U.S. Highway 22 Westbound

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U.S. 22 Westbound
Pennsylvania 378 and 987 overhead on U.S. 22 west. These interchanges were reconstructed recently, and new concrete was laid down on U.S. 22 itself. The interchange with Pennsylvania 378 marks the historic northern terminus of Interstate 378. At one point, the Lehigh Valley Thruway was signed as Interstate 78. This designation changed by the 1970s. Photo taken 07/28/00.
Pennsylvania 309 text button copy overheads on U.S. 22 east. Pennsylvania 309 is a southwest bypass of the city of Allentown, and has existed since the early 1970s. The freeway was included in the relocated Interstate 78, and has been upgraded from the Interstate junction southward as a result. This northern segment retains only four lanes. Photo taken 07/28/00.
Detail of the button copy overheads at the southbound Pennsylvania 309 overhead. The Lehigh Valley Interchange of the Pennsylvania Turnpike Northeast Extension (Interstate 476) is the next interchange. Access to Interstate 78 from the turnpike must utilize U.S. 22 and Pennsylvania 309 depending on direction of interest. Notice that the border of the turnpike trailblazer has since fallen off. Photo taken 07/28/00.
U.S. 22 (Jonestown Road) westbound at Interstate 83 & U.S. 322 (Exit 50) between Colonial Park and Progress. A full-cloverleaf interchange joins the two highways one mile south of the Interstate 83 northern terminus at Interstate 81. Pictured here are vintage overheads at the northbound on-ramp and Interstate 81 control cities. U.S. 322 westbound joins Interstate 81 south between Exits 70 and 67. Photos taken 07/01/00.
Westbound at the Interstate 83 south & U.S. 322 eastbound loop ramp. U.S. 322 leaves Interstate 83 south three miles to the south at Oakleigh. The US route follows Paxton Street east from the Interstate 83 & 283 interchange to Hummelstown and Hershey. Interstate 83 meanwhile turns west toward downtown Harrisburg. Interstate 283 begins and travels south to Interstate 76 (Pennsylvania Turnpike) and Pennsylvania 283 for Harrisburg International Airport and Lancaster. Photo taken 09/18/04.
Button copy overheads for the Interstate 81 interchange at the beginning of the freeway portion of U.S. 22 leaving the city of Harrisburg. The highway opened to traffic in the 1970s to replace the Front Street alignment of U.S. 22 & 322 from Harrisburg north to Fort Hunter. U.S. 22 continues to the north and west with U.S. 322 as a freeway on the new Dauphin Bypass towards the town of Duncannon and the city of Lewistown. Photo taken 07/01/00.
U.S. 322 westbound leaves Interstate 81 southbound and merges with U.S. 22 westbound at north Harrisburg. U.S. 22 & 322 follow a freeway northward from Harrisburg alongside the Susquehanna River to Duncannon. The freeway begins as a six-lane facility initially but reduces to four lanes on the approach to Pennsylvania 39 (Linglestown Road). Photo taken 10/09/01.
One half mile south of the Pennsylvania 39 (Linglestown Road) diamond interchange on U.S. 22 & 322 westbound. Linglestown Road carries Pennsylvania 39 east from Front Street at Rockville to Linglestown and Interstate 81 at Exit 77. Photo taken 10/09/01.
Traffic to Pennsylvania 39 (Linglestown Road) departs U.S. 22 & 322 westbound. Linglestown Road ends at Front Street (former U.S. 22 & 322) in Rockville just west of the freeway at the Susquehanna River. Linglestown lies five miles to the east along Pennsylvania 39. Photo taken 10/09/01.
U.S. 22 & 322 westbound at the Roberts Valley Road underpass. Ahead is the parclo interchange with Pennsylvania 443 (Fishing Creek Valley Road). Photo taken 04/30/05.
