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Summerlin Parkway was constructed by the developer of the planned Summerlin community in the west valley to connect it with U.S. 95 (Oran K. Gragson Freeway) east to Downtown Las Vegas. Since it was privately constructed, it was not part of the state highway system. The freeway extends 6.5 miles west from U.S. 95 (Oran K. Gragson Freeway) to Clark County 215 (Bruce Woodbury Beltway).

Summerlin constitutes a 22,500 acre master planned community including homes, offices, industry, and retail. Construction of Summerlin began in 1990 and by 2005, 91,000 residents called it home. Population projections in 2005 for the continued expansion of Summerlin estimated 180,000 residents by 2020.

The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) took over maintenance of Summerlin Parkway in 2019. The freeway was designated State Route 613.

Summerlin Parkway Nevada State Route 613 East
Summerlin Parkway begins at a parclo interchange with Clark County 215 (Woodbury Beltway). 07/21/14
Clark County 215 north wraps around the west side of Summerlin north to Lone Mountain and U.S. 95 (Oran K. Gragson Freeway). 07/21/14
Interchange sequence sign outlining three of the four Summerlin exits along the parkway eastbound. 07/21/14
Anasazi Drive curves north from Town Center Drive to meet Summerlin Parkway at a diamond interchange. The arterial continues north into the Sun City neighborhood of Summerlin. 07/21/14
A decorative overpass carries Anasazi Drive over Summerlin Parkway. The interchange was completed by 2007. 07/21/14
Summerlin Parkway passes under Crestdale Lane one quarter mile west of the diamond interchange with Town Center Drive. 07/21/14
Town Center Drive arcs southwest from Village Center Circle to SR 159 (Charleston Boulevard). 07/21/14
Summerlin Parkway curves southeast from the commercial center of Summerlin to meet Rampart Boulevard in a half mile. 07/21/14
Continuing eastward to the parclo interchange with Rampart Boulevard. This distance sign indicates that the off-ramp is still one half mile away. Rainbow Boulevard is displayed in place of U.S. 95 for the Summerlin Parkway east end. 07/21/14
Rampart Boulevard heads north to The Pueblo and South Shores neighborhoods of Summerlin and south to SR 159 (Charleston Boulevard) at Boca Park shopping center, east of Queensridge. 07/21/14
Summerlin Parkway passes under the partial interchange (westbound only) with Durango Drive one mile out from Buffalo Drive. Otherwise the parkway will end 1.75 miles ahead at the confluence of the Oran K. Gragson Freeway (U.S. 95) and Rainbow Boulevard. 07/22/17
Motorists can access a HOV lane that leads directly from Summerlin Parkway east to U.S. 95 south one mile ahead. 07/22/17
An auxiliary lane was constructed along Summerlin Parkway east from Rampart Boulevard to Buffalo Drive. 07/22/17
Buffalo Drive crosses paths with Summerlin Parkway at a parclo interchange midway between Rampart Boulevard and the freeway end at U.S. 95 and Rainbow Boulevard. Buffalo Drive travels north-south between Tropicana Avenue and Washburn Road.
A left side ramp for the HOV lane to U.S. 95 follows. 07/22/17
The HOV connections between Summerlin Parkway and U.S. 95 (Oran K. Gragson Freeway) were completed by 2012. HOV lanes currently extend southeast along the U.S. 95 freeway between Ann Road and I-15. 07/22/17
While the HOV lane departs for the accompanying U.S. 95 south HOV lane, general use traffic prepares to meet U.S. 95 and Rainbow Boulevard in one mile. 07/22/17
Motorists bound for Rainbow Boulevard are directed to depart prior to ramps leading to U.S. 95 (Oran K. Gragson Freeway). U.S. 95 continues north from the upcoming exchange as a freeway through northern reaches of the west valley toward Tonopah and Reno (via U.S. 50). 07/22/17
A barrier separates HOV traffic from general purpose traffic along Summerlin Parkway east as drivers prepare to leave for Rainbow Boulevard. The ramp to Rainbow Boulevard splits into two components to eliminate weaving from adjacent off ramps from U.S. 95. Rainbow Boulevard extends north running parallel to U.S. 95 to Ann Road while heading south the arterial becomes SR 595, stretching through Spring Valley and Enterprise. 07/22/17
