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Wis 32 South
Wis 32 navigates along a stair stepped route through the village of Pulaski, turning east from Wis 160 along Pulaski Street and south on Wisconsin Street. 08/01/16
Wisconsin Street leads Wis 32 four blocks south to Cedar Street in Pulaski. 08/01/16
The urban roadway ends as Wis 32 enters the outskirts of Pulaski. 08/01/16
Roundabout with County B ahead 08/01/16
Traffic lights at STH 32 and County B were replaced with a roundabout in 2011. 08/01/16
Wis 32 continues outside of Pulaski. 08/01/16
Wis 32 joins the Wis 29 expressway four miles south of County B. 08/01/16
Blue Skies Aviation airport lies southeast of STH 32 and Airport Drive. 08/01/16
Rural farmland along Wis 32 near Town Hall Drive. 08/01/16
Approaching Wis 29 and County Y 08/01/16
A second junction assembly for Wis 29 and County Y precedes the diamond interchange at Exit 249. 08/01/16
Wis 29 leads northwest to Shawano from Wis 32 and CTH Y. Wis 156 was realigned along Old 29 Drive west from this exchange with construction of an overpass at St. Augustine Street 1.25 miles to the west. 08/01/16
STH 32 combines with STH 29 east between Howard and Hobart to Green Bay. STH 156 begins along CTH Y south to Old 29 Drive west. 08/01/16
Wis 32 joins Wis 29 east to Green Bay while Wis 156 runs west to Rose Lawn, Briarton and Navarino in southern Shawano County. 08/01/16


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