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A pivotal gateway to the Walt Disney World Resort, World Drive takes motorists from Interstate 4 and U.S. 192 directly to the main parking gate of the Magic Kingdom. World Drive also provides access to the other theme parks, water parks, resorts, and entertainment centers throughout the Disney World Resort complex.

Construction underway to Fall 2018 reconfigured the north end of World Drive at the Magic Kingdom parking lot entrance with a new flyover serving World Drive hotel traffic.1

World Drive - North
Celebration Drive arcs southwest to intersect the end of World Drive adjacent to Interstate 4. 11/23/13
Celebration Boulevard originally ended just west of World Drive. Construction underway in 2019 extends the boulevard southwest to service the Celebration Island Village development. 11/23/13
World Drive enters a directional cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 4 to the immediate north of Celebration Boulevard. The stretch between Celebration and U.S. 192 opened to traffic in 1997. 04/24/19
The initial ramp departs for a collector distributor roadway leading to both I-4 east and SR 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay) north. I-4 ventures northeast toward Orlando, passing near the other major theme parks (Sea World and Universal Orlando) and area attractions. 04/24/19
World Drive continues 1.3 miles north to Griffin Road, which connects the expressway with U.S. 192. 04/24/19
Interstate 4 is a major freeway connecting the Disney World Resort with Tampa, Orlando and Daytona Beach. Tampa lies 62 miles to the southwest in Hillsborough County. 04/24/19
An at-grade left turn joins World Drive north with the southbound entrance ramp to Interstate 4 west for Championsgate and Lakeland. 04/24/19
Griffin Road provides an at-grade connection from World Drive north to U.S. 192 (Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway). 04/24/19
U.S. 192 travels west from World Drive to several resorts, retail centers, SR 429 (Western Beltway) and U.S. 27 at Four Corners. 04/24/19
Traffic lights at World Drive and Griffin Road operate in flash mode. 11/23/13
Griffin Road north at U.S. 192. 04/24/19
World Drive transitions into a freeway ahead of the directional cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 192 east. 11/23/13
The eastbound exit for U.S. 192 leaves for the Kissimmee area. Several attractions, hotels and resorts line the often congested U.S. highway between Interstate 4 and Kissimmee. 11/23/13
The succeeding off-ramp connects with Osceola Parkway. Osceola Parkway links World Drive with Buena Vista Drive to Blizzard Beach Water Park, the All-Star Resort and Coronado Springs Resort. 11/23/13
World Drive advances north from U.S. 192 to Epcot and the Magic Kingdom while a slip ramp leads to a collector distributor roadway to Osceola Parkway. 11/23/13
The c/d roadway for Osceola Parkway leads guests to Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and the Wide World of Sports complex. 11/23/13
The c/d roadway extends north to a full cloverleaf interchange with Osceola Parkway. A new loop ramp opened from the parkway east to World Drive north on March 20, 2017. 07/21/19
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An elaborate archway structure welcomes guests into the Disney World Resort along World Drive north ahead of Osceola Parkway. Other archways are located along Epcot Center Drive, Osceola Parkway and Western Way. 06/05/19, 11/23/13
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Supplemental signs for both the Wide World of Sports and Animal Kingdom resorts and facilities precede the departures for Osceola Parkway. 11/23/13
The c/d roadway reaches the ramp for Osceola Parkway east to area resorts, including the Wide World of Sports complex and I-4. A loop ramp follows onto Osceola Parkway westbound to Animal Kingdom. 07/21/19
Osceola Parkway spans World Drive en route toward Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. 06/05/19
With the opening of the new entrance to Hollywood Studios from Osceola Parkway to the east in 2019, the ramp to Studios Drive from World Drive was repurposed as a cast member (employee) only entrance. 11/23/13
The overpass along the ramp linking Osceola Parkway west with World Drive north previously included a decorative facade for Hollywood Studios. Hollywood Studios opened its doors May 1, 1989 (as Disney-MGM Studios) and showcases various aspects of show business, represented by different areas within the theme park. 11/23/13
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World Drive advances north from Osceola Parkway to Buena Vista Drive next. Typhoon Lagoon water park and the Disney Springs shopping complex lie along Buena Vista Drive east near Lake Buena Vista. 11/23/13, 05/03/18
