Interstate 69 & Indiana 67 north
The Delaware County seat can be reached by the next two exits, Exit 234 (Indiana 32 and Indiana 67 north) and Exit 241 (Indiana 332). Photo taken 02/06/12.
Indiana 67 departs Interstate 69 via a diamond interchange with Commerce Road at Daleville. Exit 234 departs as a collector distributor roadway that links Indiana 67 with Indiana 32 (West Main Street) at an adjacent folded-diamond interchange. Indiana 32 crosses the state between Illinois and Ohio along a 156.8-mile path. Photo taken 07/31/09.
Exit 234 leaves Interstate 69 north for Indiana 67 (West Commerce Road) east toward Muncie and Portland. West Commerce Road continues as old Indiana 67 west to Madison County 67 south into Anderson. Indiana 32 stems 3.1 miles east from Indiana 109 in Anderson to Chesterfield and Daleville. The state road turns northeast from Exit 234 to Yorktown into Muncie. Photo taken 07/31/09.
Traveling north along Interstate 69 at the CSX Railroad and Indiana 32 (West Main Street) overpasses at Daleville. North of the Exit 234 loop ramp to West Main Street is the freeway crossing of the White River. Photo taken 07/31/09.
Interstate 69 north
North of Exit 234, Interstate 69 is now 20 miles from Muncie (via Indiana 332) and 39 miles from Marion (via Indiana 18). Fort Wayne is now just over an hour away at 74 miles. Photo taken 02/06/12.
North of Exit 234, Interstate 69 heads straight to the north across the far western tier of Delaware County. Photo taken 02/06/12.
Indiana 332 (McGalliard Road) ventures west from a commercial area of northwest Muncie to cross paths with Interstate 69 at the Exit 241 diamond interchange. Photo taken 07/31/09.
Ball State University, the alma mater of Late Show comedian David Letterman and Garfield-creator Jim Davis, is best reached via Indiana 332 east into the city of Muncie. Photo taken 02/06/12.
Interstate 69 north at the Exit 241 off-ramp to Indiana 332 (McGalliard Road) east. Jackson Street continues the road west to County Road 800 North and Indiana 128's westbound beginning at Indiana 9 near Alexandria. Indiana 332 ends 7.6 miles east at the McGalliard Road intersection with Tillotson Avenue in Muncie. Photo taken 07/31/09.
North of Exit 241, the next community is Alexandria, at a distance of seven miles via Indiana 28. Marion is 23 miles away with Fort Wayne at 67 miles. Photo taken 01/13/12.
Up ahead is Exit 245 for U.S. 35 south and Indiana 28. A 152.8-mile route, Indiana 28 travels across Indiana from the Illinois state line to Williamsport, Attica, Frankfort, Tipton, Elwood, Albany, Ridgeville and Union City. Alexandria is 6.5 miles to the west of Exit 245 with Albany at 18 miles to the east. Photo taken 01/13/12.
Exit 245 departs Interstate 69 for the diamond interchange with U.S. 35 south and Indiana 28. U.S. 35 runs for 210 miles across Indiana from Michigan City to the north through LaPorte, Logansport, Kokomo, Gas City, Muncie and Richmond before heading east into Ohio. Nationally, the highway goes for 412 miles from its northern terminus at U.S. 20 in Michigan City to the southeast toward Interstate 64 in West Virginia. U.S. 35 follows Interstate 69 to the north through Exit 259. Photo taken 01/13/12.
Interstate 69 & U.S. 35 north
North of Exit 245, Fairmount is 16 miles away with Gas City at 18 miles and Fort Wayne at 63 miles. Photo taken 01/13/12.
A view of Interstate 69 & U.S. 35 north in northwestern Delaware County. Photo taken 01/13/12.
2 photos
2 photos
In northwestern Delaware County, Interstate 65 & U.S. 35 north approach the first set of rest areas from its southern terminus in Indianapolis. The rest areas were rebuilt in the late-2000s from two older facilities that were in the same area. Photos taken 01/13/12.
Crossing over the abandoned Cardinal Railway, Interstate 69 & U.S. 35 north enter Grant County. Photo taken 01/13/12.
After entering Grant County, Interstate 69 & U.S. 35 north near Exit 255 with Indiana 26, serving the communities of Fairmont and Hartford City. Photo taken 01/13/12.
At the half mile approach to Exit 255, a diamond interchange that serves Indiana 26. Indiana 26 represents another cross-state route between the Illinois and Ohio State lines. The highway enters Indiana as Illinois 9 near Ambia and exits the state as Ohio 119 near Bellefontaine for a distance of 150.1 miles. Photo taken 01/13/12.
Exit 255 departs Interstate 69 & U.S. 35 north at a rural interchange with Indiana 26. Fairmount, the home of actor James Dean, is five miles to the east. The Blackford County seat of Harford City is 11 miles to the east. Photo taken 01/13/12.
U.S. 35 bypasses Muncie along an expressway bypass with Indiana 67 to Royalton, and a two-lane alignment to a westerly turn through Anthony and Exit 245 of Interstate 69. U.S. 35 & Indiana 69 share pavement through to Exit 259 east of Gas City. Wheeling Pike represents the original path of U.S. 35 through Stockport, Wheeling, Matthews, and Jonesboro. Photo taken 07/31/09.
