Delaware State Route 10 East
The first confirming marker for SR 10 stands along Sandtown Road between the Maryland state line and Drapers Mill Road (Rd 255A). 12/25/20
Eastbound SR 10 crosses Sandtown Branch beyond the Delaware welcome sign. 12/25/20
SR 10 proceeds east into the rural community of Sandtown at Holly Spring Road. 12/25/20
Sandtown Road (Rd 56) branches southeast from SR 10 at Sandtown 6.45 miles to SR 12 (Burnite Mill Road) east to the town of Felton. 12/25/20
Reassurance marker posted east of Sandtown Road. 12/25/20
Mahan Corner Road (Rd 208) stems 5.87 miles north from SR 10 (Willow Grove Road) to Main Street in the town of Marydel. 12/25/20
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2 photos
SR 10 continues six miles east from Mahan Corner Road to the unincorporated community of Willow Grove. 12/25/20
SR 10 (Willow Grove Road) crosses Meredith Branch east of Mt. Olive Cemetery Road (Rd 254) and Mt. Moriah. 12/18/20
Pony Track Road (SR 212) leads 1.45 miles north from SR 10 (Willow Grove Road) to Mud Mill Road (Rd 207) ahead of this reassurance marker. 12/18/20
SR 10 (Willow Grove Road) east of Cabin Ridge Road (Rd 253) south and Hollering Hill Road (Rd 213) north. 12/18/20
SR 10 crosses Iron Mine Prong, a tributary of Cow Marsh Creek beyond the Chelesa Villa subdivision. 12/18/20
Fire Tower Road (Rd 108) north and Cow Marsh Creek Road (Rd 214) south tie into SR 10 (Willow Grove Road) at the community of Petersburg. 12/18/20
SR 10 (Willow Grove Road) shifts northward from Petersburg. 12/18/20
Advancing northeast from Fivefoot Prong Lane (Rd 250). 12/19/20
SR 10 (Willow Grove Road) winds 1.27 miles northeast from Petersburg to split with SR 10 Alternate (Henry Cowgill Road). 12/19/20
Henry Cowgill Road leads SR 10 Alternate 3.53 miles east to the town of Woodside. 12/19/20
SR 10 Alt forms a 9.23 mile long loop to the south of Wyoming and Camden through Woodside and Rising Sun. 12/18/20
SR 10 (Willow Grove Road) continues northward from SR 10 ALT and a tract of Norman G. Wilder Wildlife Area to Willow Grove. 12/18/20
Willow Grove is an unincorporated community along SR 10 at Willow Tree Circle (Rd 228A). 12/18/20
Willow Tree Circle connects SR 10 with Mud Mill Road (Rd 207) west to Mahan and Honeysuckle Road (Rd 228) north toward Hazlettville ahead of this reassurance marker at Willow Grove. 12/18/20
SR 10 (Willow Grove Road) east of Berrytown Road (Rd 246) south. 12/18/20
Willow Grove Road east between Farm Lane (Rd 235_ south and Morgans Choice Road (Rd 230) north. 12/18/20
Morgans Choice Road heads 2.73 miles north to Westville Road (Rd 52) near the Wild Quail community ahead of this confirming marker on SR 10 eastbound. 12/18/20
SR 10 east of Thicket Road (Rd 232) north and Steeles Ridge Road (Rd 232) south. Steeles Ridge Road angles southeast 1.46 miles to SR 10 ALT at Woodside. 12/18/20
The SR10 & SR15 Intersection Improvements project replaced the intersection with SR 15 (Dundee Road south / Moose Lodge Road north) a roundabout. Work started on June 5, 2017 and was completed in September 2017.1 12/29/20
SR 15 follows Dundee Road south 1.73 miles from SR 10 (Willow Grove Road) to SR 10 ALT (Main Street) in the town of Woodside. 12/29/20
SR 15 continues north from the roundabout with SR 10 along Moose Lodge Road 1.61 miles to Westville Road. 12/18/20
SR 15 constitutes an alternate route across the west side of Dover from Wyoming northward toward Clayton. 12/18/20
SR 10 (Willow Grove Road) continues 1.02 miles from SR 15 to the Camden town line. 12/29/20
SR 10 enters Camden ahead of the Barclay Farms senior living community at Paynters Way. 12/29/20
Caesar Rodney Avenue leads SR 10 north along the Camden / Wyoming line to Camden Wyoming Avenue (Rd 29). 12/29/20
SR 10 (Camden-Wyoming Avenue) heads 0.63 miles east from Caesar Rodney Avenue to U.S. 13 ALT (Main Street) in Downtown Camden. 12/29/20
U.S. 13 ALT constitutes a 5.64 mile long route west of U.S. 13 through Camden and Woodside. 12/29/20
SR 10 (Camden-Wyoming Avenue) proceeds 0.20 miles east from U.S. 13 ALT (Main Street) to U.S. 13 (S Dupont Highway). 12/29/20
U.S. 13 (S Dupont Highway) is a major arterial route leading south from Dover and Camden to Harrington, Bridgeville, Seaford and Laurel in Sussex County. 12/29/20
U.S. 13 travels south to Salisbury, Maryland and Hampton Roads, Virginia and north to Smyna, Wilmington and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 12/29/20
Eastbound confirming marker posted after the return of SR 10 Alternate from Rising Sun. 01/15/17
Lebanon Road curves northeast past Lebanon on the 1.73 mile drive to Bay Road at the North Gate of Dover Air Force Base (DAFB). 01/15/17
Sorghum Mill Road arcs south across adjacent Tidbury Creek to Lebanon, and southwest to Rising Sun. The road ends at SR 10 (Lebanon Road) ahead of this reassurance marker. 01/15/17
Lebanon Road continues northeast 0.75 miles to the southbound on-ramp for SR 1 to the DAFB main gate and Sussex County. 01/15/17
Traffic lights operate along SR 10 east at the Gateway South Shopping Center and a Wawa gas station on the half mile approach to SR 1. 01/15/17
SR 1 transitions from the Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway onto Bay Road south through Dover Air Force Base. The expressway has a diamond interchange for the main gate and housing area for the base just south of SR 10. 01/15/17
SR 10 (Lebanon Road) spans the St. Jones River to the signalized intersection with Pine Cabin Road. Pine Cabin Road spurs south to the Generals Greene development and a mobile home park. 01/15/17
A loop ramp carries traffic onto SR 1 south directly from SR 10 to Frederica, Milford and Rehoboth Beach. 01/15/17
SR 10 (Lebanon Road) passes under SR 1 ahead of Bay Road. Bay Road parallels the east side of the SR 1 freeway a short distance to a northbound on-ramp. 01/15/17
Dual turn lanes join Bay Road north as SR 10 ends across from the DAFB North Gate. Construction of SR 1 displaced a portion of Bay Road, which was then a part of U.S. 113 between Milford and Dover. U.S. 113 was truncated south to the Milford Bypass in 2004. 01/15/17
A northbound off-ramp from SR 1 represents the continuation of Bay Road from the ensuing Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway. Bay Road extends 2.2 miles north from SR 10 to U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway). 01/15/17

  1. SR10 & SR15 Intersection Improvements. Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT), project web page. Accessed February 23, 2021.

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