A recent visit to State Line, Mississippi revealed changes made by 2007 to U.S. 45, Mississippi 42, and Mississipi 57. This small town derives its name from its proximity to the Alabama state line on the Greene and Wayne County lines. Mississippi 42 enters State Line as a two lane road from Richton to the west; Mississippi 57 connects the community with Leakesville to the south; U.S. 45 joins the area with Waynesboro and Citronelle.

Construction starting around 2000 involved widening all remaining two-lane sections of U.S. 45 northward from the Alabama state line to Meridian. This work included an expressway bypass of Quitman and completes U.S. 45 as a four-lane route trough to the Tennessee state line. Widening of U.S. 45 ties into another four-lane corridor underway along Mississippi 57 south to Leakesville and Mississipi 63 between Leakesville and Moss Point. This work is partially complete with a 12-mile stretch of new expressway grade road for Mississippi 57 from U.S. 45 south. A new alignment was built east of Main Street, extending the state route to a partial trumpet interchange with U.S. 45.

Included in the work was the relocation of Mississippi 42 onto St. Peter Street and a new diamond interchange between the two highways. Further south, all of Mississippi 63 was four-laned between an interchange with U.S. 98 and the city of Moss Point by 2000. Mississippi 63 remains a two-lane route between U.S. 98 northeast of Lucedale to its overlap with Mississippi 57 through Leakesville. This is changing now with the construction of a new four-lane highway from the current stub end with U.S. 98 to a widening of existing Mississippi 57 north of its split with Mississippi 63.

The final 25-mile stretch of new four-lane is presently under construction. Completion expected by fall 2011, the $42.1 million roadway includes substantial new alignments for Mississippi 63 and 57 and a diamond interchange where they come together southeast of Leakesville.

A May 9, 2009 photo tour of the area, starting with U.S. 49 and its new overlap with Mississippi 42, the Mississippi 57 freeway, Mississippi 42 and its former alignment which retains reassurance markers despite the 2007 relocation:

U.S. 45 north at Mississippi 42 west.

U.S. 45 north at the separation with Mississippi 42 east.

U.S. 45 south approaching Mississippi 57.

U.S. 45 south at Mississippi 57.

Confirming markers for U.S. 45 south and Mississippi 42 west after their merge.

Mississippi 42 west splits from U.S. 45 south.

Approaching Mississippi 42 on Mississippi 57 south.

Mississippi 57 south at Mississippi 42.

Mississippi 57 north at Mississippi 42.

Mississippi 57 north ends at U.S. 45.

Mississippi 42 east at Kennedy Street.

Leading east from U.S. 45 on Mississippi 42. The state route transitions into Alabama 56 at the state border.


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