Interstate 81 north
Four lanes of Interstate 81 cross the Potomac River from Berkeley County West Virginia into the Williamsport, Maryland area. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Maryland 63 & 68 meet Interstate 81 just south of Williamsport at a diamond interchange (Exit 1). The tandem follow Lappans Road and Conococheague Street into Williamsport en route to U.S. 11 (Potomac Street). Photo taken 07/24/04.
Interstate 81 northbound at the Exit 1 off-ramp for Maryland 63 & 68 (Lappans Road). The two state highways split just east of Exit 1. Maryland 63 follows Spielman Road south to Downsville and Fairplay while Maryland 68 heads east to St. James, Lappans, and Boonsboro. Note the Exit 4 guide sign for Interstate 68 (via Interstate 70 west). Photo taken 07/24/04.
One half mile ahead of Exit 2 for U.S. 11 (Williamsport Pike) to Hagerstown on I-81 north. U.S. 11 (Williamsport Pike) departs Williamsport via Potomac Street to the west of the parclo interchange at Exit 2. Photo taken 06/01/04.
In Maryland, Interstate 81 is designated as the Maryland Veterans Memorial Highway as evidenced by this sign located on the side of the highway. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Northbound Interstate 81 (Maryland Veterans Memorial Highway) at Exit 2, U.S. 11 to Hagerstown. U.S. 11 follows Williamsport Pike three miles between Williamsport and Halfway outside of Hagerstown. U.S. 11 and I-81 cross paths again at Exit 2 in Pennsylvania. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Interstate 68 guide sign for the Exit 4B ramp onto Interstate 70 west. Interstate 68 begins its westward journey to Cumberland and Morgantown, West Virginia via Exit 1 of Interstate 70 at Hancock. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Traffic to Interstate 70 departs Interstate 81 via the Exit 4 collector distributor roadway. A full cloverleaf interchange with c/d roadways on each freeway facilitates the movements between the two freeways. Note the east & west annotation to the Exit 4 overhead. For some reason signs for both Interstates 70 and 81 include both cardinal directions. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Exit 4 gore point sign complete with an Interstate 70 shield. Generally speaking, Interstate to Interstate connections within the state of Maryland include gore point signs with the Interstate shield. Photo taken 07/24/04.
The Interstate 70 eastbound off-ramp leaves the adjacent c/d roadway at Exit 4 for Frederick, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. Interstate 70 splits with Interstate 270 at Frederick 27 miles to the east. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Halfway Boulevard interchanges with Interstate 81 one half mile north of the Interstate 70 over crossing at the Hagerstown suburb of Halfway. Photo taken 07/24/04.
The Exit 4 cloverleaf ramp onto Interstate 70 west departs Interstate 81 northbound. Interstate 70 straddles the Potomac River from the Hagerstown area west to Hancock and Interstate 68. There Interstate 68 begins and travels west to Cumberland and the Maryland high country. Interstate 70 meanwhile turns north to Breezewood, Pennsylvania and its merge with Interstate 76 (Pennsylvania Turnpike). Photo taken 07/24/04.
Now north of the Interstate 70 interchange, Interstate 81 next reaches Exit 5A, Halfway Boulevard east to U.S. 11 and Exit 5B, Halfway Boulevard west to Hopewell Road. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Exit 5B departs Interstate 81 northbound for Halfway Boulevard westbound. Use Hopewell Road north from Halfway Boulevard for the community of Cedar Lawn. Photo taken 07/24/04.
This mileage sign identifies the two remaining exits from northbound Interstate 81 into Hagerstown. Photo taken 06/01/04.
U.S. 40 closely parallels Interstate 70 between Hancock and Baltimore, even merging onto Interstate 70 east of Frederick. Here in Hagerstown, U.S. 40 passes through downtown, following the National Pike west of Interstate 81 and West Franklin Street east of Interstate 81. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Exit 6 is a cloverleaf interchange, so Exit 6A is the connection from northbound Interstate 81 to eastbound U.S. 40 and Exit 6B connects northbound with west U.S. 40. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Northbound Interstate 81 at Exit 6A for U.S. 40 (West Franklin Street) east to Hagerstown. Photo taken 06/01/04.
The second exit departs Interstate 81 for westbound U.S. 40/National Pike via Exit 6B. Note the use of a button copy U.S. 40 shield on this sign. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Advancing north, I-81 next meets Maryland 78 at Exits 7A/B in one half mile. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Exit 7A departs I-81 north for Maryland 58 (Salem Avenue) south. A loop ramp (Exit 7B) follows for Maryland 58 (Cearfoss Pike) north. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Maryland 58/Cearfoss Pike angles northwest out of Hagerstown into Pennsylvania, where it changes into Pennsylvania 415 en route to Mercersburg. Photo taken 06/01/04.
The next exit along northbound Interstate 81 is Exit 9, Maugans Avenue, one mile. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Northbound Interstate 81 reaches Exit 9, Maugans Avenue, which is not to be confused with Maugansville Road, which heads southeast into Hagerstown via Marshall Street and northwest toward Maugansville. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Exit 9 traffic leaves Interstate 81 northbound for Maugans Avenue to Maugansville, Fountain Head, and Paramount. Maugans Avenue travels 1.4 miles from Main Street east to U.S. 11 (Pennsylvania Avenue). Photo taken 07/24/04.
Just north of the Maugans Avenue interchange is the Exit 10 cloverleaf interchange with Showalter Road. Showalter Road stems east from Main Street in Maugansville to U.S. 11 (Pennsylvania Avenue). The surface roadway serves Washington County Regional Airport. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Interstate 81 passes over Showalter Road ahead of the Exit 10B loop ramp onto Showalter Road west. Use Showalter Road west for Maugansville Road north or Main Street south into Maugansville. Photo taken 07/24/04.
Connecting I-81 with Pennsylvania 163 (Mason Dixon Road), the succeeding exit is the first in the Keystone State. The Mason-Dixon Line, which separated north from south during the time of the U.S. Civil War, was located on the border between Maryland and Pennsylvania. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Northbound Interstate 81 will depart Maryland before reaching Exit 1. This is the final exit sign along northbound for the interchange with Pennsylvania 163/Mason-Dixon Road. Photo taken 06/01/04.
Attached to the Pennsylvania 163 (Mason Dixon Road) over crossing is the Welcome to Pennsylvania guide sign. The parclo interchanges overlays portions of both Maryland and Pennsylvania with Mason Dixon Road following the actual state line. Pennsylvania 163 otherwise loops west from U.S. 11 (Molly Pitcher Highway) to Maryland 63 (Greencastle Pike). From Greencastle Pike, Pennsylvania 163 turns north on the Williamsport Pike back to U.S. 11 at Greencastle. Photo taken 06/01/04.

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