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Poinciana Parkway is a 7.2-mile toll road linking Ronald Reagan Parkway east of U.S. 17/92 in Polk County with Poinciana in western Osceola County. Operated by the Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX), Poinciana Parkway was built primarily as a limited-access two lane corridor. The initial segment of Poinciana Parkway opened April 30, 2016 between U.S. 17/92 in Loughman and Marigold Avenue in Poinciana. The second phase, completing it to Cypress Parkway, opened to traffic November 18, 2016.1 Costing $135 million to build,2 the parkway extends southeast from Ronald Reagan Parkway over the Reedy Creek Mitigation Bank, to half diamond interchanges with Marigold Avenue and KOA Street. Toll gantries operate along the parkway north of Marigold Avenue and north of KOA Street.

Long range plans call for Poinciana Parkway to be part of a large limited-access system around the greater Kissimmee/St. Cloud area, which includes the Southport Connector and a southern extension of SR 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay). Designs for a three-mile extension of SR 538 to Polk County Road 532 commenced Spring 2020. Poinciana Parkway will shift onto a new alignment from its end at Ronald Reagan Parkway to CR 532 at the northeast corner of Polk County. Improvements also include an interchange with U.S. 17/92 and widening of County Road 532 between Old Lake Wilson Road and U.S. 17/92.3,4

SR 538 extension
Map showing the future extension of SR 538 (Poinciana Parkway) northwest from its current end to Polk County Road 532.

Poinciana Parkway was previously under the jurisdiction of the Osceola County Expressway Authority (OCX). CFX assumed control and maintenance for Poinciana Parkway on December 31, 2018. With that change, OCX signs for Poinciana Parkway were swapped out with State Road 538 markers by January 8, 2020.

Ronald Reagan Parkway - East
Ronald Reagan Parkway replaced Kinney Harmon Road east as a toll free arterial to Sereno Drive and Poinciana Parkway (SR 538). Provisions are in place for eventual widening. 09/20/17
Representing the last access point before Poinciana Parkway (SR 538), Sereno Drive intersects Ronald Reagan Parkway just west of the Osceola County line at the Sereno subdivision. 05/22/20
Poinciana Parkway East
SR 538 shields replaced all previous Osceola County Expressway Authority (OCX) installed signs by January 2020. 05/22/20
2 photos
2 photos
Ronald Reagan Parkway transitions into SR 538 (Poinciana Parkway) at the Osceola county line. Speed limits are posted at 55 MPH along the toll road to Poinciana. 05/22/20, 09/20/17
The center of unincorporated Poinciana lies nine miles to the southeast of the county line along CR 580 (Cypress Parkway). CR 580 leads 10.01 miles west from Marigold Avenue in Poinciana to U.S. 17/92 in Haines City. 09/20/17
2 photos
2 photos
State Road 538 (Poinciana Parkway) elevates along a 6,200 foot long viaduct across a portion of the Reedy Creek mitigation bank. Reedy Creek runs further to the east on its course toward Lake Russell southeast of Poinciana. 05/15/16
Poinciana Parkway curves south from the Reedy Creek mitigation bank. Right-of-Way is in place for a second roadway. 05/15/16
The first of two exits along SR 538 (Poinciana Parkway) south is with Marigold Avenue east. 09/20/17
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
The Marigold Toll Gantry is the first of two all electronic toll (AET) collection points along SR 538 south. 09/20/17, 05/15/16
The half diamond interchange with Marigold Avenue lies a half mile south of the toll collection point. 09/20/17
Marigold Avenue weaves through residential areas of Poinciana 13.7 miles southward from SR 538 to CR 542 (Lake Hatchineha Road). 09/20/17
Poinciana Parkway ended at Marigold Avenue until November 18, 2016. 05/15/16
Grading was completed for two additional ramps at the exchange with Marigold Avenue. 09/20/17
Several subdivisions within Poinciana abut the east side of SR 538 (Poinciana Parkway) ahead of the exit for Koa Street. 09/20/17
Koa Street stems east from Poinciana Parkway through residential areas 3.3 miles to San Remo Road by Reedy Creek. 09/20/17
2 photos
2 photos
The KOA Toll Gantry represents the second toll collection point along SR 538 southbound. 09/20/17
A half diamond interchange joins Poinciana Parkway with Koa Street east. Provisions were made to complete the exchange with ramps to the south. 09/20/17
Poinciana Parkway concludes at Cypress Parkway (County Road 580) three quarters of a mile south of the Koa Street underpass. 09/20/17
The eastern branch of County Road 580 straddles the Osceola County line east to Marigold Avenue. Heading southwest across wetland areas and Snell Creek, CR 580 shifts onto Marion Creek Road to Haines City. 09/20/17
CR 580 (Cypress Parkway) provides one of two routes to Poinciana from the west. Cypress Parkway east becomes Pleasant Hill Road north to Kissimmee. 09/20/17
The signalized end of Poinciana Parkway is located across from the Solvita development. 09/20/17
Poinciana Parkway West
Poinciana Parkway (SR 538) commences its 7.2-mile course north to U.S. 17/92 and Loughman from CR 580 (Cypress Parkway). The toll road provides access from west Poinciana to Interstate 4 and Champions Gate. 09/20/17
Confirming marker for Poinciana Parkway (SR 538) north of the half diamond interchange with Marigold Avenue. 05/31/16
3 photos
3 photos
3 photos
The Marigold Toll Gantry is the second all electronic toll (AET) collection point along SR 538 (Poinciana Parkway) northbound. 05/31/16
Loughman is the lone control point on this mileage sign beyond the toll gantry. An empty space alludes to the potential extension to Interstate 4. 05/31/16
Poinciana Parkway curves northwest toward the Reedy Creek mitigation bank. Enough right-of-way exists along SR 538 for future expansion into a four lane expressway. 05/31/16
Poinciana Parkway spans the Reedy Creek mitigation bank across a 6,200 foot long viaduct. 05/31/16
The maximum speed limit reduces along Poinciana Parkway on the approach to the Polk County line. 05/31/16
2 photos
2 photos
Crossing into Polk County, SR 538 ends and Poinciana Parkway transitions onto Ronald Reagan Parkway. 05/22/20
Ronald Reagan Parkway - West
Sereno subdivision initially lines both sides of Ronald Regan Parkway on the beginning segment west to U.S. 17/92. 05/22/20
Ronald Reagan Parkway widens just ahead of U.S. 17/92 near Loughman. Vistamar Villages and Loughman Crossing shopping center were both constructed at the previously rural intersection. 05/22/20
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 17/92 connects central Polk County with the greater Orlando metro area, and in addition to I-4, serves as a major commuter route. The two highways combine for 99 miles from near Lake Alfred to De Land in Volusia County. 05/22/20
U.S. 17/92 travel southwest six miles to Davenport and 9.3 miles to Haines City. Intercession City and Kissimmee are located to the north and east in adjacent Osceola County. Ronald Reagan Boulevard continues westward to Champions Gate and U.S. 27 at Four Corners. 05/22/20
Poinciana Parkway Scenes
Marigold Avenue provides one of three access points between Poinciana Parkway and the Poinciana area. Primarily a two lane arterial, Marigold Avenue stretches through the length of Poinciana, connecting with an unrelated section of Poinciana Parkway in Polk County. 04/30/16
Marigold Avenue was extended west from Eastbourne Road to the half diamond interchange with Poinciana Parkway (SR 538). 04/30/16

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