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The final nine miles of Missouri Route 364 were constructed at a cost of $118.2 million commencing in Spring 2013.1 This extended the freeway west from Mid Rivers Mall Drive at St. Peters to Interstate 64 & U.S. 40 at Lake St. Louis. Work was completed from west to east, with the portion from I-64/U.S. 40 east to Route K at O'Fallon opened October 4, 2014,4 and from Route K east to Mid Rivers Mall Drive on November 1, 2014.5 The final stretch of Page Avenue extension carries four lanes with a grassy median.

Planned since the 1970s, Route 364 (Page Avenue extension) first opened to traffic on December 13, 2003 between Interstate 270 at Maryland Heights to Heritage Landing and Jungs Station Road in St. Charles. Began in 1997, the $348 million segment included the Missouri River span (Veterans Memorial Bridge).2 The second phase extended the highway west to Mid Rivers Mall Drive with completion of that section on August 30, 2012.1 That included $19.6 million for a mile extension of Page Avenue to Woodstone Drive, where a new interchange was added to replace the signalized intersection of Missouri 94 at Harvester Road. This two-year element of road work started August 22, 2007.3

Missouri Route 364 Guides

Route N East
Highway N enters a parclo interchange with Interstate 64 and U.S. 40-61 as a divided arterial by the Shoppes of Hawk Ridge retail area. The four lane roadway ended temporarily as Henke Road, just east of the westbound I-64 ramp to Wentzville. 04/13/13
A concrete barrier shunted traffic from the eventual eastbound roadway of Route 364 onto the future westbound bridge over I-64. 04/13/13
A left turn joins Highway N east with the entrance ramp for I-64/U.S. 40-61 west to Wentzville. 04/13/13
I-64 ends 4.7 miles to the west at Interstate 70. There U.S. 40 joins I-70 west to Columbia while U.S. 61 continues along the Avenue of the Saints Corridor to Hannibal. Highway N proceeded east onto a temporary ramp linking the Route 364 freeway with Henke Road. 04/13/13
S St. Peters Parkway - East
S St. Peters Parkway stems east from the Route 94/364 eastbound off-ramp to Pittman Hill Road as the south side frontage road to the freeway. Pictured here was the future eastbound entrance ramp from Mid Rivers Mall Drive. 05/03/12
Exit 9A connects Route 94/364 east with S St. Peters Road ahead of Kisker Road. 05/03/12
Kisker Road heads south from Central School Road to pass under Route 94/364 en route to a number of unincorporated subdivisions. Trailblazers direct motorists to the freeway here via the frontage road system. 05/03/12
S St. Peters Parkway doubled as the Route 94 eastbound mainline until the August 30, 2012 opening of the adjacent freeway. 05/03/12
Curving northward ahead of what is now the Harvestowne Industrial Drive overpass along S St. Peters Parkway east. 05/03/12
A six lane wide overpass spans Route 94/364 just north of this shield assembly at Harvestowne Industrial Drive. 05/03/12
An entrance ramp joins the Route 94/364 eastbound freeway from S St. Peters Parkway between Old Highway 94 and Jungermann Road. 05/03/12
Jungermann Road passes under Route 94/364 northward from Old Highway 94 into St. Peters. 05/03/12
The unopened freeway alongside S St. Peters Parkway at the diamond interchange with Woodstone Drive. An interchange sequence sign lists the first St. Louis County exit in 6.25 miles. 05/03/12
A guide sign stands along S St. Peters Parkway for motorists joining the frontage road from Exit 11. The sign also outlined the next exits of the beginning freeway, which opened east from Woodstone Drive on August 13, 2003. 05/03/12
Woodstone Drive winds south from Route 94/364 to Old Highway 94 and as a residential street into an adjacent subdivision. Northward the local road ends at Queens Brooke Boulevard and Ashford Court nearby. 05/03/12
Route 94/364 split with S St. Peters Parkway at the Woodstone Drive on-ramp until August 30, 2012. 05/03/12
S St. Peters Parkway continues from the freeway on-ramp to Harvester Road and an additional on-ramp ahead of Monza Drive. 05/03/12
N St. Peters Parkway - West
The westbound on-ramp from Woodstone Drive departs from N St. Peters Parkway. This view showed the ramp four months before Phase 2 of Route 364 opened to Mid Rivers Mall Drive. 05/03/12
N St. Peters Parkway provides access from Route 364 west to Jungermann Road. A second emtrance ramp joins the freeway beyond the signalized intersection. 05/03/12
A reassurance marker for Route 364 west posted temporarily along N St. Peters Parkway ahead of the on-ramp from near Jungermann Road. 05/03/12
The entrance ramp to Route 94/364 from near Jungermann Road joins the freeway just ahead of Exit 9 for Harvestowne Industrial Drive. 05/03/12
A Route 94 shield was posted after Harvest Drive and ahead of the off-ramp to Harvestowne Industrial Drive. 05/03/12
Heavy traffic trudged along N St. Peters Parkway west alongside the unopened Route 364 freeway in this scene preceding Kisker Road. 05/03/12
The split diamond interchange with Mid Rivers Mall Drive spreads into view from N St. Peters Parkway. Eventual construction extended Route 364 west from Route 94 to Motherhead Road and a northwesterly turn across Gutermuth Road. 05/03/12
Mid Rivers Mall Road stems north from Route 94/364 as a commercial route to Cottleville. The arterial later passes by Mid Rivers Mall to Interstate 70. Pittman Hill Road extends southward from the exchange to east Weldon Spring. 05/03/12

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