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Interstate 4 crosses the St. Johns River Veterans Memorial Bridges between Lake Monroe in Seminole County and Enterprise in Volusia County. Photos taken 09/02/19 and 06/29/08.

Interstate 4 angles northeast across the Florida peninsula, traveling 132 miles from Tampa to Lakeland, Orlando and Daytona Beach. The intrastate route serves major population areas in Central Florida along the U.S. 92 corridor. Heavy development along the freeway over the years resulted in several toll roads to provide alternate routes and relief, including the Central Florida GreeneWay / Seminole Expressway (bypass to the east of Orlando), Daniel Webster Western Beltway / Wekiva Parkway (bypass to the west of Orlando), and Polk Parkway around Lakeland. Additionally much of the freeway was expanded to six or more lanes, with the final four-lane stretch in Volusia County expanded by Summer 2015.

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I-4 Ultimate Improvement Project

$2.3-billion in road work commenced in 2015 expands 21 miles of I-4 through Orange and Seminole Counties to include two Express toll lanes in each direction. The six-year I-4 Ultimate Project includes the modification of 15 interchanges. I-4 Beyond the Ultimate will further extend the I-4 Ultimate project 20 miles in both directions.

Interstate 4 through the Ultimate I-4 Project area between SR 408 (East-West Expressway) at Downtown Orlando and SR 423 (Lee Road) at Winter Park. Photos taken 07/09/16.

Separate work underway from June 2018 to 2022 adds new flyovers to directly link Florida's Turnpike with Interstate 4. This construction is part of an $85 million project expanding the Turnpike to ten general use lanes from the Beachline Expressway (SR 528) north to I-4. Included is the installation of six new all electronic tolling points and the removal of toll booths along the ramp system connecting the Turnpike with I-4.

FL 417 at I-4
Four roadways, two of the I-4 mainline and two consisting of c/d lanes, come into view south of the wye interchange between Interstate 4 and SR 417 (Central Florida Greeneway). Photo taken February 16, 2008.
US 192 at I-4
Ramps between I-4, U.S. 192 and Osceola Parkway were unraveled as part of road work completed by winter 2014. This view looks north at the overpass built from I-4 east to Osceola Parkway. Photo taken June 29, 2013.
Lake Mary Boulevard at I-4
The result from when an accident hampers traffic during the evening commute along Interstate 4. Photo taken April 29, 2008 looking south from Lake Mary Boulevard at I-4.
FL 414 at I-4
Routine traffic congestion along Interstate 4 through Maitland. Photo taken March 20, 2008.

Construction of Interstate 4 occurred between 1958 and 1966. The entire length doubles as hidden State Road 400, with SR 400 extending east from I-95 as an at-grade route to U.S. 1 in Daytona Beach.

The St. Johns River Veterans Memorial Bridges at Lake Monroe were built during a $110 million project that included widening seven miles of I-4 north from CR 46A at Sanford to Saxon Boulevard in Deltona.2,3 Replacing a 56 foot wide, four-lane span built in 1960 for $1 million, work on the twin 58 foot wide bridges across the St. Johns River started on March 17, 2001.3,4 The westbound span opened initially for traffic exiting to U.S. 17/92 in January 2003,5 and with two lanes for the I-4 mainline on April 28, 2003.3 Following completion of the approaches, the eastbound span opened with two lanes on the morning of June 28, 2003. Nine months of demolition work for the old span commenced in July 2003.4 Construction at the St. Johns River wrapped up on May 25, 2004, when the third eastbound lane opened. Widening of I-4 westbound was finished in March 2003; work on eastbound to Saxon Boulevard continued through Summer 2003.2

