leaving Interstate 474 and Peoria behind, Interstate 74 undulates over hills and tributaries to Kickapoo-Edwards Road (Exit 82). Galesburg follows in 38 miles. Des Moines is signed for connections with Interstate 80 west from Quad Cities. Photo taken 12/20/09.
One mile east of the Exit 82 diamond interchange with Kickapoo-Edwards Road (Peoria County R40) on Interstate 74 west. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Peoria County R40 connects Interstate 74 with U.S. 150 (Main Street) at Kickapoo, one mile to the north. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Heading south, Peoria County R40 (Kickapoo-Edwards Road) meanders 2.3 miles from Exit 82 to junction Illinois 8 (Southport Road) at Edwards. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Continuing west northwest along Interstate 74, drivers reach the next exit (Maher Road) in five miles and Galesburg in 32 miles. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Maher Road (Peoria County R25) connects Interstate 74 (Exit 75) with parallel U.S. 150, east of its entrance to Brimfield along Knoxville Street. Photo taken 12/20/09.
The rural diamond interchange of Exit 75 lies amid open farm fields southeast of Brimfield. Peoria County R25 travels south 2.8 miles to Illinois 8 (Southport Road) outside Oak Hill. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Exit 75 parts ways with Interstate 74 west for Maher Road. U.S. 150 east from Maher Road travels to Jubilee College State Park and west from Brimfield to Illinois 78. Photo taken 12/20/09.
The final Peoria County interchange (Exit 71) joins Interstate 74 with Bell School Road (Peoria County R18) in one mile. Photo taken 12/20/09.
One half mile east of the Exit 71 off-ramp to Peoria County R18. Illinois 78 dog legs west from U.S. 150 and Bell School Road to pass over Interstate 74 in two miles. The state route continues south six miles to Elmwood and 25 miles to Canton. Photo taken 12/20/09.
U.S. 150 west & Illinois 78 north combine for a three-mile overlap near Laura. U.S. 150 resumes a westward course to Galesburg while Illinois 71 continues due north to Kewanee. Illinois 78 is part of a multi-state route with Wisconsin 78, totaling 266 miles from Jacksonville, Illinois to Columbus, Wisconsin. Photo taken 12/20/09.
The longest exit less stretch of Interstate 74 in Illinois is an 18-mile drive east of Galesburg. A westbound mileage sign posted 15 miles out from U.S. 150 & Illinois 97 resides at the Illinois 78 overpass. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Spanning French Creek, 1.3 miles west of the Knox / Peoria County line along Interstate 74 west. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Rest areas line both directions of Interstate 74 east of Spoon River. Photo taken 12/20/09.
U.S. 150 and the northern terminus of Illinois 97 tie into Interstate 74 at the Exit 54 partial-cloverleaf interchange outside Knoxville. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Exit 54 loops to the right angle turn of U.S. 150 at Knox Road 1020 East. U.S. 150 shifts sides with Interstate 74, staying south of the freeway along Main Street and Galesburg Road through Knoxville. Illinois 97 splits with the US highway and angles southeast nine miles to Maquon. Lewiston, the Fulton County seat, lies 41 miles to the south at junction U.S. 24. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Interstate 74 skirts north of Knoxville and meets Knox County 9 (Henderson Street) at a diamond interchange (Exit 51). Photo taken 12/20/09.
One half mile east of the Exit 51 off-ramp to Knox County 9 at the Market Street overpass. County Road 9 follows Henderson Street south to the U.S. 150 (Galesburg Road) split with West Main Street. County Road 10 stems west from Henderson Street nearby to Illinois 41 and south Galesburg. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Knox County 9 ventures north from Exit 51 into East Galesburg, eventually meeting U.S. 34 near Exit 46 of Interstate 74. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Making its northward turn toward Quad Cities, Interstate 74 approaches the Galesburg city line and sees this reassurance marker. Photo taken 12/20/09.
The first of two Galesburg exits joins Interstate 74 with East Main Street at the Exit 48B/A partial-cloverleaf interchange. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Exit 48B facilitates movements to eastbound East Main Street to East Galesburg and Knox County 9 (State Street). Photo taken 12/20/09.
Westbound at the Exit 48B ramp departure to East Galesburg. Exit 48A loops onto westbound East Main Street to downtown Galesburg. U.S. 34 ties into Interstate 74 in 2.5 miles from its northerly bypass of the city at Exit 46. Photo taken 12/20/09.
East Main Street becomes a part of U.S. 150 west from Grand Avenue to Henderson Street. Galesburg's Amtrak station lies two blocks south of U.S. 150 along Seminary Street. Photo taken 12/20/09.
The Illinois half of the Quad Cities debuts on Interstate 74 westbound mileage signage, two miles south of U.S. 34 (Exits 46B/A). Photo taken 12/20/09.
