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SR 3 runs north from the Edgemoor industrial area along the Delaware River to the Brandywine Hundred communities of northeastern Delaware. SR 3 also connects I-95 with the town of Bellefonte to the east and the village of Arden to the north. For the most part, the state route travels through residential areas as a minor arterial with two lanes. SR 3 expands to four lanes along the initial stretch of Edgemoor Road at Hay Road, I-495 and U.S. 13 (Governor Printz Boulevard) and through the interchange with I-95 at Carr Road

The initial alignment of SR 3 along Marsh Road appeared on the 1968 Official Delaware Highway Map northward from U.S. 13 (Philadelphia Pike) to SR 92 (Naamans Road) at Hanby Corner. The state route designation coincided with the completion of I-95 northward from Wilmington. The southern leg along Edgemoor Road was added by 1984. It included an overlap with U.S. 13 Business (Philadelphia Pike) between Marsh Road and Edgemoor Road, circumventing Marsh Road through the Gordon Heights and Edgewood Hills communities.

Following three years of construction, the parclo interchange linking SR 3 (Edgemoor Road) with Interstate 495 opened to traffic in June 1989. By 1996, SR 3 was realigned from another segment of Marsh Road to avoid the North Hills community. The change extended the SR 3 overlap with U.S. 13 Business (Philadelphia Pike) further east to Washington Street Extension, which returned the route to Marsh Road by Mt. Pleasant High School.

Delaware State Route 3 - 2015 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 8,565 - Hay Road to U.S. 13
  • 7,693 - U.S. 13 to Marsh Road
  • 9,818 - Edgemoor Road to Marsh Road along U.S. 13 Business
  • 4,683 - U.S. 13 Business to Marsh Road
  • 12,542 - Washington Street to Carr Road
  • 13,570 - Carr Road to I-95
  • 12,266 - Wilson Road to Silverside Road
  • 9,351 - Chestnut Street to SR 92
Delaware State Route 3 North
Hay Road runs north from the east end of Twelfth Street on Cherry Island north to industrial areas of Edgemoor and the parclo interchange with Interstate 495. Photo taken 12/15/99.
Hay Road proceeds from the northbound I-495 on-ramp to intersect the south end of SR 3 (Edgemoor Road). Edgemoor Road heads northwest to the I-495 southbound on-ramp while Hay Road spurs north to Fox Point State Park. Photo taken 12/18/17.
A trailblazer references I-495 south for visitors exiting Fox Point State Park along Lighthouse and Hay Road south to SR 3 (Edgemoor Road). Photo taken 07/08/10.
Drivers taking Exit 4 from I-495 north also join Hay Road south to connect with SR 3 (Edgemoor Road) north to U.S. 13 (Governor Printz Boulevard). Photo taken 12/21/16.
SR 3 begins with four overall lanes as Edgemoor Road advances northwest from Hay Road toward the southbound on-ramp for Interstate 495. Photo taken 12/18/17.
Interstate 495 travels southwest from Edgemoor to Southbridge in Wilmington and the Port of Wilmington. The freeway merges with I-95 south near Newport in six miles. Photo taken 12/21/16.
SR 3 (Edgemoor Road) spans both the AMTRAK Northeast Corridor and the Norfolk Southern Railroad ahead of U.S. 13 (Governor Printz Boulevard). Photo taken 12/18/17.
U.S. 13 (Governor Printz Boulevard) intersects Edgemoor Road adjacent to the mostly vacant Merchants Square Shopping Center. A northbound on-ramp to Interstate 495 departs from U.S. 13 nearby at Stuyvesent Drive.
Governor Printz Boulevard parallels the freeway north to Claymont. South from SR 3, U.S. 13 continues into the city of Wilmington at the Eastlawn and Riverside neighborhoods. Photo taken 03/20/04.
A lane drop occurs along SR 3 (Edgemoor Road) just north of U.S. 13 at Denny Road and the entrance to Merchants Square Shopping Center. Photo taken 12/18/17.
Denny Road links SR 3 (Edgemoor Road) with the Edgemoor Terrace community. Photo taken 12/18/17.
A five-way intersection joins SR 3 with Sellers Lane into the adjacent Paladin Club condominium community, Blue Rock Road north to Edgewood Hills and Brandywine Boulevard. Brandywine Boulevard leads northeast to the town of Bellefonte. Photo taken 12/18/17.
