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Illinois Route 121 between Lincoln and Morton was upgraded to Interstate 155 on October 29, 1992 with the opening of nine miles of freeway, between a point north of Hartsburg to a point south of Hopedale. This completed the 31 mile long route first discussed in the 1950s.1

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Late 1960s costs for the freeway were estimated at $58.7 million, with four-laning of IL 121 between Hartsburg and Emden completed soon thereafter. A lawsuit filed in the 1970s by a landowner whose property was to be cut halted work and required a more thorough environmental impact study (EIS) to be filed. This delayed work for 12 years until the injunction was lifted in 1986.1

The first stretch of limited access highway opened for IL 121 joined IL 98 (Birchwood Avenue) at Morton with Interstate 74 on November 22, 1989.2 Interstate 155 was completed at a total cost of $120 million.1

Interstate 155 scenes
IL 98 (Birchwood Street) meets Interstate 155 at a parclo interchange on the west side of Morton. 05/07/10
IL 98 concludes a 8.35 mile route from Pekin at Interstate 155 in Morton. The route originally continued east on Birchwood Street to Main Street and U.S. 150 (Jackson Street). 05/07/10
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 155 leads north one mile to conclude at Interstate 74. I-74 heads west directly to split with I-474 at East Peoria while eastbound continues from Morton to Bloomington and I-55. 05/07/10
A half diamond interchange joins Interstate 155 south with Queenwood Road to complete a wye interchange with the south end of Main Street (former IL 121). The northbound ramp to Peoria departs from Queenwood Road while southbound travelers bound for Lincoln must take South Main Street. 05/24/08
Lowering from the I-155 overpass, Queenwood Road approaches a flasher at South Main Street. Main Street merges directly onto Interstate 155 south nearby. 05/24/08
Interstate 155 directly overlaid IL 121 south from Main Street and Morton to Augustine Road outside Tremont. There IL 121 veered southeast onto Baer Road. 05/24/08
South Main Street intersects Queenwood Road. Motorists bound for I-155 north turn right onto Queenwood while southbound traffic need only remain on the former IL 121. 05/24/08
Queenwood Road rises to meet the half diamond interchange with I-155 north directly west of South Main Street in Morton. 05/24/08
I-155 ends at I-74 and uses Peoria as a control city for the connection from Interstate 55 north from Lincoln. 05/24/08
Queenwood Road reaches the northbound ramp to Interstate 155. The rural highway links I-155 with Groveland and County Road 1 (Springfield Road) to the west. 05/24/08
Westbound 2300th Street joins Hartsburg with Interstate 155 two miles to the west. A rural diamond interchange joins the two roadways. 12/20/09

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