Interstate 4 scenes
Trailblazer for Interstate 4 posted at Westwood Boulevard south and Central Florida Parkway near SeaWorld Orlando. Photo taken 04/26/15.
Central Florida Parkway weaves west between SeaWorld Orlando and Discovery Cove to connect with Interstate 4 westbound beyond Westwood Boulevard. Photo taken 04/26/15.
The high-speed flyover linking Central Florida Parkway west with Interstate 4 west opened to traffic in 1990. There is no access to I-4 east at this exchange. Photo taken 04/26/15.
Interstate 4 passes below the Central Florida Parkway flyover with eight overall lanes. Section 2 of the I-4 Beyond the Ultimate megaproject will complete the exchange here with new ramps leading to I-4 east and from I-4 west. Photo taken 04/26/15.
Central Florida Parkway ends just west of I-4 across from Big Sand Lake. Palm Parkway south and Turkey Lake Road north parallel the west side of the freeway between Lake Buena Vista and Dr. Phillips. Photo taken 04/26/15.
A trumpet style interchange connects the Universal Orlando parking garage exit with Universal Boulevard on the north side of Interstate 4. Motorists headed to I-4 west are directed onto Hollywood Way and Adventure Way south. Photo taken 08/10/13.
Two lanes loop onto Universal Boulevard south across Interstate 4 ahead of the eastbound on-ramp to Downtown Orlando and International Drive. Photo taken 08/10/13.
Crossing over I-4, Universal Boulevard intersects the east side freeway ramps. Photo taken 08/10/13.
Approaching Division Avenue along Gore Street westbound in Orlando. Interstate 4 passes overhead in the distance.
A new flyover was added by 2008 from I-4 east to South Street. Photo taken 11/05/06.
Travelers destined to Interstate 4 east are directed onto Division Avenue north to Anderson Street east. Division Avenue passes underneath both Interstate 4 and SR 408 (East-West Expressway) with no direct access to either freeway. Photo taken 11/05/06.
Gore Street west at the westbound on-ramp to Interstate 4. The on-ramp utilizes the roadway connecting SR 408 and I-4.
Until 2008 an off-ramp also connected I-4 with Gore Street. It was removed as part of the I-4 / SR 408 interchange upgrade project. Photo taken 11/05/06.
Hughey Avenue forms the west side service road for I-4 between Colonial Drive (U.S. 17/92-SR 50) and South Street by Downtown Orlando. Photo taken 09/01/18.
2 photos
2 photos
The entrance ramp for I-4 west from Hughey Avenue outside Downtown Orlando joins the freeway beyond Amelia Street. Photos taken 05/22/20.
2 photos
2 photos
Previously the last state-named shield for Interstate 4, this assembly was posted on Ivanhoe Boulevard south ahead of Lakeview Street just west of I-4. Photo taken 07/29/06. Second photo taken 01/25/08.
Ivanhoe Boulevard encircles Lake Ivanhoe to the west of I-4. Lakeview Street and Ivanhoe Boulevard between Edgewater Drive and I-4 are a part of unsigned CR 424. Photo taken 07/29/06.
2 photos
2 photos
Par Street east meets Interstate 4 at a half diamond interchange just east of Bonita Park in Orlando. Motorists headed for I-4 east are directed onto Formosa Avenue north to connect with the on-ramp from SR 426 (Fairbanks Avenue). Photos taken 01/25/08.
I-4 Ultimate construction lengthens the westbound on-ramp from Par Street and realigns the eastbound off-ramp over Dade Avenue. Photo taken 01/25/08.
SR 426 (Fairbanks Avenue) east at the westbound entrance ramp to Interstate 4 in Orlando. Photo taken 12/29/05.
Guide signs partition traffic along Lake Emma Road north ahead of the triple left turn lanes for Lake Mary Boulevard west to Interstate 4. Photo taken 03/06/08.
2 photos
2 photos
Entering the exchange with Interstate 4 along Lake Mary Boulevard west of Primera Boulevard north and Lake Emma Road south. Photos taken 02/29/08.
Lake Mary Boulevard joins Interstate 4 with Heathrow to the west and Lake Mary to the east. The busy six-ramp parclo interchange features separate ramps from eastbound onto both directions of I-4. Photo taken 04/29/08.
Improvements were made at the intersection of Lake Mary Boulevard and the I-4 eastbound off-ramp in winter 2008. Just east from there, Lake Mary Boulevard meets Lake Emma Road south and Primera Boulevard north. Both roads parallel I-4 to the east by a number of office parks, shopping centers, and apartment complexes. Photo taken 09/03/17.

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