This shield for SR 3 north along Edgemoor Road at Blue Rock Road was removed by 2017. Photo taken 07/31/13.
SR 3 next approaches Marsh Road, the former alignment of the route north to Gordon Heights and North Hills. Photo taken 12/18/17.
Trucks are prohibited from using Marsh Road as it bee lines northward to U.S. 13 Business (Philadelphia Pike) and Interstate 95. SR 3 circumvents the initial stretch of Marsh Road via Edgemoor Road and an overlap with U.S. 13 Business. Photo taken 12/18/17.
SR 3 (Edgemoor Road) makes an S-curve by Sellers Park to the intersection with U.S. 13 Business (Philadelphia Pike) and Shipley Road. U.S. 13 Business (Market Street) straddles the Wilmington city line southward by the Harlan neighborhood en route to Downtown. Shipley Road stems northward to Rockwood Park and the Brandywine Hundred communities. Photo taken 12/18/17.
U.S. 13 Business Delaware Route 3 North
Climbing north from Edgemoor Road, SR 3 is omitted from this confirming shield assembly along Philadelphia Pike. SR 3 overlaps with U.S. 13 Business for 0.67 miles. Photo taken 07/31/13.
U.S. 13 Business increases 152 feet in elevation from Turkey Run at Sellers Park to the five point intersection with Marsh Road (old SR 3) and Lore Avenue east. Marsh Road leads directly to I-95, but with a truck restriction to Washington Street Extension. Lore Avenue angles southeast to U.S. 13 (Governor Printz Boulevard). Photo taken 07/31/13.
Philadelphia Pike continues northeast by the Penny Hill Terrace and Lenderman Heights communities. SR 3 partitions with U.S. 13 Business north at the ensuing traffic light. Photo taken 07/31/13.
Washington Street Extension takes SR 3 northwest from U.S. 13 Business (Philadelphia Pike) to Marsh Road. The four-lane arterial was once also a part of an extended SR 4 leading west to Brandywine Hills in Wilmington. Photo taken 07/31/13.
Delaware State Route 3 North
SR 3 is unmarked along Washington Street Extension north of U.S. 13 Business (Philadelphia Pike). Photo taken 12/21/16.
Washington Street Extension curves westward by Mt. Pleasant High School to intersect Marsh Road. This assembly alludes to the former route south along Marsh Road toward Edgemoor. Photo taken 12/21/16.
SR 3 follows Marsh Road north through Brandywine Hundred to the village of Arden. Washington Street Extension winds southwest by Bringhurst Woods and Rockwood Parks to the Wilmington city line at Rockwood Road. Photo taken 12/21/16.
Marsh Road north at Washington Street Extension (SR 3). SR 4 lined Washington Street south to the 9th Ward Area and Midtown Brandywine as part of its 1970-81 extension to Bellefonte. Photo taken 12/18/17.
Marsh Road widens to four lanes north from Washington Street Extension. Photo taken 12/21/16.
Bringhurst Woods Park and Bellevue State Park converge on the SR 3 (Marsh Road) approach to Interstate 95. Photo taken 12/21/16.
Interstate 95 winds northeast from Wilmington parallel to a CSX Railroad line toward the Ardens and Claymont. The four-lane freeway opened to traffic here in 1968. Photo taken 12/21/16.
A modified diamond interchange joins I-95 and SR 3 (Marsh Road). The east side ramps of the freeway tie into adjacent Carr Road. Carr Road meanders southwest to Washington Street Extension. The through road leads east by Bellevue State Park to the northbound on-ramp for Philadelphia to connect with Silverside Road. Photo taken 12/21/16.
Increases in traffic congestion along Carr Road were addressed during a Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) project between Spring 2019 and Fall 2020. An additional turn lane was added for Carr Road east to SR 3 north, while left turn lanes from SR 3 to Carr Road and I-95 south were lengthened. Photo taken 12/21/16.
I-95 proceeds 2.6 miles west from SR 3 to enter Wilmington ahead of Brandywine Park. The freeway bisects the city west of Downtown and the Riverfront and east of the Hilltop and Browntown neighborhoods. Photo taken 12/20/16.
