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Beginning near Wickenburg and extending across the Great Basin into the Rocky Mountains, U.S. 93 is a scenic route from start to finish. In Arizona, U.S. 93 is the Joshua Tree Highway, and it provides a fast connection between Phoenix and Las Vegas; the entire route is slated to be upgraded to expressway or even freeway standards in some segments in response to traffic volume and safety concerns.

U.S. 93 Arizona Highway Guides

Old Arizona 93

Old Arizona 93 north
Prior to 1964, Arizona 93 took a turn and descended toward Burro Creek to cross on a lower bridge. This faded sign may date back to this road. Photo taken 03/25/07.
Old Arizona 93 descended at a relatively steep 8% grade down to Burro Creek. Photo taken 03/25/07.
The original route of Arizona 93 across Burro Creek was an afterthought, built hurriedly after technical and financial issues stopped work on the present-day bridge. The approaches were built as part of original road construction, however. Photo taken 03/25/07.
2 photos
2 photos
The 1954 Burro Creek bridge is a low, 499 foot long steel bridge supported on concrete. This bridge carried mainline Arizona 93 until 1964, and is now maintained by the Bureau of Land Management. Photos taken 03/25/07.
The old alignment of Arizona 93 is maintained up to the bridge to serve the Burro Creek Campground. Beyond this point, the asphalt is decaying rapidly as the road sees little to no traffic. Photo taken 03/25/07.
Old Arizona 93 south
Old Arizona 93, despite being built in the 1950s, harkens back to older styles of road construction with little to no fill material used. This is a result of the last-minute construction of the road, at little cost. Photo taken 03/25/07.
This photo, taken from the old alignment, shows how the old alignment climbs away from Burro Creek in relation to the modern alignment of US 93, over the steel arch Burro Creek Bridge. Photo taken 03/25/07.
This photo is taken on the old Burro Creek Bridge southbound, and shows resumption of pavement maintenance to serve the campground. Photo taken 03/25/07.

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03/25/07 by Kevin Trinkle

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