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Interstate 780 is a 6.5 mile long freeway joining the cities of Vallejo and Benicia in Solano County. The route links I-80 at Curtola Parkway with I-680 at the north end of the Benicia-Martinez Bridge spanning Carquinez Strait by Army Point.

A Caltrans project started in May 2017 replaced the Laurel Street Bridge (Bridge 23-0119) across I-780 adjacent to the cloverleaf interchange (Exits 1A/B) with Interstate 80. Nine months of construction culminated with the new bridge opening to traffic on January 12, 2018.1

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Until 1976, the freeway carrying Interstate 780 was signed as the northern extent of I-680. Changes made that year transferred I-680 northward over what was California 21 from Benicia to I-80 at Fairfield, and created I-780 along the former east-west branch of I-680 from Benicia to Vallejo.2

Former California State Route 141

California 141 was a state route slated to extend northwest from the cloverleaf interchange joining I-80/780 with Curtola Parkway to California 37 in Vallejo. Decommissioned in 1988, the state route was never posted, but might have followed Curtola Parkway west to Mare Island Way along the Napa River.3

Interstate 780 scenes
Trailblazers for Interstates 80 and 780 direct traffic along Lemon Street westbound to Curtola Parkway east in an unincorporated area surrounded by the Vallejo city limits. Curtola Parkway enters the cloverleaf interchange with Interstates 80-780 nearby. 11/26/04
5th Street north at the diamond interchange (Exit 6) with Interstate 780 in Benicia. 07/17/09
Interstate 780 winds 5.6 miles northwest around Southampton Bay from 5th Street to I-80 at Vallejo. 07/17/09
Freeway entrance assemblies for I-780 west from 5th Street in Benicia. 12/30/01
Interstate 780 concludes just east of 5th Street at I-680. I-680 comprises a commuter freeway north to I-80 at Fairfield to Sacramento and south to Walnut Creek, where SR 24 leads west to Oakland and San Francisco. 12/30/01

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