U.S. Highway 31 South - Montgomery County

U.S. 31 south
U.S. 31 (Birmingham Highway) leaves the Alabama River and approaches the settlement of Hunter. Photo taken 10/06/12.
U.S. 31 enters the city limits of Montgomery a short distance south of the county line. Signs listing the prohibition of cell phone use, cell phone texting, and the use of photocops sometimes accompany city line signs for the capital city. Photo taken 10/06/12.
Montgomery County 54 (Hunter Loop Road) begins and travels south from U.S. 31 (Birmingham Highway) at Hunter. Photo taken 10/06/12.
Hunter Loop Road carries County Road 54 south to Grovewood and junction County Road 11 (Ashley Road) and Old Selma Road. CR-54 follows Old Selma Road west from there to Fairview and Lowndes County east of Manack. Photo taken 10/06/12.
U.S. 31 (Birmingham Highway) and a Norfolk Southern Railroad parallel one another southeast from Hunter to the vicinity of Maxwell Air Force Base. Photo taken 10/06/12.
U.S. 31 splits with Birmingham Highway for West Boulevard to bypass Montgomery from Maxwell Air Force Base southward. Photo taken 10/06/12.
Birmingham Highway continues along the periphery of the base to split into Day Street east to I-85 and Maxwell Boulevard east to downtown. All traffic to Interstates 65 and 85 and U.S. 231 and 331 is directed onto West Boulevard to South Boulevard (Alabama 21) otherwise. Photo taken 10/06/12.
West Boulevard carries two lanes southward from the U.S. 31 split with Birmingham Highway. Right of way exists to four lane the roadway if ever needed. Photo taken 10/06/12.
Although U.S. 82 was removed from the overlap with U.S. 31 between Prattville and Montgomery in 1997, this southbound mileage sign posted after Birmingham Highway still features the US 82 destinations of Union Springs and Eufaula. Photo taken 10/06/12.
Old Selma Road west and Well Road come together at U.S. 31 (West Boulevard) along side a CSX Railroad crossing. Photo taken 10/06/12.
A short distance south of Old Selma Road is the south end of Montgomery County 11 (Ashley Road). Photo taken 10/06/12.
Ashley Road (CR-11) provides a connection between U.S. 31 (West Boulevard) and the Montgomery County 54 turn from Old Selma Road west to Hunter Loop Road north. Photo taken 10/06/12.
U.S. 31 (West Boulevard) curves southeast from County Road 11. Photo taken 10/06/12.
A traffic light precedes the CSX Railroad under crossing of U.S. 31 south at Estate Avenue. Estate Avenue connects West Boulevard with an adjacent subdivision and a short frontage road. Photo taken 10/06/12.
Traffic along U.S. 31 (West Boulevard) southbound lowers from the CSX Railroad bridge to intersect Mobile Highway and South Boulevard. Alabama 21 follows Moible Highway south from South Boulevard along side U.S. 31. Photo taken 10/06/12.
South Boulevard begins from U.S. 31 (West Boulevard) and immediately meets Interstate 65 and U.S. 82 west. U.S. 80 & 82 east follow the commercial arterial to U.S. 331's north end nearby and U.S. 231 on the southeast side of Montgomery. Photo taken 10/06/12.
U.S. 31 departs West Boulevard for Mobile Highway south to Hope Hull. South Boulevard east doubles as Alabama 21, U.S. 80, and U.S. 82 between Interstate 65 and Lynndale through the south side of Montgomery. Photo taken 10/06/12.
Alabama 21 joins U.S. 31 south briefly across Catoma Creek to U.S. 80 west. Photo taken 06/18/05.
Crossing the Catoma Creek, an original sign bridge appears for the upcoming U.S. 80 (Selma Highway) diamond interchange. While the freeway segment of U.S. 80 between U.S. 31 and Interstate 65 came into existence in the mid-1990s, this sign bridge greatly predates the relocation of U.S. 80 away from U.S. 31 and Alabama 21. Photo taken 08/22/03.
A closer look at the original button copy overheads for U.S. 31 & Alabama 21 (Mobile Highway) south ahead of U.S. 80. Photo taken 08/22/03.
U.S. 80 west & Alabama 21 south overlap for ten miles along the Selma Highway from U.S. 31 (Mobile Highway). Photo taken 06/18/05.
U.S. 31 (Mobile Highway) southbound reaches the westbound on-ramp to U.S. 80 (Selma Highway). U.S. 80 constitutes a four-lane divided highway for most of the drive west from Montgomery to Cuba near the Mississippi state line. This corridor is slated for the Interstate 85 extension to Interstates 20 & 59. Photo taken 06/18/05.
Leaving the Hope Hull community of extreme southern Montgomery, U.S. 31 comprises a five-lane arterial with a center turn lane from Hyundai Boulevard (County Road 42) through to the diamond interchange with Interstate 65 (Exit 164). Photo taken 07/12/05.


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