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Interstate 76 travels just 3.08 miles into New Jersey from the Walt Whitman Bridge and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The route follows the North South Freeway between I-676 in south Camden and I-295/Route 42 at Bellmawr. All of the Interstate portion of the North South Freeway opened in conjunction with the Walt Whitman Bridge on May 16, 1957.1

Work broke ground in March 2013 to reconstruct the interchange complex joining the east end of Interstate 76 with I-295 and Route 42 south. The I-295 Direct Connect project realigns I-295 to eliminate the short overlap with I-76 along the North South Freeway. Work replaces substandard ramps between the two freeways as well, including a five lane tunnel completed in 2021 along the future ramp joining I-76 east with I-295 north. Construction runs through 2028.

Several numbering proposals took place before the designations of Interstate 76 and I-676 were approved in 1964. The Walt Whitman Bridge was preliminarily numbered as I-395 while the route of I-676 through Camden was designated as I-380. This proposal was revised by the American Association of State Highway Officials (AASHO) in November 1958. The Walt Whitman Bridge changed to Interstate 680 whiile the route through Camden and the Ben Franklin Bridge was part of Interstate 80S. In 1964, When I-80S became I-76 east from Monroeville, Pennsylvania in 1964, I-680 became I-676.1

Philadelphia/Camden - 1958 Map

Interstate 395 was a previous number proposed for I-76 in South Jersey. The designation made it to the 1959 edition of the AAA Northeast map.

Until 1973, I-76 and I-676 were routed opposite of their alignments today. A change was made to route through traffic onto the Walt Whitman Bridge, as I-676 through Camden was not completed until 1980 and the Vine Street Expressway in Philadelphia not until 1991.1

