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CR 70 is an east-west route linking West Mobile and Mississippi to Interstate 65 and Downtown. The designation likely ends at Mobile County Road 37 (the city limits until 2008), but most maps indicate that it continues eastward to downtown. Overall Tanner Williams and Old Shell Roads comprise two lanes with periodic passing zones. The intersection with University Boulevard was flood prone during heavy thunderstorms and was often closed. As of Summer 2002, this intersection was completely rebuilt, with new storm water management implemented. At Schillinger Road, the designation switches from Tanner Williams to the west from Old Shell to the east. The road passes by nearby residential subdivisions and the Mobile Coast Guard Base en route to Big Creek Lake. Big Creek Lake is a popular fishing location, and is a man-made reservoir that provides drinking water for the city of Mobile. The construction of the lake cut the original Tanner Williams Road in two, requiring a new southern alignment via a causeway over the southern reaches of the body of water. The old alignments still exist with their original twin slab concrete and still serve various houses and mobile homes. The county route crosses the Mississippi line but maintains the name of Tanner Williams Road west to Mississippi 613 at Harleston.

Widening of Old Shell Road into a four-lane divided highway occurred between University Boulevard and Hillcrest Road in 2004. Widening of the road west from Hillcrest to Schillinger Road was underway between late 2009 and Spring 2011.

County Road 70 East
Approaching Mobile County 5 (Grand Bay Wilmer Road) south on Mobile County 70 (Tanner Williams Road) east. Photo taken 01/29/10.
Mobile County 5 continues north from Mobile County 70 via Wilmer Road to the west of Big Creek Lake. Photo taken 01/29/10.
A traffic light was added to Tanner Williams Road at Hubert Pierce Road by 2007. Hubert Pierce Road heads north and stairsteps to Mobile County 72 (Howells Ferry Road). Photo taken 07/16/07.
Old Shell Road - East
Widening of Old Shell Road, completed by spring 2011, realigned the intersections of Alverson Road north and McKinley Avenue south to meet opposite one another. A traffic light was added as well. Both roads provide short cuts to nearby Schillinger Road and Airport Boulevard. Photo taken 09/30/12.
Cody Road travels north to the Greater Gulf State Fairgrounds at Zeigler Boulevard and from there to Howells Ferry Road. Southward the three-lane arterial continues from Old Shell Road to become Sollie Road at Cottage Hill Road.
Cody Road once represented the western extent of the Mobile city limits. Photo taken 09/30/12.
Foreman Road leads south from Old Shell Road to Airport Boulevard at Providence Hospital. Traffic lights were added here during the widening of Old Shell Road. Photo taken 09/30/12.
Old Shell Road next meets the north end of Hillcrest Road, a busy arterial leading south to Three Notch Road near Tillman's Corner. Cleverdon Parkway ties in from western reaches of the University of South Alabama campus to the north. Photo taken 09/30/12.
Eastbound Old Shell Road at the intersection with Stadium Boulevard, a divided roadway with angled parking, leading north to USA Circle Drive and Eddie Stanky Field (home of the USA Jaguars baseball team). Photo taken 07/17/07.
Gravel Road and East Drive intersect Old Shell Road at the next eastbound traffic light. Gravel Road connects the arterial with USA South Drive and the Mitchell Center. East Drive comprises a neighborhood street leading south to the Ridgefield subdivision. The Mitchell Center opened in 1999 as the home for Jaguars basketball. The arena doubles as a concert venue. Photo taken 07/17/07.
Widening of Old Shell Road resulted in needed improvements both in capacity and storm water management at the intersection with University Boulevard. University Boulevard straddles eastern reaches of the University on its northward path to U.S. 98 (Moffett Road). Old Shell Road reduces to two lanes after the University Shopping Village. Photo taken 11/22/06.
Old Shell Road enters the leafy Spring Hill community, merges with Bit & Spur Road, and intersects Ridgelawn Drive East at a set of traffic lights. Ridgelawn Drive connects Old Shell with an adjacent residential area. Photo taken 12/17/09.
McGregor Avenue crosses Old Shell Road at the commercial center of Spring Hill. McGregor leads south to Airport Boulevard at Azalea Road and north to Spring Hill Avenue near Langan Park. Photo taken 12/17/09.