Button copy guide sign touting the connection to Fort Hunter via Pennsylvania 443 west. Fort Hunter is sandwiched between the U.S. 22 & 322 freeway and the Susquehanna River. Old U.S. 22 & 322 travels through the village along Front Street. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Nearing the Pennsylvania 443 (Fishing Creek Valley Road) off-ramp along U.S. 22 & 322 westbound. Pennsylvania 443 (Fishing Creek Valley Road) ties into U.S. 22 & 322 at the communities of Fishing Creek and Fort Hunter alongside the Susquehanna River. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Westbound at Pennsylvania 443 (Fishing Creek Valley Road). Pennsylvania 443 stems eastward from Front Street (old U.S. 22 & 322) to Fort Indiantown Gap in Lebanon County near Exit 85 of Interstate 81. The state route ends 78 miles to the east at U.S. 209 in Lehighton. Photo taken 10/09/01.
Nearing the town of Dauphin along U.S. 22 & 322 westbound. This section of freeway was completed in 2001 as part of the Dauphin Bypass project. U.S. 22 & 322 hugs an adjacent railroad line and the Susquehanna River to the west of Dauphin. Two interchanges serve Dauphin via Allegheny Street and Pennsylvania 225 (Claster Boulevard). Photo taken 04/30/05.
U.S. 22 & 322 squeezes between the shoreline of the Susquehanna River and adjacent railroad tightly through Dauphin ahead of Pennsylvania 225 (Peters Mountain Road). Pennsylvania 225 begins at U.S. 22 & 322 and heads north 48 miles to its terminus at junction Pennsylvania 61 at Shamokin. Photo taken 04/30/05.
the Pennsylvania 225 (Peters Mountain Road) off-ramp coincides with the Allegheny Street (old U.S. 22 & 322) off-ramp into Dauphin. Old U.S. 22 & 322 parallels the freeway west to Water Gap and Red Hill and Gap View Roads. Pennsylvania 225 meanders two miles northward to Pennsylvania 325 (Clarks Valley Road). Photo taken 04/30/05.
U.S. 22 & 322 reassurance shield posted as the freeway curves west toward Speeceville. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Mileage sign featuring the distances to Lewistown (the split of U.S. 22 & 322) and State College (U.S. 322 west at U.S. 220 and Interstate 99). Photo taken 04/30/05.
Next in line for westbound motorists is the diamond interchange with the west end of Pennsylvania 325 (Mountain Road) at Speeceville. Photo taken 04/30/05.
The U.S. 22 & 322 freeway and the parallel Gap View Road (old U.S. 22 & 322) heading west at Speeceville. Out of view to the left is the parallel railroad line and Riverview Road. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Westbound U.S. 22 & 322 at Pennsylvania 325 (Mountain Road), which follows Clark Creek in a northeasterly trajectory to its end at U.S. 209 in Tower City. The state route travels 3.4 miles to Pennsylvania 225. Photo taken 04/30/05.
U.S. 22-322 westbound approaches Junction Northbound Pennsylvania 147 (Brubaker Road). Pennsylvania 147 (former U.S. 111) straddles the east banks of the Susquehanna River between the Harrisburg metro area and Milton at Interstates 80 & 180. The state route provides two lanes through communities such as Halifax, Millersburg, and Sunbury. At Chillisquaque, Pennsylvania 147 upgrades to a super-two freeway to bypass Milton. It ultimately feeds directly into westbound Interstate 180. Photo taken 04/30/05.
The adjacent railroad switches sides with the U.S. 22 & 322 between Pennsylvania 325 and the bridge across the Susquehanna. Large fences rae in place to catch falling rocks. Photo taken 04/30/05.
One half mile south of the Pennsylvania 147 (Brubaker Road) off-ramp to Halifax on U.S. 22 & 322 west. Halifax lies 7.5 miles to the north at the Pennsylvania 147 overlap with Pennsylvania 225. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Entering the Pennsylvania 147 interchange on U.S. 22 & 322 west. A second mileage sign lists the U.S. 22 and 322 destinations west of the Susquehanna River Valley. Two of the ramps between U.S. 22-322 and Pennsylvania 147 travel over the water before joining the adjacent river bridge. Photo taken 04/30/05.
U.S. 22 & 322 turn westward to span the Susquehanna River between Pennsylvania 147 and Duncannon. Pennsylvania 147 begins and heads north along the river to Inglenook before veering eastward to Halifax. Pennsylvania 147 reaches Millersburg in 13.5 miles, Dalmatia in 23 miles, and Sunbury in 42 miles. Photo taken 04/30/05.
