Interstate 25 New Mexico

Interstate 25 replaced U.S. 85 from Las Cruces northward to Denver. U.S. 85 is no longer officially acknowledged within New Mexico, but does still exist in both El Paso, Texas and Colorado.

Interstate 25 Highway Guides

Interstate 25 - Las Cruces scenes
University Drive eastbound at the partial-cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 25 (Exit 1). Originally a loop ramp carried drivers onto Interstate 25 north, however that ramp was removed between 2002 and 2003. Photo taken 01/14/06.
A small guide sign directs motorists onto Interstate 25 north with the control city of Albuquerque. Photo taken 01/14/06.
University Avenue westbound enters the Exit 1 diamond interchange with Interstate 25 from the Memorial Medical Center and NMSU Golf Course area in east Las Cruces. Photo taken 01/14/06.
Westbound University Avenue at the northbound on-ramp to Interstate 25. Interstate 25 meets the U.S. 70 freeway in six miles. Photo taken 01/14/06.
Northbound Interstate 25 shield posted at the on-ramp from University Avenue. A loop ramp was removed between 2002 and 2003 from University Avenue east onto the freeway north. Photo taken 01/14/06.
Crossing over Interstate 25, University Avenue nears the southbound on-ramp. Photo taken 01/14/06.
Faded guide sign with an Interstate 25 New Mexico shield for the southbound on-ramp to Interstate 10 east and El Paso. Photo taken 01/14/06.

A stand alone Interstate 25 New Mexico shield posted within the median of University Avenue at the southbound on-ramp. University Avenue continues west to New Mexico State University and New Mexico 478 (Main Street), where the arterial upgrades to New Mexico 101. Photo taken 01/14/06.
Interstate 25 - Albuquerque scenes
Interstate 25 state-named shield posted at the northbound on-ramp from Avenida Cesar Chavez east. Beyond the ridge ahead is the University of New Mexico sports complex. Photo taken 06/29/08.
Oak Street north carries drivers from Exit 224A of Interstate 25 north to Historic U.S. 66 (Central Avenue). Photo taken 06/29/08.
Traveling within the shadow of Interstate 25, Oak Street approaches the post-1937 routing of U.S. 66 (Central Avenue). Central Avenue connects the freeway with downtown and the UNM campus. Photo taken 06/29/08.

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