Tuthill Lane provides a connection between Old Shell Road and Spring Hill Avenue. The north-south road is laden with speed humps however. Photo taken 12/17/09.
Interstate 65 passes over Old Shell Road without direct access in this eastbound scene. The East and West Interstate 65 Service Roads provide access to Spring Hill Avenue (Exit 5A) and Dauphin Street (Exit 4) for motorists destined for the freeway. Photo taken 07/16/07.
Old Shell Road continues from the Canadian National Illinois Central Railroad underpass to a signalized intersection with Bay Shore Avenue. Bay Shore Avenue begins here and heads north to U.S. 98 (Spring Hill Avenue), Mill Street, and Poplar Street in the Crichton section of Mobile. Photo taken 07/16/07.
Mobile Street flows northward from Dauphin Street to intersect Old Shell Road at this intersection. The street carries two way traffic northward to Fillingham Street and the Crichton community. Photo taken 07/16/07.
Florida Street crosses Old Shell Road between U.S. 98 (Spring Hill Avenue) and Airport Boulevard at Grant Street. Photo taken 07/16/07.
Upham Street connects Old Shell Road with adjacent Dauphin Street to the south. Northward, the street continues to Ashland Place Avenue and U.S. 98 (Spring Hill Avenue). Photo taken 07/16/07.
A mix of 30" Traffic Signal Corporation and Crouse Hinds signals were in use at the time of this photograph between Old Shell Road, Mobile Infirmary Boulevard north and Kenneth Street south. Photo taken 07/16/07.
Catherine Street joins U.S. 45 (St. Stephens Road) with U.S. 90 (Government Street). Use the street north to the USA Springhill Campus Care Center and Lyons Park. Photo taken 07/16/07.
Lafayette Street joins Old Shell Road with U.S. 45 and 90 and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue at Bishop State Community College's Central Campus. Note the older Traffic Signal Corporation signals in use here. Photo taken 07/16/07.
Old Shell Road sees its last set of traffic lights above the intersection with Ann Street. Ann Street constitutes a through street north to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue and south to Government Street one block east of Michigan Avenue. Photo taken 07/16/07.
Old Shell Road - West
Old Shell Road begins from Downtown Mobile at Broad Street. At one point, there used to be a traffic signal on that intersection. Construction to fix the flooding problems along Broad Street in 1976-1977 resulted in a cement divider erected along Broad Street from Church Street to Congress Street. As a result drivers can no longer take a left turn from Broad Street north to Old Shell Road west (or to Church and Conti Streets, for that matter). This change resulted in a dramatic decrease of traffic along Old Shell Road from Broad to Ann Streets. The flashing signal pictured here at Hallett Street replaced the 24" Eagle brand signals during the late-1970s/early 1980s.4 Photo taken 11/03/03.
The first of two signalized intersections with secondary through streets west of downtown Mobile. Here Ann Street intersects Old Shell Road. Ann Street travels southward to Government Street and Michigan Avenue, allowing traffic an access to Interstate 10 via Exit 24. The older signals along the eastern reaches of Old Shell Road were erected in 1976 from Hallett Street to Sage Avenue (with the exception of Louiselle Street-Kenneth Street). Previously, southern one-piece four-way traffic lights used to be erected along Old Shell Road. Hurricane Frederic in September 1979 blew away some of the 24" Eagle brand signals, and more notably the metal sun visors on signals for the north-south streets facing Old Shell Road (see next photo as well).4
These signals were replaced after 2007. Photo taken 11/03/03.
Three blocks to the west is the intersection with Lafayette Street. Again 24" Eagle brand signals with metal sun visors were in place (replaced after 2007). Lafayette Street is a secondary surface artery between U.S. 90/Government Street and Martin Luther King Junior Drive near the Bishop State Community College North campus. Photo taken 11/03/03.
The intersection of Old Shell Road westbound with Catherine Street also receives a traffic signal. One block northward, Catherine Street travels to the USA Springhill Campus Care Center (Old Providence Hospital).
The signals here were replaced by 2007 with 36" Eagle brand assemblies. Photo taken 11/03/03.
