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Interstate 77

Interstate 77 replaced U.S. 21 from West Virginia northward to Cleveland. Portions of original U.S. 21 remain within the state route system as Ohio 21, including a shared alignment with the freeway through south Cleveland.

Interstate 77 would have continued directly to the Cleveland Memorial Shoreway had Interstate 90 been routed along the freeway as originally envisioned. As it was, the Shoreway's west end was never constructed and Interstate 90 was rerouted southward around downtown, ending Interstate 77 at its present location.

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Interstate 77 scenes
U.S. 40 (East Pike Road) westbound at the southbound on-ramp to Interstate 77 outside of Cambridge. Interstate 77 meets Interstate 70 two miles to the south. U.S. 40 continues west along Wheeling Avenue to junction U.S. 22 (Highland Avenue) in one mile. Photo taken 10/15/04.

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