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Interstate 195 provides the main access route into Thurgood Marshall Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI). The freeway travels 4.88 miles from MD 166 and a park and ride lot just north of I-95 near Bloomsbury to the passenger terminal at BWI Airport. Signed with east/west cardinal direction banners, I-195 generally travels southward from MD 166 to BWI Airport. Exit numbers count down from the exchange with I-95 (Exit 4) to MD 170 (Exit 1), which is contrary to typical exit numbering convention.

Interstate 195 Maryland Guides

Origins of the I-195 freeway date back to 1952 with the opening of the access road to then Friendship International Airport from MD 295 (Baltimore-Washington Parkway). Named Metropolitan Boulevard and designated MD 46, the 1.86 mile freeway spur opened to service the new airport.1

1960s plans for the route focused on the stretch between U.S. 1 (Washington Boulevard) northward to MD 166 at Rolling Hills. This work coincided with construction of the University of Maryland Baltimore Campus. Signed as MD 166, the freeway opened south from I-95 to U.S. 1 in August 1974 and north to Rolling Road in 1975. The Interstate 195 designation was applied to the entire route of Metropolitan Boulevard on November 15, 1975, with cancellation of Interstate miles elsewhere in the state.1

The 1.5 mile long portion between U.S. 1 (Washington Boulevard) and the Baltimore-Washington Parkway passes through Patapsco Valley State Park. Environmental concerns delayed construction of the route until 1985. It was completed on June 20, 1990.1

Maryland Route 166 North
Construction of the Interstate 195 freeway (original MD 166 / Metropolitan Boulevard) displaced Rolling Road between the University of Maryland at Baltimore County (UMBC) campus southward to the community of Relay along the Patapsco River. MD 166 follows Rolling Road southward from Catonsville to I-195 one mile north of I-95. The state route ends at the freeway as Rolling Road continues south to Selford Road and a dead end near the I-95/195 exchange. Selford Road continues southeast across both freeways to U.S. 1 (Washington Boulevard) to Relay. Sulphur Spring Road intersects Selford Road just east of the I-195 under crossing. Pictured here are trailblazers for I-195 and MD 166 at the intersection of Rolling and Selford Roads. 10/10/04
Rolling Road northbound curves toward MD 166 north and Interstate 195 south. MD 166 constitutes 2.71 miles of Rolling Road between Interstate 195 and MD 144 (Frederick Road) at Catonsville. 10/10/04
The eastbound on-ramp to Interstate 195 for Interstate 95 and Baltimore-Washington Airport departs Rolling Road northbound. The half diamond interchange between the two roadways includes a park and ride facility within the Interstate 195 ramps to/from MD 166 (Rolling Road). 10/10/04
MD 166 emerges on Rolling Road northbound at the Interstate 195 eastbound off-ramp. Interstate 195 ends five miles to the south at the Baltimore-Washington International Airport Terminal. MD 166 (Rolling Road) continues a short distance to the west end of MD 372 (Wilkens Avenue) and to the community of Bloomsbury. 10/10/04
Maryland Route 166 South
Leaving the west end of MD 372 (Wilkens Avenue) along MD 166 (Rolling Road). The state route approaches Interstate 195 south of Foxhall Farm Road. 07/02/10
MD 166 (Rolling Road) enters the half diamond interchange with Interstate 195 (Metropolitan Boulevard) east. The MTA Express Southwest Park & Ride facility occupies the area between the freeway beginning and ending ramps. 06/17/00, 07/02/10
Approaching the eastbound beginning of Interstate 195 on Rolling Road south. MD 166 ends as Rolling Road enters Patapsco Valley State Park. 07/02/10
Interstate 195 leaves Rolling Road and immediately meets Interstate 95. Rolling Road splits with Selford Road nearby. Selford Road passes over the adjacent freeway to the community of Relay. 06/27/10

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