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PA 24 parallels the Interstate 83 corridor to the east from Mount Wolf 28.3 miles south to Red Lion, Winterstown, Stewartstown and the Maryland state line near Wiley. The state route transitions to MD 23 north of Norrisville.

Pennsylvania Route 24 South Pennsylvania Route 851 East
A PA 24 marker stands south of the merge with PA 851 between Pennsylvania Avenue and College Avenue. 06/05/05
PA 851 quickly turns east from PA 24 south for New Park and Fawn Grove. 06/05/05
Pennsylvania Route 24 South
Continuing south from PA 851 (College Avenue), PA 24 follows Main Street to Barrens Road out from Stewartstown. 06/05/05
Liberty Road travels south from PA 24 (Barrens Road) to Gorsuch Mills, Maryland ahead of this shield assembly. 06/05/05
The final shield for PA 24 south follows the Barrens Road intersection with Walker Road east. 06/05/05
PA 24 (Barrens Road) south transitions to MD 23 (Norrisville Road). MD 23 straddles the state line east to Wiley before turning south to Norrisville. 06/05/05

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