Old Shell Road westbound converges with Mobile Infirmary Boulevard (formerly Louiselle Street) north and Kenneth Street south at a skewed intersection. 24" Crouse Hinds and Traffic Signal Corporation brand signals remained in use at this intersection to November 2011. Photo taken 11/03/03.
2 photos
2 photos
Old Shell Road at the intersection with Upham Street. This north-south street connects U.S. 98 (Spring Hill Avenue) with Dauphin Street one block to the south. Photo taken 11/03/03. Second photo taken 11/27/11.
The final set of 30" Crouse Hinds signals (since replaced) along Old Shell Road were found at the intersection with Florida Street. This secondary street travels north to U.S. 98 where it concludes. Southward the roadway intersects Dauphin Street in four blocks. Photo taken 11/03/03.
Mobile Street flows north from Dauphin Street by a private school to become a two-way street north of these signals at Old Shell Road to the Toulminville and Neely neighborhoods of the city. Photo taken 11/27/11.
Old Shell Road meets University Boulevard at the southeast corner of the University of Alabama campus. Widening of Old Shell Road occurred by 2004 from this intersection westward to Hillcrest Road. Before construction upgraded the route, the intersection at University Boulevard was subject to flooding during heavy rain events. The north-south arterial otherwise joins the university with Cottage Hill Road and U.S. 90 (Government Boulevard) to the south and U.S. 98 (Moffett Road) and Prichard to the north. Photo taken 11/27/11.
Jaguar Drive provides the first of four intersections serving the adjacent University of South Alabama campus along Old Shell Road west. Jaguar Drive connects the four-lane arterial with USA South Drive. The signals are set to flash during off-times. Photo taken 11/27/11.
Gravel Road south and East Drive north come together just southwest of the USA Mitchell Center. The Mitchell Center hosts the Jaguars basketball games and concert events. Photo taken 01/16/09.
Stadium Boulevard meanders northeast from Old Shell Road to Eddie Stanky Field (home of Jaguars baseball) and USA Circle Drive in the heart of campus.
Mast arm based signals replaced the span-wire assembly by 2011. Photo taken 11/27/11.
Hillcrest Road begins and heads south from Old Shell Road. The four to five lane arterial links the University area with Three Notch-Kroner Road (Mobile County 32) near Tillman's Corner.
Cleverdon Parkway joins Hillcrest and Old Shell from the north. The mid 2000s-created road serves a newly built area of campus and associated apartment complexes. Photo taken 11/27/11.
Widening of Old Shell Road into a five-lane arterial included a fully signalized upgrade of the intersection with Foreman Road south. Foreman Road provides a connector to Airport Boulevard at Providence Hospital. Photo taken 11/27/11.
2 photos
2 photos
Westbound Old Shell Road at Cody Road (Mobile County 37). Cody Road used to straddle the city line north to Howells Ferry Road and south to Cottage Hill Road, but annexations have pushed the city line westward to Schillinger Road.
Widening of Old Shell Road commenced between Hillcrest and Schillinger Roads in late 2009. Completion of the project occurred by spring 2011. Photo taken 01/16/09. Second photo taken 11/27/11.
Widening of Old Shell Road also realigned McKinley Avenue to directly tie into the intersection with Alverson Road south. A traffic light was added in the process. McKinely provides a short cut to Schillinger Road (CR-31) north while Alverson connects Old Shell Road with Airport Boulevard to the south. Photo taken 11/27/11.
County Road 70 West
Westbound Tanner Williams Road at the signalized intersection with Snow Road (Mobile County 25). Snow Road heads north to U.S. 98 (Moffett Road) at Semmes and south to Airport Boulevard at suburban areas of West Mobile. Photo taken 05/23/09.
Entering the community of Tanner Williams, Mobile County 70 meets the Mobile County 5 (Wilmer Road) north. Photo taken 01/29/10.
Mobile County 5 follows Wilmer Road from Tanner Williams to U.S. 98 at Wilmer. Photo taken 01/29/10.
One third of a mile west, Mobile County 5 branches south from Mobile County 70 (Tanner Williams Road) along Grand Bay Wilmer Road to Airport Boulevard. Photo taken 01/29/10.
Tanner Williams Road continues Mobile County 70 another 2.5 miles to the Mississippi State line east of Harleston. Photo taken 01/29/10.

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