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Indiana 101 gets the dubious honor of being the only state highway to exist in four different segments. The northern section goes from Indiana 1/Indiana 8 in rural eastern DeKalb County and heads south through the towns of Woodburn and Monroeville before ending at Indiana 124 in Adams County. The next section begins in Liberty in Union County and heads south along the eastern side of Brookville Reservoir to Brookville in Franklin County, connecting U.S. 27 to U.S. 52. The third segment goes from Interstate 74 in northeastern Ripley County in Penntown and continues south for U.S. 50, south of Milan. The fourth section goes for only a half mile and connects Indiana 156 near Markland in Switzerland County with Kentucky 1039 over the Markland Dam on the Ohio River. In totality the highway runs for 79.42 miles. This guide covers the Brookville to Liberty segment.

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Indiana 101 goes around the eastern side of Brookville Lake, which was built from 1963 to 1974. The lake was created by damming the East Fork of the Whitewater River above the town of Brookville. The 5,620-acre lake spreads northward from Brookville across northern Franklin County and into southwestern Union County near Liberty. Photo taken 07/31/11.
A view from the top of the dam holding back Brookville Lake. The town of Brookville can be viewed with the tower from the Franklin County Courthouse standing out among the sea of trees in the valley of the Whitewater River. Indiana 101 can be viewed to the immediate bottom of the picture. Photo taken 07/31/11.

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07/31/11 by Thomas Decker

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