The north side ramps from Interstate 95 link with SR 3 (Marsh Road) directly between the southbound mainline and the parallel CSX Railroad. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Marsh Road travels through the Carrcroft and Carrcroft Crest communities. Most homes in the subdivisions date from the mid 1930s to the mid 1950s. The traffic light at Crest Road serves Carrcroft Elementary to the east. Photo taken 12/20/16.
SR 3 (Marsh Road) north intersects Wilson and Veale Roads northwest of Allan Tract Park. Wilson Road heads southwest through the Graylyn Crest South community to SR 261 (Foulk Road) at Murphy Road in Fairfax. Veale Road extends 1.2 miles east to the villages of Ardencroft and Ardentown. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Silverside Road angles northwest from Veale Road to complete the commercial triangle with SR 3 by Branmar Shopping Center and the Shops of Graylyn. Silverside Road comprises a through route across Brandywine Hundred from U.S. 202 (Concord Pike) east to U.S. 13 Business (Philadelphia Pike). Photo taken 12/20/16.
SR 3 runs along the west side of the Arden village line to the intersection with Grubb Road west and Harvey Road east. Harvey Road travels southeast between the villages of Ardencroft and Ardentown to a half diamond interchange with I-95 and south Claymont. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Interests to I-95 are directed north from Grubb Road along SR 3 to SR 92 east to bypass the Ardens. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Marsh Road expands leading into the intersection with SR 92 (Naamans Road). SR 92 constitutes a busy arterial route west to Brandywine Town Center mall and U.S. 202 (Concord Pike) and east to Interstate 95 at Claymont. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Marsh Road continues a short distance beyond the SR 3 end into Delaware County, Pennsylvania, where it forms a residential street through the Rock Creek subdivision. SR 92 parallels the state line west to Brandywine Creek State Park and east to U.S. 13 (Philadelphia Pike) near Marcus Hook. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Delaware State Route 3 South
The first reassurance shield for SR 3 posted on Marsh Road south as it leaves the intersection with SR 92 (Naamans Road). SR 3 passes by the Brandywine Hundred neighborhood of Lancashire en route to the villages of Ardentown and Arden. Photo taken 08/04/04.
SR 3 southbound at the signalized intersection with Grubb and Harvey Roads. Harvey Road travels east from Marsh Road through the Ardens to U.S. 13 Business (Philadelphia Pike) in south Claymont. Grubb Road extends the road west to SR 92 (Naamans Road) near Brandywine Town Center mall. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Marsh Road lines the west side of the Arden village line for a short distance south of Harvey Road as SR 3 continues toward the commercial triangle of Silverside, Wilson and Veale Roads. Photo taken 08/04/04.
Sinking southward on SR 3 toward the modified diamond interchange with Interstate 95. Marsh Road expands to four lanes between the CSX Railroad overpass and Washington Street Extension. Photo taken 04/25/04.
Departing next is the southbound on-ramp for Interstate 95 to the city of Wilmington. All signs for the freeway were replaced along SR 3 after 2007. Photo taken 04/25/04.
Beyond the I-95 overpasses, SR 3 (Marsh Road) intersects Carr Road. Carr Road acts as an east side frontage road for Interstate 95, doubling as the connection for northbound to Philadelphia. Photo taken 12/30/18.
Construction from Spring 2019 to Fall 2020 reconfigures the intersection of SR 3 (Marsh Road) and Carr Road. Among other improvements, an additional turn lane was added for SR 3 north from Carr Road north. Photo taken 12/30/18.
Heading south from Carr Road, SR 3 (Marsh Road) passes through a wooded area between Bringhurst Woods Park and Bellevue State Park. Photo taken 12/21/16.
Marsh Road reduces to two lanes at the forthcoming turn of SR 3 onto Washington Street Extension. Marsh Road south to Edgemoor Road was formerly a part of the state route. Photo taken 12/30/18.
SR 3 takes Washington Street Extension northeast to connect with U.S. 13 Business (Philadelphia Pike) due to a truck restriction along the remainder of Marsh Road south. Washington Street Extension curves southwestward to Brandywine Hills and Harlan in Wilmington. Photo taken 12/30/18.
Washington Street Extension ends just south of Mt. Pleasant High School at U.S. 13 Business (Philadelphia Pike) near the town of Bellefonte. Photo taken 12/21/16.