Summerlin Parkway east officially comes to an end as the mainline continues ahead for U.S. 95 south (Oran K. Gragson Freeway) to I-15 and Downtown Las Vegas while the 2005-built ramp leads motorists to the freeway north. 07/22/17
Summerlin Parkway Nevada State Route 613 West
Expansion of Summerlin Parkway completed by 2012 added HOV connections from U.S. 95 to the four lane freeway at Buffalo Drive. This scene looks at the former traffic pattern ahead of the parclo interchange with Buffalo Drive. Buffalo Drive comprises a north-south arterial between Sahara Avenue (SR 589) and Gowan Road. 10/19/04
Three westbound lanes and an HOV-lane converge at the Buffalo Drive off-ramp now. Buffalo Drive leads north to The Pueblo community in east Summerlin. 10/19/04
This interchange sequence sign was replaced to reflect the Durango Drive off-ramp, located one mile ahead. The ensuing exits (Rampart Boulevard, Town Center Drive, and Anasazi Drive) fall within the community of Summerlin. 10/19/04
A parclo interchange joins Rampart Boulevard with Summerlin Parkway. Rampart Boulevard curves northward from SR 159 (Charleston Boulevard) alongside The Canyons, The Hills South and The Hills neighborhoods of Summerlin to Lake Mead Boulevard. 10/19/04
Before the extension of Summerlin Parkway west from Anasazi Drive was completed, this interchange sequence sign displayed "Freeway Ends" 1.25 miles. The four lane freeway curves northwest between the TPC Canyons and TPC Summerlin Golf Courses to next meet Town Center Drive. 07/21/14
Entering the diamond interchange with Town Center Drive on Summerlin Parkway west. Town Center Drive connects the freeway with the commercial center of Summerlin north to Village Center Circle and south to Summerlin Hospital Medical Center. 07/21/14
Crestdale Lane passes over Summerlin Parkway, one quarter mile ahead of the diamond interchange with Anasazi Drive. This interchange sequence sign previously referenced the freeway end at Anasazi Drive. 07/21/14
Anasazi Drive loops west from Town Center Drive between The Arbors and The Crossing neighborhoods to Summerlin Parkway. 07/21/14
Continuing 0.8 miles north from the overpass above Summerlin Parkway, Anasazi Drive connects with Lake Mead Boulevard and Sun City Boulevard at the Sun City neighborhood of north Summerlin. 07/21/14
A half mile separates Anasazi Drive from the parclo interchange with Clark County 215. 07/21/14
An auxiliary lane accompanies Summerlin Parkway west to the northbound on-ramp for CC-215 to U.S. 95 (Oran K. Gragson Freeway). 07/21/14
CC-215 travels south through Summerlin 2.2 miles to meet SR 159 (Charleston Boulevard). SR 159 ventures west from the Las Vegas area to Red Rock Canyon. 07/21/14
Clark County 215 constitutes a three-quarter beltway encircling the Las Vegas metropolitan area along with I-215 from Henderson to I-15 near Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The freeway passes through Summerlin north to Sun City and south to The Gardens neighborhood. 07/21/14
Signalized intersections connect ramps on both sides of the Bruce Woodbury Beltway with the west end of Summerlin Parkway. 07/21/14
A loop ramp joins CC-215 (Las Vegas Beltway) south to I-15 near McCarron International Airport (LAS) and the south end of the Las Vegas Strip. Summerlin Parkway will extend west to future villages of Summerlin. 07/21/14
Summerlin Parkway scenes
Rampart Boulevard north at the loop ramp for Summerlin Parkway west. 07/21/14
Summerlin Parkway construction
A $42 million project redesigned the Summerlin Parkway / Rainbow Boulevard Interchange with U.S. 95 (Oran K. Gragson Freeway). Work completed in August of 2005 addressed traffic congestion along U.S. 95 by improving or relocating existing ramps and accommodating eventual expansion of the freeway to ten overall lanes. 10/19/04
Overlooking the then-recently developed land at the western end of the Las Vegas Valley from Summerlin Parkway at Town Center Drive. The Howard Hughes Corporation built the parkway to ensure freeway access for the new residents of Summerlin. 11/12/00
With the Spring Mountains dominating the western horizon, this was the temporary end of Summerlin Parkway westbound at Anasazi Drive. 10/19/04
Construction for Summerlin Parkway west of Anasazi Drive. 11/12/00
At-grade roads extended west along Summerlin Parkway, from Anasazi Drive to Clark County 215 (Bruce Woodbury Beltway) by 2004. 10/19/04

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