Buena Vista Drive connects World Drive with Epcot Drive and the Lake Buena Vista hotel resort area near Apopka Vineland Road. 06/05/19
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Buena Vista Drive connects with the resort areas of both Epcot and Animal Kingdom. Buena Vista Drive west leads drivers to Blizzard Beach Water Park, Coronado Springs and Animal Kingdom Lodge (via Osceola Parkway west). Resorts such as the Swan and Dolphin can be reached using Buena Vista Drive east to Epcot Resorts Boulevard north. 06/05/19
Located to the east via Buena Vista drive, Disney Springs offers visitors an array of shopping, dining and entertainment experiences. 06/05/19
The Tower of Terror, a drop tower thrill ride, is one of the main attractions within the Hollywood Studios theme park. This mock facade entices drivers from the median of World Drive ahead of the Buena Vista Drive overpass. 06/05/19
Advancing north toward the Magic Kingdom parking gate, World Drive north next partitions with the entrance ramp to Epcot. 06/05/19
Two lanes depart from World Drive directly to the main Epcot parking gate. The trumpet interchange with Epcot Center Drive follows, but there is no access from World Drive north. 06/05/19
Construction underway to Fall 2018 added both a trumpet interchange with Vista Boulevard east and a wye for the continuation of World Drive beyond the Magic Kingdom parking area. 06/05/19
A twin monorail system parallels World Drive north from Epcot Center Drive heading toward the Magic Kingdom. The system links the main gate at the Magic Kingdom with the main gate at Epcot. 11/23/13
The succeeding exit ramp connects with Vista Boulevard east of the Magic Kingdom parking gate to Fort Wilderness and other points of interest. 06/05/19
Traffic partitions along World Drive north for the fee-based main parking gate for the Magic Kingdom theme park. 06/05/19
The Magic Kingdom opened October 1, 1971 and is represented by six different lands, including Tomorrowland, Fantasyland and Main Street U.S.A. The park also feature rides such as Space Mountain and Pirates of the Caribbean. 05/02/18
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World Drive advances north along the east side of the Magic Kingdom parking area toward the various Magic Kingdom resorts, including the Contemporary and Wilderness Lodge. 06/05/19
A Disney-style trailblazer for I-4 directs motorists to continue along World Drive to Seven Seas Drive. 11/23/13
World Drive north approaches Seven Seas Drive. Seven Seas Drive west connects with Floridian Way, the Polynesian and Grand Floridian Resorts and two of the five Disney resort golf courses. 11/23/13
Timberline Drive stems east from World Drive 0.4 miles to Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness. 11/23/13
Seven Seas Drive west to Floridian Way south leads motorists back to U.S. 192 and I-4. World Drive continues north between the Contemporary Resort and the Magic Kingdom to end at Center Drive and Floridian Way. 11/23/13
World Drive - South
World Drive enters a trumpet interchange with Vista Boulevard east to Fort Wilderness Campground adjacent to the Magic Kingdom parking area. 06/05/19
Floridian Way combines with traffic from the Magic Kingdom parking area exit ramp ahead of the Walt Disney World Care Center. World Drive ties in from an adjacent wye interchange completed in Fall 2018. 06/05/19
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2 photos
Flyovers were built for World Drive south over the south end of Floridian Way / Magic Kingdom Exit Road. 05/02/18
South from the Magic Kingdom, World Drive is an expressway en route to U.S. 192 and Interstate 4. The succeeding ramp departs for the resort areas and attractions surrounding Disney Springs via Epcot Center Drive and Buena Vista Drive east. 06/05/19
World Drive south carries three lanes and a 50 mph speed limit within the Disney World Resort complex. The entrance to Epcot lies just east of the forthcoming trumpet interchange with Epcot Center Drive. 06/05/19
An additional supplemental guide sign advises drivers to use Epcot Center Drive east to reach the shopping, dining, and entertainment destination of Disney Springs. 11/23/13
World Drive passes underneath Epcot Center Drive as it progresses south toward the Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom theme parks, U.S. 192 and I-4. 06/05/19
Epcot Center Drive extends east from Walt Disney World as SR 536 from Interstate 4 to SR 535 and World Center Drive. 06/05/19
A loop ramp departs World Drive south to Epcot Center Drive east. The main parking gate for Epcot lies immediately to the east of this trumpet interchange. Opened to the public October 1, 1982, Epcot (formerly EPCOT Center) was the second theme park built in the Disney World resort. The two main sections in the park are Future World which explores innovative aspects, and World Showcase which is represented by various countries around the globe. 06/05/19
