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California 273 is a 16.2 mile state route that connects I-5 to Anderson and Redding. The highway follows the routing of former U.S. 99 through both Downtown Anderson and Redding, with historic references dotted along its entire course. California 273 also doubled as a previous business loop for I-5 until the 1980s.

Beginning at a wye interchange with I-5 at Exit 667A, SR 273 branches northwest along a four-lane expressway into the central business district of Anderson. A Union Pacific Railroad line joins SR 273 in Downtown Anderson and remains with the route to Redding. Reaching Canyon Road, SR 273 kinks north for the heart of Redding. Traveling along Market Street, SR 273 and the UP rail line swap sides following Buenaventura Boulevard.

As Market Street nears the center of Redding, SR 273 splits into one way couplets at Cypress Avenue with northbound traffic shuffled along Pine Street and southbound utilizing California and Market Streets. SR 44 begins a 107 mile trek to Lassen Volcanic National Park in Downtown Redding while SR 299 joins SR 273 only blocks north. SR 44 east leaves SR 273 and Redding along Tehama Street, joining its westbound component (Shasta Street) near Redding Memorial Park. A five mile freeway segment ensues to Old Oregon Trail (Exit 5). Overall, SR 299 is a major corridor linking Redding with Arcata and Eureka on the Pacific Coast and with Adin and Alturas in the northeastern part of the state.

SR 299 enters Redding from the west via Eureka Way, joining SR 273 (Market Street) two blocks north of the city center. SR 273, along with SR 299, follow Market Street north across the Sacramento River into the Miracle Mile neighborhood. Beyond the commercial and motels of the Miracle Mile area, SR 273 & 299 resume along an expressway style facility to Lake Boulevard. SR 299 leaves SR 273 at Lake Boulevard for I-5 and northeastern Redding neighborhoods along a short expressway segment. SR 273 continues north from Lake Boulevard and SR 299 an additional 1.2 miles before defaulting onto I-5 north.

    Connect with:
    Interstate 5
    State Route 44
    State Route 299

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