Interstate 72 East
Lowering above Gloucester City, I-76 connects with unsigned Interstate 76C east to I-676 north and U.S. 130 (Crescent Boulevard) in Camden at Exit 354. 07/27/07
Interstate 76 enters Camden County, New Jersey midway between the towers on the Walt Whitman Bridge. 08/09/04
Interstate 76C spurs 1.35 miles east from the Walt Whitman Bridge to U.S. 130 (Crescent Boulevard) north and Route 168 (Black Horse Pike) south to Haddon Township. 07/27/07
U.S. 130 angles southwest from Haddon Township to a partial interchange with I-76 at Gloucester City. I-676 travels 4.75 miles north to Downtown Camden and the Ben Franklin Bridge. 12/22/11
I-76 turns south at Exit 354 / I-76C into Gloucester City. Route 168 (Black Horse Pike) parallels the North South Freeway south from Camden to Audubon Park, Audubon and Mount Ephraim. 12/22/11
Exit 354 separates from I-76 above Newton Creek. North from I-76C, Route 168 ends at Ferry Avenue along the Woodlynne and Camden city line while U.S. 130 runs northeast to Collingswood, Pennsauken and Trenton. 07/27/07
I-76 formerly separated into an Express / Local lane configuration south to I-295/Route 42 at Bellmawr. Changed by the late 1990s, the original traffic pattern allocated two lanes for I-76 Express to I-295 south and Route 42 and one for the Local lanes to U.S. 130 south and I-295 north.1 09/26/09
I-76 converges with the south end of I-676 above Newton Creek, 0.75 miles ahead of Exit 1 C to U.S. 130 (Crescent Boulevard) south to the boroughs of Brooklawn and Westville. 09/26/09
Exit 1 C leaves Interstate 76 (North South Freeway) in a half mile for U.S. 130 south in Gloucester City. U.S. 130 parallels or combines with I-295 southward to Penns Grove. 12/18/16
Interstate 76 (North South Freeway) east at the two-wye interchange (Exit 1 C) with U.S. 130 (Crescent Boulevard). Exit 1 B follows in one mile for I-295 north to Route 168 for the New Jersey Turnpike at Bellmawr. 12/18/16
A confirming marker for Interstate 76 east stands within the exchange at U.S. 130 (Crescent Boulevard). 12/18/16
A New Jersey welcome sign stands by the entrance ramp from Market Street (CR 634) in Gloucester City. 12/18/16
Interstate 76 expands to 12 overall lanes between U.S. 130 and I-295 at Mount Ephraim. 12/18/16
The east end of Interstate 76 transitions onto Route 42 at the exchange with I-295 in Bellmawr. 12/18/16
Exit 1B departs next at Little Timber Creek for I-295 north to Cherry Hill, Maple Shade, Moorestown, Burlington and Trenton. A Breezewood style connection joins I-295 with the New Jersey Turnpike via Route 168 (Black Horse Pike). 12/18/16
The southbound roadway for I-295 runs alongside I-76 east below Browning Road (CR 659). A concrete barrier separates the two roadways, with a slip ramp joining the North South Freeway from I-295 in a quarter mile. 12/18/16
Left Exit 1 A departs from Interstate 76 east for I-295 south to Woodbury, Thorofare, Penns Grove and the Delaware Memorial Bridge to New Castle, Delaware. 12/18/16
I-76 ends and Route 42 begins at the wye interchange with Interstate 295 south. The North-South Freeway extends south along Route 42 to the Atlantic City Expressway at Turnersville. 12/18/16
Interstate 76 West
Interstate 76 begins along the North South Freeway where Route 42 converges with I-295 in Bellmawr. 12/18/16
I-295 northbound briefly runs side by side with I-76 west before turning east to Barrington, Haddonfield, Cherry Hill and Trenton. The I-295 Direct Connect project eliminates this traffic pattern, realigning I-295 onto high speed ramps independent of I-76. 12/29/08
Exit 1 C departs from I-76 west next for Market Street (CR 659) in Gloucester City. Market Street links with U.S. 130 nearby, providing access to southbound into Brooklawn and Westville. 12/29/08
Exit 1 D follows onto U.S. 130 (Crescent Boulevard) north from Gloucester City to Haddon Township. U.S. 130 parallels the I-295 corridor northeast from Camden to Collingswood, Pennsauken and Bordentown. 05/27/07
The former Local/Express roadway configuration along I-76 westbound concluded just ahead of Newton Creek. The North South Freeway proceeds another 0.75 miles to Interstate 676 north at the Walt Whitman Bridge. 12/29/08
I-76 westbound expands to six overall lanes to Exit 2. Interstate 676 runs 4.75 miles north through Camden to the Ben Franklin Bridge. I-76 and I-676 cross the Delaware River on suspension bridges into Philadelphia, with tolls levied in the westbound direction. 12/29/08
I-676 north to Exit 5 A leads to Downtown Camden and the Delaware Waterfront, which includes Battleship New Jersey, Adventure Aquarium and Freedom Mortgage Pavilion (concert amphitheater). 12/29/08
Three lanes separate for Interstate 676 north to Camden and Downtown Philadelphia and I-76 west to South Philadelphia and the Schuylkill Expressway. 12/29/08
Interstate 76 turns west onto the Walt Whitman Bridge at Gloucester City. Following four years of construction, the 11,981 foot long suspension bridge opened to traffic on May 16, 1957.2 05/20/07
A series of lane control signals allow the Delaware River Port Authority (DRPA) to adjust the number of lanes per direction depending upon time of day. The span accommodates seven lanes of traffic. 05/20/07
The east tower rises from an industrial area in Gloucester City. The Walt Whitman Bridge crests at 153 feet above the Delaware River channel. 05/20/07
The DRPA toll plaza lies beyond the west end of the Walt Whitman Bridge in South Philadelphia. Exit 351 loops away from I-76 west just beyond the toll collection point to Front Street and ramps to Interstate 95 (Delaware Expressway). 05/20/07
Interstate 76 scenes
CR 630 angles southwest from Collingswood to Fairview in Camden to ramps with I-676 north and I-76 east. Collings Avenue crosses Newton Creek nearby ahead of Essex Street (CR 755) in Gloucester City. 10/13/01
The eastbound entrance ramp to I-76 from Collings Avenue (CR 630) in Camden connects with the south end of Interstate 676 below the Walt Whitman Bridge. 10/13/01

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