Historic U.S. 66 - Albuquerque

This guide covers the post-1937 routing of Historic U.S. 66 along Central Avenue within central Albuquerque.

Central Avenue west
Central Avenue passes under Interstate 25 between its frontage streets (Oak Street north / Locust Street south). Locust becomes the southbound on-ramp to Interstate 25 from Central. Photos taken 06/29/08.
Historic U.S. 66 (Central Avenue) west as it leaves Interstate 25 and approaches downtown Albuquerque. Photo taken 06/29/08.
Edith Boulevard crosses Central Avenue west in this scene. Photo taken 06/29/08.
Broadway (New Mexico 47) intersects Historic U.S. 66 (Central Avenue) outside the central business district. Photo taken 06/29/08.
Drivers dip below the Atchinson Topeka & Santa Fe/Amtrak Railroad through an old subway after Union Square Street. Photos taken 06/29/08.
Business Loop Interstate 40 & U.S. 66 shield assembly at the Central Avenue west split with Copper Avenue. 1st Street ties in from the adjacent Amtrak station. Photos taken 06/29/08.
Looking west from Central Avenue and 1st Street at downtown. Photo taken 06/29/08.

Historic U.S. 66 (Central Avenue) west at 2nd Street; Albuquerque's tallest building, Albuquerque Plaza Office Tower, resides nearby at Copper Avenue and 3rd Street. 2nd Street represents old U.S. 85 Alternate and later New Mexico 47. These designations were removed by 1988. Photo taken 06/29/08.
3rd Street represents the pre-1937 alignment of U.S. 66 between Silver Avenue and Lomas Boulevard. This became part of U.S. 85 after U.S. 66 was relocated to Central in 1937. Photo taken 06/29/08.
Westbound Central Avenue at 4th Street. Photo taken 06/29/08.
New condos rise along Central Avenue west of 5th Street. Photo taken 06/29/08.
Interests to the Rio Grande Zoo are directed onto 6th Street south as the final through street to Lead Avenue west from Central before it turns northwest toward Old Town. Photo taken 06/29/08.
The final block of downtown along Central Avenue lies at 7th Street. Photo taken 06/29/08.
A roundabout joins Historic U.S. 66 with Park Avenue west and 8th Street at Robinson Park. A section of Park Avenue connecting Central Avenue east to Gold Avenue was removed by 2007 in conjunction with the building of the new traffic circle. Photos taken 06/29/08.
Continuing northwest, Historic U.S. 66 (Central Avenue) intersects 10th Street at another Business Loop Interstate 40 sign assembly. Photo taken 06/29/08.
12th Street leads north from Central Avenue to Los Duranes and Interstate 40 (Exit 157B). Photo taken 06/29/08.
Central Avenue west at 14th Street. Photo taken 06/29/08.
Laguna Boulevard stems southwest from Roma Avenue to Tingley Beach Park across Historic U.S. 66. Photo taken 06/29/08.
Central Avenue overtakes Lomas Boulevard at Old Town. Lomas Boulevard consists of a four-lane arterial through north downtown to Exit 225 of Interstate 25. Photos taken 06/29/08.
Historic U.S. 66 trailblazer posted along Central Avenue west ahead of Rio Grande Boulevard (former New Mexico 194). Rio Grande Avenue travels north from Old Town to Exit 157A of Interstate 40. Photos taken 06/29/08.
Traveling west along old U.S. 66 through Old Town to New York Avenue. New York Avenue connects Central Avenue with the Albuquerque Biological Park's Albuquerque Aquarium and Rio Grande Botanical Gardens. Photos taken 06/29/08.
Tingley Drive heads southeast along the Rio Grande to Tingley Beach Park and the Rio Grande Zoo, two more elements of the Biological Park. Photo taken 06/29/08.
Spanning the Rio Grande along Central Avenue westbound. Photos taken 06/29/08.
Neon signs adorn the Rio Grande Bridge monuments on the west side of the span. Photo taken 06/29/08.
Sunset Road leads south from Central Avenue along the Rio Grande River levee system. Photo taken 06/29/08.
Central Avenue east
Neon signs usher in the west end of the Rio Grande Bridge of Historic U.S. 66 (Central Avenue) eastbound. Photo taken 06/29/08.
Six lanes travel over the Rio Grande west of the Old Town section of the city. Photo taken 06/29/08.
Tingley Drive meets Central Avenue at the east end of the Rio Grande River bridge. The parkway leads south through Tingley Beach Park. Albuquerque Aquarium and the Rio Grande Botanical Gardens reside along the north side of Historic U.S. 66 nearby. All of the areas along the east bank of the river are part of the Albuquerque Biological Park. Photo taken 06/29/08.

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