U.S. 22 & 322 travel a four-lane bridge across the Susquehanna River. Built to replace a two-lane span in the late 1980s, the crossing dumps traffic into Benvenue, a community adjacent to Duncannon and the Juniata River. Pennsylvania 849 (Newport Road) begins at the west end of the bridge ahead of Duncannon. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Albeit a murky day, the Susquehanna River valley still retains a scenic splendor. Peering northward from the U.S. 22 & 322 bridge, one can see mountains on either side of the river, and small undeveloped islands. Photo taken 04/30/05.
U.S. 22 & 322 reach Pennsylvania 849 (Newport Road) west upon reaching the Perry County line. Pennsylvania 849 serves the town of Duncannon with Pennsylvania 274 (Market Street) just across the Juniata River. The state route heads northwest parallel to U.S. 22-322 to Newport, then due west to meet Pennsylvania 74 near Ickesburg beyond Duncannon. Photo taken 10/09/01.
Continuing northward on U.S. 22 & 322 between Duncannon and U.S. 11 & 15. The tandem of U.S. 22 & 322 follows a five-lane surface arterial between Pennsylvania 849 (Newport Road) and a three-quarter cloverleaf interchange with the U.S. 11 & 15 freeway. Photo taken 10/09/01.
A pair of signs outline the forthcoming ramps to the U.S. 11 & 15 expressway. U.S. 11 & 15 combine between Camp Hill west of Harrisburg and Shamokin Dam across from Sunbury. Photo taken 04/30/05.
U.S. 11 & 15 follow the west banks of the Susquehanna River between Lemoyne northward to Shamokin Dam. The tandem reach Liverpool in 12 miles, Selinsgrove (U.S. 522) in 32 miles, and Shamokin Dam in 35 miles. North of the split. U.S. 11 turns eastward to Sunbury, Northumberland, and Danville. U.S. 15 meanwhile continues northward to Lewisburg and Williamsport. Photo taken 04/30/05.
U.S. 22 & 322 continue westward through the interchange complex with U.S. 11 & 15. An auxiliary sign in the background touts the River Road off-ramp to Amity Hill, which doubles as an alternate ramp onto U.S. 11 & 15 south. Photo taken 04/30/05.
The southbound loop ramp to U.S. 11 & 15 departs U.S. 22 & 322 westbound for Marysville, Enola, Harrisburg, and Camp Hill. U.S. 11 & 15 travel a congested two-lane route between Duncannon and Marysville. Photo taken 10/09/01.
A look at the replacement overhead for the U.S. 11 & 15 southbound off-ramp. The pair bypass Duncannon to the west along a freeway between Amity Hall and Perdix. U.S. 11 & 15 reach Interstate 81 in 16 miles and their split at Camp Hill in 23 miles. Photo taken 04/30/05.
The Amity Hall exit quickly departs U.S. 22 & 322 west of the U.S. 11 & 15 cloverleaf interchange. River Road stems northwest from here to Amity Road and Amity Hall. Connector ramps join River Road with both U.S. 11 & 15 north and south to the right as well. Photo taken 04/30/05.
Approaching the Millersville interchange with South Market Street (former U.S. 22 & 322) on U.S. 22 & 322 westbound. Market Street enters downtown Millersville and intersects Pennsylvania 17 (Sunbury Street). Pennsylvania 17 flows southwest to northeast between Blain and Liverpool in Perry County. Photo taken 10/09/01.
The U.S. 22 & 322 freeway continues northwest from Millersville to Pennsylvania 75 (Henry Crossroad Road). Pennsylvania 75 begins at the parclo interchange with Henry Crossroad Road and travels south to Port Royal, Honey Grove, and Interstate 76 at Willow Hill. Photo taken 10/09/01.
The next exit of U.S. 22 & 322 westbound occurs at Pennsylvania 35 (Washington Avenue) just east of Mifflintown and Mifflin. Pennsylvania 35 arcs northeast from U.S. 522 at Shade Gap to U.S. 11 & 15 near Selinsgrove. The state route meets Pennsylvania 235 6.7 miles to the northeast at McAlisterville. Photo taken 10/09/01.

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