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Arizona 280 was Avenue 3E in Yuma from Business Loop I-8 north to U.S. 95. The road was added to the state highway system in 1976, and served for a time as a short connector between then-completed Interstate 8 and US 80, until US 80 was decommissioned.

The road was the shortest "mainline" state highway in Arizona, at 1.47 officially designated miles.

Arizona 280 was decommissioned in April 2007, and reverted to Yuma County maintenance. As of November 2007, it is still signed in the field.

Arizona 280 north
This is the first reassurance shield for Arizona 280 north on Avenue 3E in Yuma immediately after the Business Loop I-8 (32nd Street) intersection near the Yuma International Airport. Photo taken 03/14/07.
The divided highway section of Arizona 280 immediately reduces to a two-lane suburban highway. Photo taken 03/14/07.
An Interstate 8 trailblazer is posted on northbound Arizona 280. Photo taken 03/14/07.
Prior to crossing on this viaduct over the railroad tracks, Arizona 280 meets 24th Street at this traffic signal. Photo taken 03/14/07.
Traveling over the railroad, Arizona 280 north passes by Milepost 1. Photo taken 03/14/07.
Northbound Arizona 280 approaches its junction with Interstate 8, one-quarter mile. Photo taken 03/14/07.
The next traffic signal connects Arizona 280 (Avenue 3E) with Gila Ridge Road. Interstate 8 crosses over Arizona 280 in the distance. Photo taken 03/14/07.
Reaching the junction with Interstate 8, the first traffic signal connects northbound Arizona 280 with Interstate 8 east to Gila Bend, Casa Grande, Phoenix, and Tucson. Continue north to make the left turn to Interstate 8 west to El Centro and San Diego. Photo taken 03/14/07.
Turn left to connect to Interstate 8 west to El Centro and San Diego. Continue straight ahead to U.S. 95. Photo taken 03/14/07.
The control city for Interstate 8 west is San Diego. Arizona 280 ends at the intersection, but continues as a county road to U.S. 95. Photo taken 03/14/07.
Arizona 280 intersects the Interstate 8 frontage road, then narrows to a two-lane rural configuration. This is the northern terminus of Arizona 280 proper. Yuma County continues the milepost arrangement and maintenance to U.S. 95. Photo taken 03/14/07.
The last segment of Avenue 3E passes by some agricultural fields east of Yuma. The traffic signal in the distance is the junction with U.S. 95. Photo taken 03/14/07.
Northbound Avenue 3E approaches its northern terminus at this traffic signal with U.S. 95. Photo taken 03/14/07.
The Mile 2 marker denotes county maintenance as far north as U.S. 95. Turn left to follow U.S. 95 south (west) to Yuma and right to U.S. 95 north (east) to Yuma Proving Grounds and Quartzsite. Photo taken 03/14/07.
Avenue 3E ends at this traffic signal with U.S. 95. Photo taken 03/14/07.

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03/14/07 by Kevin Trinkle

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