A six-ramp parclo interchange joins World Drive south next with Buena Vista Drive west to Animal Kingdom and east to Disney Springs. 06/05/19
The westbound on-ramp for Buena Vista Drive departs for Coronado Springs and Blizzard Beach. Western Way stems west from nearby, providing access to SR 429 (Daniel Webster Western Beltway), which in turn links with Florida's Turnpike. 06/05/19
Buena Vista Drive east runs just north of Hollywood Studios en route to an interchange with Epcot Center Drive and Disney Springs. 06/05/19
Several Epcot area resorts are reached via Buena Vista Drive east including the Swan and Dolphin hotels and the Yacht & Beach Club. 11/23/13
A loop ramp connects World Drive south with Buena Vista Drive east to Hollywood Studios and the Epcot resort area. The succeeding interchange with Osceola Parkway connects Walt Disney World with Florida's Turnpike and Orlando International Airport (MCO) via SR 417 north. 06/05/19
A mock facade of one of Hollywood Studios main thrill rides, The Tower of Terror, entices guests riding south along World Drive between ramps for Buena Vista Drive and Osceola Parkway. 11/23/13
Listing attractions near Animal Kingdom, a supplemental guide sign precedes the cloverleaf interchange with Osceola Parkway. 06/05/19
Osceola Parkway connects World Drive with Animal Kingdom and Blizzard Beach Water Park to the west and the Wide World of Sports resort complex to the east. 06/05/19
The Wide World of Sports is an athletic complex located within the Disney World Resort hosting amateur and professional sporting events year round. Additional resorts, including the Art of Animation, are located along Osceola Parkway east. 11/23/13
A collector distributor roadway separates from World Drive south for Osceola Parkway west and east. 06/05/19
Osceola Parkway extends west to Buena Vista Drive by Blizzard Beach, the Animal Kingdom parking gate, Sherberth Road south and the entrance road to Animal Kingdom Lodge. 06/05/19
Construction finished in early 2019 built an interchange along Osceola Parkway with Victory Way and the new entrance to Hollywood Studios. Crossing into Osceola County, the parkway continues to I-4, SR 417 (Central Florida GreeneWay) and SR 535 (Vineland Road). Connections with SR 417 lead motorists east to Florida's Turnpike. 11/02/19
World Drive leaves the Walt Disney World Resort complex south of Osceola Parkway. 06/05/19
Two lanes depart World Drive southbound in 0.3 miles for U.S. 192 east to Interstate 4 and Orlando and west to U.S. 27 at Four Corners. 11/02/19
An extension of World Drive south from U.S. 192 to Celebration Boulevard opened in 1997. This allowed motorists to access Interstate 4 west without having to use the often congested U.S. highway. 11/02/19
Traffic partitions with a single lane for U.S. 192 west to U.S. 27 and two lanes for U.S. 192 east to I-4 and Kissimmee. U.S. 192 west is fairly populated with several resorts and retail areas along its final 6.8 miles to Four Corners. 11/23/13
World Drive passes over wetland areas associated with Reedy Creek as it progresses south to Interstate 4 and Celebration Boulevard. 11/23/13
A trailblazer for Interstate 4 precedes Griffin Road on World Drive southbound. 11/02/19
Griffin Road is a short connector linking World Drive and U.S. 192 west. 11/02/19
Paralleling Reedy Creek, World Drive advances one half mile south to the westbound entrance ramp for Interstate 4 to the Tampa area. 11/02/19
World Drive enters the directional cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 4. An at-grade turn connects World Drive north with the freeway west ahead. 11/02/19
Three lanes continue toward I-4 east and SR 417 north beyond the single lane ramp for the collector distributor roadway linking SR 417 south with I-4 west to Championsgate, Lakeland and Tampa. 11/02/19
World Drive gains an additional lane just prior to the separation with the two-lane ramp for the c/d roadway to both I-4 east and SR 417 north. 07/09/16
SR 417 is a toll road circumventing the greater Orlando metro area east to Orlando International Airport (MCO). The beltway makes a return to Interstate 4 near Sanford in neighboring Seminole County. 07/09/16
World Drive extends south to a signalized end at Celebration Boulevard in Celebration. 04/24/19
Celebration Boulevard connects World Drive with the unincorporated new urbanism style town of Celebration, a master planned community first envisioned by the Walt Disney Company. Celebration Boulevard winds north through Celebration to U.S. 192 and southwest to Celebration High School. 02/27/16

  1. "Four Disney road projects scheduled for completion in 2018." Orlando Sentinel (FL), June 22, 2016.

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State Road 536 / Epcot Center Drive
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