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MD 342 zigzags southward 2.82 miles along Saint Augustine Road from George Street (MD 537C) in south Chesapeake City to MD 310 (Cayots Corner Road) at Saint Augustine. The state route serves agricultural areas and a handful of large homesteads. MDOT recorded 1,204 vehicles per day (vpd) along the route in 2016.

Maryland Route 342 North
MD 342 angles northeast from the rural settlement of St. Augustine and the intersection with MD 310 (Cayots Corner Road) and Mitton Road. Photo taken 12/16/17.
Reassurance shields stand along both directions of MD 342 (St. Augustine Road) between Yearling Row and Fox Valley Road. Photo taken 12/16/17.
Turning westward from Fox Valley Road, MD 342 travels between farms and timberland south of Back Creek. Photo taken 12/16/17.
Resuming a northward heading, MD 342 (St. Augustine Road) bee lines to the town of Chesapeake City. Photo taken 12/26/17.
MD 342 concludes below the Chesapeake City Bridge (MD 213) at George Street (MD 537C). George Street north enters the Chesapeake City business district at MD 286 (2nd Street) east. Photo taken 12/26/17.
Maryland Route 342 South
The first confirming marker for MD 342 appears along St. Augustine Road south between George Street (MD 537C) and Basil Avenue (MD 537D). Basil Avenue leads west to the ramp for MD 213 (Augustine Herman Highway) south. Photo taken 12/26/17.
Leaving Chesapeake City, St. Augustine Road takes a linear route 0.8 miles south to the first of several farms. Photo taken 12/26/17.
MD 342 navigates along a series of S-curves southeast. Pictured here is the approach to Winton Street. Photo taken 12/26/17.
A second reassurance shield for MD 342 south precedes Yearling Row and the rural settlement of St. Augustine. Photo taken 12/26/17.
MD 342 (St. Augustine Road) converges with MD 310 (Cayots Corner Road) across from Mitton Road. MD 310 leads west to MD 213 (Augustine Herman Highway) at Cayots. Photo taken 12/26/17.
East from MD 342 (St. Augustine Road), MD 310 (Cayots Corner Road) continues 1.80 miles to the Delaware state line. Churchtown Road (Road 432) takes over from there 3.82 miles east to SR 71 (Summit Bridge Road) and SR 896 (Boyds Corner Road) at Mount Pleasant. Photo taken 12/26/17.

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12/16/17, 12/26/17 by AARoads

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