Approaching the Exit 46B off-ramp to U.S. 34 east along Interstate 74 west at the Knox County 40 and BNSF Railroad under crossing. U.S. 34 journeys 38 miles northeast to Kewanee. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Entering the full-cloverleaf interchange (Exit 46) of Interstate 74 west with U.S. 34 in Galesburg. U.S. 34 constitutes a 223-mile route within the state of Illinois, ending at Illinois 43 near Chicago. Photo taken 12/20/09.
U.S. 34 travels an 11-mile freeway from Exit 46A around Galesburg to Monmouth in adjacent Warren County. The route doubles as Illinois 110, the Chicago to Kansas City (CKC) Expressway, from Interstate 74 to U.S. 67 south of the split with U.S. 34. Illinois 110 was designated in summer 2010. Photo taken 05/24/08.
Interstate 74 west & Illinois 110 / CKC east
Traveling north now, Interstate 74 & Illinois 110 leave Galesburg on a 13-mile uninterrupted drive to Illinois 17 in southwestern Henry County. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Exit 32 is the first of three Henry County interchanges along Interstate 74 west. Meeting the freeway in one mile is Illinois 17 (Highway Avenue) at the town of Woodhull. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Illinois 17 heads west 2.5 miles to an overlap with U.S. 150 through Alpha. The state route continues west 20 miles to Aledo and 38 miles to its conclusion at New Boston along the Mississippi River. Photo taken 12/20/09.
A folded-diamond interchange joins Interstate 74 & Illinois 110 (Chicago to Kansas City Expressway) with Illinois 17 at Exit 32. The interchange design remains from an abandoned railroad line from Galva to Viola. East from Woodall, Illinois 71 otherwise continues nine miles to a merge with U.S. 34 near Bishop Hill, home of Black Hawk College's East Campus. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Illinois 81 crosses paths with Interstate 74 & Illinois 110 in seven miles. Quad Cities is a half hour drive from this point. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Staggered rest areas reside along Interstate 74 & Illinois 110 midway between Woodall and the crossing over Edwards River. Photos taken 12/20/09.
Interstate 74 & Illinois 110 rise on a ridge north of the Edwards River on the one-mile approach to the Exit 24 diamond interchange with Illinois 81. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Rural Illinois 81 connects Interstate 74 & Illinois 110 with the communities of Lynn Center to the west and Andover to the east of Exit 24. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Exit 24 parts ways with Interstate 74 west & Illinois 110 east. Illinois 81 ends 2.4 miles to the west at junction U.S. 150. Eastward, the state route continues seven miles to the county seat of Cambridge and 23 miles to Kewanee, the eastern terminus. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Ten miles north, Interstate 74 & Illinois 110 approach a full-cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 80 and Interstate 280 west. The exit is unnumbered. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Interstate 280 travels the south and western side around Quad Cities, constituting a 26.98-mile loop. Interstate 80 does the opposite to the east and north of the QC. Travelers bound for Iowa's Capital City can use either route, as both generally bypass the urban areas of the Quad Cities. Photo taken 12/20/09.
One mile south of junction Interstates 80 & 280 near the North 1900th Avenue overpass on Interstate 74 west & Illinois 110 east. Interstate 80 enters the Quad Cities area from a rural drive west of Joliet and the outskirts of Chicagoland. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Interstate 74 & Illinois 110 lower to cross Mud Creek on the half-mile approach to Interstate 80 east to Chicago. Interstate 80 travels 163.52 miles across Illinois from the Mississippi River to the Indiana state line by Hammond. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Interstate 74 turns west, joining Interstate 280 for a 9.39-mile overlap through to Quad City International Airport (MLI) and junction U.S. 6. There are no exits between Interstate 80 and the airport. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Motorists continuing northward along Interstate 80 west & Illinois 110 east will reach Interstate 88 in seven miles. Illinois 110 (Chicago Kansas City Expressway) turns east onto Interstate 88 through to Chicago. Photo taken 12/20/09.
Entering the cloverleaf with Interstate 80, drivers bound for Chicago depart Interstate 74 west. Interstate 80 generally stays south of Chicago, connecting with Interstates 55, 355, 57, 294, and 94 between Joliet and Lansing City. Interstate 80 west encircles the Quad Cities between Colona, Le Claire and northwest Davenport. Photo taken 12/20/09.
The Interstate 74 mainline utilizes a loop ramp onto Interstate 280 west for Moline and Rock Island. I-74 turns northward at Quad Cities Airport, joining U.S. 6 for a northward push across the Illinois-Indiana Memorial Bridge into Bettendorf and Davenport, Iowa. Photo taken 12/20/09.


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