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PA 796 travels seven miles from PA 896 (Newark Road) and New London Township to PA 41 (Gap Newport Pike) at Londonberry Township wholly within Chester County. The highway was previously entirely rural, but suburban development encroaches the state route in Penn Township.

PA 796 originally traveled southward to the state of Delaware, where it continued as a multi-state route.
Pennsylvania Route 796 North
PA 796 begins from a turn along PA 896 (Newark Road) between New London and Elkview. The state route initially passes by a pair of schools along Jennersville Road. 06/24/12
PA 796 (Jennersville Road) intersects Pennocks Bridge Road in Kelton. Pennocks Bridge Road splits with Kelton Road nearby, which links Kelton with West Grove. 06/24/12
Northbound reassurance marker posted for PA 796 beyond Kelton. 06/24/12
Entering Jennersville, PA 796 has a signalized intersection with Jenners Village Center. 06/24/12
Old Baltimore Pike represents the pre-1970s alignment of U.S. 1 east to West Grove and west to Oxford. 06/24/12
PA 796 links Jennersville with U.S. 1 along the Oxford Bypass freeway just north of Old Baltimore Pike. 06/24/12
U.S. 1 shield assembly posted on PA 796 north at Old Jennersville Road. A diamond interchange joins the two routes. 06/24/12
U.S. 1 north travels east by West Grove, Avondale and Kennett Square before rejoining Baltimore Pike ahead of Longwood Gardens. 06/24/12
Motorists departing PA 796 north for U.S. 1 reach Chadds Ford in 15 miles and Media in 25 miles. 06/24/12
U.S. 1 continues along the Oxford Bypass by Oxford and Nottingham to the Maryland state line. 06/24/12
PA 796 heads north from U.S. 1 by a large nursery through north Penn Township. 06/24/12
PA 796 curves northwest from Phillips Mill Road across more farm fields. 06/24/12
Approaching PA 926 (Street Road) on PA 796 north in Londonberry Township. 06/24/12
PA 926 stretches 26 miles east from PA 10 near Rusellville to PA 3 at Willistown Township near the Delaware County line. 06/24/12
PA 796 (Jennersville Road) north at the four way stop sign with PA 926 (Street Road). PA 926 east crosses PA 41 nearby en route to London Grove. Westward, the route follows a rural course to Upper Oxford Township. 06/24/12
The final shield for PA 796 north follows PA 926. 06/24/12
An end shield for PA 796 precedes the Jennersville Road intersection with PA 41 (Gap Newport Pike). 06/24/12
PA 41 represents a busy truck route between U.S. 30 at Gap and Hockessin, Delaware. The 22 mile route transitions to SR 41 south to Newport, Delaware. 06/24/12
Derry Meeting Road stems north from PA 796 at PA 41 to White Horse Road. Cochranville and PA 10 is two miles to the northwest while Avondale is seven miles to the east. 06/24/12
Pennsylvania Route 796 South
An end shield assembly precedes the PA 796 (Jennersville Road) intersection with PA 896 (Newark Road) north of New London. 12/25/01

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