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With extensions north to New Castle County made by 1990 and 1993, SR 15 represents the third longest state route in the system. The original alignment leads northwest along Canterbury Road, from SR 14 and the city of Milford, to U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) near Viola. The initial extension brought SR 15 north to U.S. 301 and SR 299 in Middletown. The second addition parallels SR 71 and SR 896 (former U.S. 301) through rural areas west of Mount Pleasant to Summit Bridge.

Delaware State Route 15 Guides

SR 15 (Canterbury Road) runs north from Milford through a varying landscape of subdivisions and farm land to the community of Canterbury and U.S. 13. Following a brief overlap with U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway), SR 15 shifts west onto U.S. 13 Alternate (Upper King Road) 1.76 miles to SR 10 Alt (Main Street) in the town of Woodside. The two routes combine west along a short concurrency to Dundee Road, where SR 15 resumes a northerly course.

SR 15 passes through southern reaches of the Camden town limes to SR 10 and Moose Lodge Road. Moose Lodge Road continues the route north to suburban areas on the west side of Wyoming. An eastern turn brings SR 15 into the the Wyoming town center via Westville Road and Southern Boulevard. Railroad Avenue then extends the route north to Wyoming Mill Road and the city of Dover.

Through Dover, SR 15 forms a loop along preexisting roads. Hazlettville Road and North Street lead SR 15 east by the Kraft Heinz plant and other industrial businesses to Saulsbury Road. POW/MIA Parkway, constructed from 2015 to 2017, ties into that intersection from the south, as SR 15 advances north along McKee Road. North of SR 8 and Walker Road, SR 15 (McKee Road) splits from Scarborough Road as it arcs northeast to U.S. 13 and SR 1.

Dover Map created in 2007

SR 15 takes a number of turns from Wyoming to Kenton through the city of Dover.

Leading away from Dover, SR 15 doglegs through a mix of subdivisions and forest land along Denneys Road west and Kenton Road north. Kenton Road extends SR 15 north 1.7 miles to SR 42 west near Moores Corner. The two state routes overlap for 1.2 miles to Brenford Road at Seven Hickories. SR 42 continues west to SR 300 at Kenton while SR 15 arcs northward onto Friendship Road to also meet SR 300 (Wheatleys Pond Road).

A brief overlap with SR 300 shifts SR 15 slightly east to Alley Corner Road. Alley Corner Road joins SR 15 with SR 6 (Millington Road), where the two merge east for 1.3 miles to Duck Creek Road in the town of Clayton. SR 15 then travels north from there across Providence Creek into New Castle County.

The convoluted alignment of SR 15 continues northward through rural portions of southwest New Castle County. Passing through the settlements of Greensburg, Dexters Corner and Taylors Corner, as well as swaths of Blackbird State Forest, SR 15 emerges through growing areas of south Middletown along Levels Road. Combining with SR 299 (Middletown Warwick Road), SR 15 angles northeast one mile to the intersection of Main Street and Bunker Hill Road west of Downtown Middletown. SR 299 departs Middletown Warwick Road (old U.S. 113) for Main Street east while SR 15 turns northwest on Bunker Hill Road and Choptank Roads.

Choptank Road leads SR 15 north by a number of large lot subdivisions to a roundabout with SR 286 (Bethel Church Road). Bethel Church Road turns the state route east to SR 71-896 at Summit Bridge.

Delaware State Route 15 - 2015 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 6,670 - SR 14 to Carpenter Bridge Road
  • 5,100 - Carpenter Bridge Road to SR 12
  • 8,229 - Irish Hill Road to U.S. 13
  • 3,803 - U.S. 13 to south Woodside limits
  • 7,390 - U.S. 13 Alt to Dundee Road
  • 3,637 - SR 10 to Westville Road
  • 7,259 - West Wyoming limits to Railroad Avenue
  • 8,332 - north Wyoming limits to Hazlettville Road
  • 16,037 - Wyoming Mill Road to west Dover limits
  • 21,271 - North Street to SR 8
  • 28,678 - SR 8 to Walker Road
  • 5,353 - Dennys Road to SR 42
  • 2,000 - SR 42 to SR 300
  • 5,209 - SR 300 to Road 138
  • 2,044 - SR 6 to Road 452
  • 1,880 - SR 6 to north Clayton limits
  • 1,080 - Vandyke Green Spring Road to Oliver Guessford Road
  • 764 - Road 463 to Caldwell Corner Road
  • 3,319 - Road 42 to SR 299
  • 5,367 - Bunker Hill Road to SR 286
  • 6,999 - SR 286 to SR 71/896
Scarborough Road - South
SR 8 trailblazers direct motorists southward along Scarborough Road (Road 294) from U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) and the North Dover interchange from SR 1 to SR 15 (Mckee Road). 08/17/21
Scarborough Road intersects Delaware Tech Drive west and Crawford Carroll Avenue east midway between U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) and the bridge across Fork Branch. 08/17/21
A second trailblazer for SR 8 stands along Scarborough Road south ahead of the 1999-built bridge across Fork Branch. 12/30/17
SR 15 (McKee Road) was realigned to intersect Scarborough Road at a 90 degree angle. The state route overtakes Scarborough Road south into Dover. 08/17/21
Traffic lights were added at the intersection of Scarborough Road and SR 15 (McKee Road) in 2018. 08/17/21
Scarborough Road - North
Scarborough Road spans a Norfolk Southern Railroad line and Fork Branch northeast from SR 15 (McKee Road) to Crawford Carroll Avenue (Rd 294A). 12/18/20
Crawford Carroll Avenue is a major collector joining Scarborough Road with big box retail 0.37 miles to the east off U.S. 13 (N Dupont Highway). 12/18/20
Scarborough Road expands to a four lane arterial north from Crawford Carroll Avenue to the intersection with U.S. 13 (N Dupont Highway). 12/18/20
A heavily developed commercial arterial, U.S. 13 (N Dupont Highway) parallels SR 1 (Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway) to the west from Dover north to Cheswold and Smyrna. 12/18/20
Delaware State Route 15 scenes
Churchtown Road travels 2.1 miles west from SR 71/896 at Mount Pleasant to a roundabout with SR 15 at Choptank Road. 12/15/17
Churchtown Road extends another 1.6 miles to the state line, where MD 310 (Cayots Corner Road) takes over en route to MD 213. 12/15/17

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