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3 photos
3 photos
Views from the Nauuanu Pali Drive scenic overlook above the Pali Tunnels of Hawaii 61. I-H3 (John A. Burns Freeway) appears to the north, straddling Pu'ukahuauli and Pu'ukeahiakahoe mountains. Pu'ohala Village follows to the east as part of the Kanohoe. 07/29/10
A parclo interchange joins Pauoa Road with Hawaii 61 (Pali Highway) near Punchbowl Crater and the Pacific Heights community. Some ramps utilize local streets, the northbound on-ramp to Kailua is independent of the street grid however. 01/18/11
Pali Highway south
Hawaii 61 ends at the intersection of Pali Highway south with Hawaii 98 (Vineyard Boulevard). Pali Highway continues one block south to split with Fort Street at the Honolulu central business district. 01/17/11
Pali Highway ends at the intersection with Beretania Street. Bishop Street begins and flows southwest to Aloha Tower Drive and Irwin Park off Honolulu Harbor. 01/17/11
Bishop Street south
Bishop Street (southwest) and Alakea Street (northeast) join Pali Highway with Hawaii 92 (Ala Moana Boulevard). Pictured here is Bishop Street south at Adams Lane, a parking garage driveway. 01/17/11
Turns are prohibited from the following Bishop Street traffic light with Hotel Street. 01/17/11
King Street carries one way traffic southward from Chinatown to Iolani Palace and the State Capitol complex. 01/17/11
Bishop Street at Merchant Street south. 01/17/11
Hawaii 92 (Ala Moana Boulevard) crosses paths with Bishop Street at Irwin Park. The state route links Waikiki with downtown, the Kalihi Kai industrial area and Honolulu International Airport. 01/17/11

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  • 07/29/10 by Larry Epstein.
  • 01/17/11 by AARoads.
  • 01/18/11 by AARoads.

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