SR 3 combines with U.S. 13 Business southwest to Edgemoor Road. Philadelphia Pike leads northeast from Market Street in Wilmington to Claymont and Marcus Hook, Pennsylvania. Photo taken 12/21/16.
U.S. 13 Business (Philadelphia Pike) runs along the Bellefonte town line briefly northbound to Bellevue State Park and Claymont. The commercial boulevard becomes a part of U.S. 13 ahead of I-95. Photo taken 12/21/16.
U.S. 13 Business Delaware Route 3 South
Southbound reassurance shield for U.S. 13 Business posted after Washington Street Extension. SR 3 is signed poorly on the overlap along Philadelphia Pike. Prior to the mid 1990s, the state route remained wholly along Marsh Road southward. The designation was realigned to remove truck traffic through the residential neighborhood. Photo taken 12/18/17.
U.S. 13 Business and SR 3 part ways at Edgemoor Road. SR 3 takes Edgemoor Road southeast to U.S. 13 and I-495 at Edgemoor. Shipley Road extends northwest to Rockwood Park and the Brandywine Hundred community of Talleyville. Philadelphia Pike lowers into the city of Wilmington at Eastlawn. Photo taken 12/18/17.
Delaware State Route 3 South
Leading away from U.S. 13 Business (Philadelphia Pike), SR 3 (Edgemoor Road) navigates along an S-curve between Sellers Park and Shellpot Business Park. Photo taken 12/30/18.
2 photos
2 photos
SR 3 (Edgemoor Road) converges with the south end of Marsh Road (former SR 3) by the Paladin Club condominium community. Photos taken 12/30/18.
A five point intersection joins SR 3 (Edgemoor Road) with Blue Rock Road north into the Edgewood Hills subdivision, Brandywine Boulevard northeast to the town of Bellefonte, and Sellers Lane west into Paladin Club and the Village Park apartment community. Photo taken 12/30/18.
SR 3 widens into a four lane arterial from Merchants Square Shopping Center and Denny Road southeast to U.S. 13 (Governor Printz Boulevard) and Interstate 495. Photo taken 12/30/18.
Forthcoming U.S. 13 (Governor Printz Boulevard) emerges from Eastlawn and Riverside in northeast Wilmington to parallel Interstate 495 north to Claymont. Photo taken 12/30/18.
A parclo interchange joins Interstate 495 with SR 3 (Edgemoor Road) at Hay Road to the immediate south of U.S. 13. A wye interchange provides northbound access to the freeway to the east. Photo taken 12/30/18.
An end shield for SR 3 remains posted at U.S. 13 (Governor Printz Boulevard), despite the route continuing south to I-495 and Hay Road. Photo taken 12/30/18.
Edgemoor Road spans both the AMTRAK Northeast Corridor and Norfolk Southern Railroad lines ahead of the on-ramp for Interstate 495 to the Port of Wilmington and Baltimore. Photo taken 12/18/17.
Forthcoming Hay Road leads north to Lighthouse Road and Fox Point State Park and south to the northbound on-ramp for Interstate 495 and Cherry Island. Photo taken 12/18/17.
2 photos
2 photos
The second end sign for SR 3 stands at the intersection of Edgemoor and Hay Roads. Photo taken 12/18/17. Second photo taken 04/10/00.
Delaware State Route 3 scenes
Carr Road curves east between Bringhurst Woods Park and Rockwood Office Park to intersect the northbound off-ramp (Exit 8) from Interstate 95. A short distance east of there is the signalized intersection with SR 3 (Marsh Road). Photo taken 12/20/16.
Carr Road continues across Marsh Road to the northbound on-ramp for I-95 and Bellevue State Park. SR 3 north intersects the southbound on-ramp for I-95 directly. Photo taken 12/20/16.
Marsh Road (former SR 3) south converges with U.S. 13 Business / SR 3 (Philadelphia Pike) at Lore Avenue. Referencing SR 3 Business, this erroneous shield assembly precedes the five way intersection. Photo taken 12/30/18.
Marsh Road continues south directly to Edgemoor Road while SR 3 accompanies U.S. 13 Business (Philadelphia Pike) further southwest ahead of Wilmington. Photo taken 12/30/18.

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