U.S. 35 leaves Interstate 69 north at the Exit 259 diamond interchange with Indiana 22 east of Gas City and west of Upland. Photo taken 07/31/09.
Indiana 22 constitutes a 50.6-mile route between Burlington and Indiana 26 at Upland. U.S. 35 & Indiana 22 coexist west through Gas City to Kokomo and U.S. 31. U.S. 35 meanwhile travels 210.2 miles from the Ohio line at Richmond to Michigan City. Photo taken 07/31/09.
Interstate 69 north
A mile away from Exit 264 for Indiana 18 with access to the Grant County seat of Marion and the Blackford County town of Montpelier. Photo taken 01/13/12.
Almost crossing the entire width of Indiana, Indiana 18 travels 141.1 miles from Illinois, west of Fowler, to end at U.S. 27 and Indiana 67 at Bryant, 8.9 miles west of the Ohio state line. En route, it serves the communities of Fowler, Brookston, Delphi, Galveston, Converse, Marion and Montpelier. Photo taken 01/13/12.
Exit 264 departs at the diamond interchange with Indiana 18, which is a four-lane expressway from Interstate 69 west for seven miles into the city of Marion, connecting the Grant County seat with the interstate. Montpelier is 14.5 miles to the east. Photo taken 01/13/12.
North of Exit 264, the Huntington County communities of Warren and Huntington are 10 and 26 miles away respectively. Fort Wayne is now less than 50 miles from Exit 264. Photo taken 01/13/12.
2 photos
2 photos
There are no more exits within Grant County for Interstate 69 as it turns toward the northeast en route toward Warren. The interstate runs parallel to a transmission corridor in the northeastern part of Grant County to the west of Van Buren. Photos taken 01/13/12.
Passing underneath Indiana 5, Interstate 69 enters Huntington County. This will be the first of three crossings of Indiana 5 and the only one that doesn't involve an interchange. Photo taken 01/13/12.
A half mile from Exit 273, serving Indiana 5 and Indiana 218. Indiana 5 travels for 96 miles from Indiana 22 and Upland in Grant County north through the communities of Warren, Huntington, South Whitley, Ligonier, and Shipshewana, ending north of there at Indiana 120. Van Buren is accessed by taking Indiana 5 back to the south for 3.5 miles. Photo taken 01/13/12.
Exit 273 leaves Interstate 69 for the diamond interchange with Indiana 5 and Indiana 218. Indiana 218 goes for over 91 miles in two segments. The western segment exists in Carroll, Cass and Miami Counties. The eastern 50-mile segment begins at Indiana 15 in La Fontaine and heads east toward Warren and Berne before reaching the Ohio border. Warren is 4.7 miles to the east while Berne is 30 miles to the east. Photo taken 01/13/12.
Huntington is now 16 miles away while Fort Wayne is 35 miles away. The Michigan capital of Lansing makes its first appearance as a control city at a distance of 163 miles. Photo taken 01/13/12.
Interstate 69 is now a mile away from its second interchange with Indiana 5 at Exit 278. Photo taken 01/13/12.
2 photos
2 photos
A half mile away from Indiana 5 at Exit 278. The Wells County seat of Bluffton is accessed from the interchange via Indiana 5 north and Indiana 124 east. Huntington University is located in the city of Huntington, ten miles to the north. Photos taken 01/13/12.
Exit 278 turns off of Interstate 69 three miles north of the town of Warren. Photo taken 01/13/12.
Fort Wayne is now 31 miles away. Angola, located near the junction with the Indiana Toll Road (Interstates 80 & 90), is 73 miles away. Lansing is 159 miles away. Photo taken 01/13/12.
Interstate 69 passes by an abandoned weigh station on the right side of the highway that did serve northbound truck drivers. The southbound weigh station is still open. Photo taken 01/13/12.
Interstate 69 is now a mile away from Exit 286 with U.S. 224. U.S. 224 goes from U.S. 24 in Huntington through Markle and Decatur en route across the state of Ohio to New Castle, Pennsylvania. In total, the highway goes for 289 miles. Photo taken 01/13/12.
Interstate 69 crosses the Wabash River at the half mile approach to Exit 286. Photo taken 01/13/12.
Interstate 69 meets U.S. 224 (Markle Road) at a diamond interchange in east central Huntington County. U.S. 224 travels 23 miles east through Markle to Decatur; Indiana 116 begins nearby and sinks southeast to Bluffton. Westward U.S. 224 travels 6.8 miles to Huntington. Photo taken 07/31/09.
North of Exit 286, the next community the interstate reaches is 19 miles away. Angola is next at 58 miles. Lansing is 144 miles away from Exit 286. Photo taken 01/13/12.
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 69 approaches an older rest area. The rest area is currently the last one on northbound Interstate 69 until the Michigan Welcome Center. After November 2012, a new rest area will be built north of Fort Wayne and eventually this one may be closed. Photos taken 01/13/12.
Interstate 69 briefly enters the far northwest corner of Wells County. Photo taken 01/13/12.
Soon after crossing into Wells County, Interstate 69 enters the largest county in Indiana, Allen County. Photo taken 01/13/12.


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